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Friday, April 25, 2014

Bexual Healing

The cat's out of the bag: the POVs are returning. I'll make a midweek blog post with a formal announcement, along with the reason for the delay and an offer for people who were dissatisfied with their POV clips. More details Wednesday.

Bu this week's blog post is dedicated to one special girl, a girl I never met until January but who's already high on my list of favorite LostBets.com players ever. She's an amateur who'd never been naked on camera before LostBets.com, and she's recruited three of her also video-virginal friends to play. She's got a sexy rack, generous curves, and a smile that can dazzle a room. She's Bex, and it's our very good luck that she loves LostBets.com.

Bex recently got out of a long-term but extremely unsatisfying relationship, and it's no understandable that after having felt repressed and stifled for so long, she wants to spread her legs wings and fly a little. Baring it all at LostBets.com isn't the only adventure she's on. She's working out and getting in shape, which means she looks better every time I see her. You'll notice the difference next time you see her. She's getting a kickass sleeve tattoo. And she took things to the next level at LostBets.com... although that won't be published for quite awhile and I probably shouldn't tease. You haven't even met Sheri and Zahara yet.

But first things first, and today Bex appears in Episode 397, the last one in the set with her, Piper, and Madison. It's an combination of a hardcore game with a softcore forfeit, as the girls play Earth and Fire until one of the girls potentially has her first orgasm on camera, and she's then drenched in heavy cream. Follow it up with a three-way shower scene, and I'd call that a fitting finale.

Bex and Piper will return, and introducing Sheri and Zahara, in Episode 402.

Episode 400 is just a few weeks away, and people have been asking me (a lot) about the forfeits. Well, the game is played between two teams of two. The losing pair plays a quick game of rock-paper-scissors against each other to determine a big loser and a little loser. The little loser sits on the couch and masturbates while watching a show. Keep in mind that three of these four girls have never been naked on camera before that day, and the little loser will be forced to play with her pussy in front of not only the cameras but the two gloating winners and four men. It's a pretty big deal for her, and she blushes throughout.

What kind of show does she have to look at while she masturbates? That's where the big loser comes in. For more details on that, you'll just have to wait. (I did post a cryptic clue awhile ago: 505. Anyone figure it out yet?)

As I said before, Sassy will return in Episode 399, along with new girls Jasmine and Keenly, whom Dante has already introduced to us. When I introduce new girls to LostBets.com, especially video virgins like these, I like to ease them into it with something more embarrassing than sexual, which is what Episode 399 is all about. Angela was supposed to be in 399 but showed up late, so she didn't get eased in at all but had to risk a very rigorous forfeit in her very first ever appearance on film. Here's Dante's introduction.


Anonymous said...

Now thats an excellent ending, great game and forfeit.

The winners didnt hold back either with the cream delivery.

I'd guess the loser would want to play that game again with the hope of turning the tables? Perhaps with more cream/pies?


Red said...

Nova: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I thought it was a fun way to end the day. (Usually when I do WAM it's the last game of the day, so everyone can go home after the shower.) As for a rematch, she's already faced another WAM forfeit (well, more M than W) which will probably show up in the 410s. Haven't put her in another game of Earth and Fire yet, but she has orgasms much more readily than a lot of her opponents, so it would probably have the same result.

Gade said...

While I'm not a fan of WAM personally, it might be fun to give the girls water pistols filled with various messy liquids. This could be a forfeit or part of the game, kind of like paintballing

Anonymous said...

Gade has a great idea.

Let me take it one step further. Where the liquid lands on the clothing gets cut out. The idea is to get someone naked by cutting the clothing off. Strategy is used in trying to hit the places that will make the whole piece of fabric fall off. Same with underwear.

Old Man

Red said...

@JJ: An interesting guess, but wrong, I'm afraid.

If you're having trouble guessing, it could be due to a vitamin deficiency. Make sure you're getting the proper daily value every day.

@Gade and @Old Man: I've thought about these and similar ideas. I like them, but there are a couple of problems, first one being location. It'd have to be outside, or the missed shots would dirty up the whole room. Also, I worry that in something fast-paced like a running gunfight, stopping to strip (or cut) could break the flow. I've thought about devising some sort of tissue paper clothing that would tend to disintegrate when wet. Or regular clothing, cut apart and stitched back together with soluble thread.

Anonymous said...

505: a girl gives two handjobs while getting a O herself.


RS said...

PherOmen 505?

Anonymous said...

Red, I apologize if this has been done already, but I wanted to toss out an idea. As a penalty, can we force the loser to watch a video of her past losses? If she was turned on by the past losses, and the sight of herself doing something turns her on, it might bring something new into the equation. I think it might be interesting. Thanks, Steve

Anonymous said...

Maybe the girls would not have to run in the water fight. How about the classic from old time movies where they start back to back, take ten paces and fire? Or variations of that.

Old Man

Anonymous said...

I would like a masturbation forfeit where one cam is right in front of her face during orgasm. The girl must look straight in the cam (eyes open)and say "i come' over and over. Afterwards she can look at the footage and comment.

Or, if you use the stockade again, place a mirror in front so the girl must watch herself climaxing multiple times.


Red said...

@Steve: No, we haven't done that one before (and even if we had, no need to apologize) and it sounds interesting. I'll try it next time I've got a veteran on hand.

@Old Man: Yeah, we were kind of going for that sort of thing with Body Shots. A water gun fight (rather than a dart fight) would be cool but also messy. Still think we may have to wait for an outdoor venue.

@AV: That's an excellent thought, and we certainly have enough cameras to dedicate one solely to the loser's face.

@E-Male, @PQ, and @RS (where are @TU and @VW?): Nope, nope, and nope. Sorry to make it so tough. I didn't mean to turn into Darth Vader.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of an eta on Pov interactives? Been years ;)


Anonymous said...

All these DV phrases seem to indicate double vaginal?

Anonymous said...

I thought this puzzle had already been solved and 505 was fingercuffs with one in the front/mouth and one in the back while on all fours? So good, I get another guess. I'm going with reverse cowgirl, with two handjobs and one oral. Vitamin C from N-S-E-W. But GuessingLurker could be right with DV for a double fingercuff.