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Friday, March 29, 2013

A Song of Earth and Fire

Is anyone else excited for the Game of Thrones premiere in two days? I sure as hell am.

Today's update features Cory, Tierra (nee Tiana), and Lakota playing one of my favorite games, Earth and Fire. The loser, in addition to being forced to cum in front of us, has to expose herself in a particularly explicit way.

Coming up:

Episode 330 I already talked about, and it brings back Belle and Amber, along with newbies Zoë and Alexander. Losers' pictures get plastered on the Web for all to see.

Episode 331 is Cheyenne and Dre's second game together, and they play Pod Stomp, and the loser has to worship the winner's feet. The winner makes her be pretty thorough, too.

332 is the second (and last) game with Kimberly, Catherine, and Caroline. It's a game of High Card, nothing but chance, but the two losers find themselves walking around in public dressed in very, very, little.

Episode 333... ah, that's a good one. BelleAmber, and Zoë get out the pool cues and play a game of Strip Cutthroat, until there are two naked losers. Then the two losers have to kneel in front of lucky Alexander, They take turns working on his cock for 30 seconds before it's the other loser's turn, and they keep the cock pointed at the other girl as they jerk him off. Whoever makes him cum is the winner. Whoever doesn't gets a faceful of cum.


RS said...

I hope for Episode #330 that you will let us, your loyal customers, know where those photos may end up posted.

I'm a big fan of strip pool games. It's one of those games where it's hard play well while also trying to cover up your near-nudity. Especially if footwear (or pubes!) is the last to go.

Also, very excited about Game of Thrones -- or Game of Thorns (Crown of Thrones?) since it's also Easter Sunday.

Anonymous said...

How long were you planning an Earth and FIre game to coincide with the season premier of Game of Thrones. While were on the subject....




Red said...

@RS: Of course I'll tell you (my loyal customers) where the pictures will be posted. Here, for one thing. And I'll publish them under a Creative Commons license, so people will be free to share them far and wide. The goal is to get as many people as possible gawking at the losers' naked bodies.

The players in 333 (the next pool game) didn't wear shoes... but they wore four pieces of clothing and they each had five balls, so they had to play completely naked for a round.

Happy Easter to you and to all of our fans who'll be celebrating. If you're celebrating Passover, only a few more days until you can eat delicious chametz again! If you're celebrating something else, have a happy time. And if you're not celebrate anything at all, enjoy the arrival of spring.

@K: Believe it or not, I didn't plan for this. My original blog post was going to be something from Turning Japanese by the Vapors: "I want a doctor to take your picture so I can look at you from inside as well." But it hit me just yesterday, "Hey, Earth and Fire, Ice and Fire, cool."

I wonder if Lena Headey has read that chapter yet, and if so what she thinks of it.

RS said...

Starting off barefoot is fine -- better, even! -- if they have fewer items of clothing than the number of balls.

realnot said...

Seriously, Game of Thrones spoilers on a porn blog?

Anonymous said...

K, the spoiler you've cited in the blog is from book 4, if they get all of book 3 into this season that'll be a feat in itself. But if season 3 follows book 3, this'll be the season to watch and not blink.


Anonymous said...

Oh, ps: Cory Chase is one hot Khaleesi, it is known.


Anonymous said...


Actually its book 5. SO 15 years from now when they finally reach that scene I hope it doesn't disappoint. As for the rest of you try reading the books. It's worth the labor.


OD 99x said...

Thanks for the Cory clip you know I’m a big Cory fan. Is this the last with her? Thanks too goes to Gordon for giving me her last name. I was going to ask if she was on any other sites, but with her last name I was able to find her, just in case you don’t have any more clips of her. Lastly this is a blog so anything goes on what is talked about, Game of Thrones season opener and Walking Dead finally all in one night, great night for awesome TV.

Red said...

@realnot: Hey, what can I say? I like to talk, and not always about porn. I had a hunch that a big chunk of my audience was deep into Game of Thrones.

@K beat me to it, that spoiler was from book 5, not 4. I'm doing my best not to spoil people who haven't read the books, other than to say that they're in for a real treat and I kinda envy them getting to experience this for the first time. Book 3 is my favorite of the series so far. @Gordon, it's my understanding that Season 3 will only cover the first half of Book 3.

@OD 99x: This trio will return in Episode 334 for a quick game of High Card with a bound tickling forfeit.

Anonymous said...


Cannot wait for 333 since i first mentioned the winner jerking off guys into the losers face. although this is not my 100% ideal i can imagen this episode will be EPIC !

like it with using pool as the game as well.


Ohhh nasty... said...

Creative Commons license, hmm? So that means they could end up on Wikipedia? I'm not sure their article on strip poker is very well illustrated...

Anonymous said...

Hi Red
Any chance of WAM clips coming up soon/planned in shoots? Regardless of how experienced the girls are on camera, losing a game with a WAM forfeit is something they really don't want to happen.

I also have a suggestion for a game in the future specific to WAM;
-Play a 4 person game, 2 winners, 2 losers. Make the game one with rounds which allow girls to chose who takes something off (Say, Hungry Hippos) encouraging rivalry and therefore making forfeit interaction more exciting. After 2 losers have been determined, the winners are each assigned a loser (Person with most clothes left chooses). The 2 winners then play a different game, say rock, paper,scissors. Each time a winner wins, they can chose something to dump on their loser from a selection. Baked Beans/Eggs/Rotten Fruit/Whatever. Make the losers poor mess on themselves occasionally.

-Any update on the ideas of 'upping the ante' or developments on the idea of each girl designing a forfeit, then letting crew/fans vote?
Keep up the excellent work, C.

Anonymous said...

Picture of Alexander?


RS said...

I had an idea that would probably work with any game of attrition (that is, a game where as the game progresses, some players are eliminated and are out while the others continue to play until there's one final winner). Probably works best in games where only one player loses a round, so that only one person is eliminated at a time. I think it would work best in games with 5 or 6 players, so perhaps players should wear maybe 3 items of clothing so it doesn't take too long.

Basically, the game is about extra punishments for early losers. The first one naked is out. They're given a list of quick tasks, one fewer than the total number of players (5 tasks for a 6 player game, etc.). The have to do all of them. Quick things, like "Suck the toes of every player," "Let every player spank your bare ass three times," etc. The first loser has to do all of them, then sit with their legs and arms spread to they're exposed for the rest of the game.

The next player to lose then eliminates one of those tasks but has to do the rest. The third one out eliminates two, but has to do the rest, etc.

So the game tends to focus more on lots of mini-punishments rather than the stripping, though there can be a grand punishment for all the losers at the end, too.

Anonymous said...

C I could not agree more Jag

LondonFan said...

The pictures used for the clips on the store don't appear to be correct. The latest picture says the game is strip Mogadishu when it isn't.

Anonymous said...

make some more POV please, the last omes were great