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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A few of your favorite things

With the growth of the lostbets.com clip store has come a bit of a problem: people who discover it for the first time have to sift through an awful lot of episodes to find the ones they might be interested in. Poster Krycek in this thread suggested having a place where people could post about their favorite episodes for the benefit of newcomers. I think a blog post/comment thread is not the ideal place for something like this, but it'll have to do until I have something better. So tell us, which episodes are your favorites? What do you like about them? What specific parts are especially hot? Share and enjoy!


jw said...

My favorite scenes are the hardcore, group scenes, with the cute girls who are happy to give it up when they lose, but for whom it is clear they do NOT want to lose.

The best episodes are the hardcore episodes involving Camilla, Taylor and Nicole, and the two videos with Cory, Britney and Renna.

Anonymous said...

From the earlier ones, I like Raven...
Shame she´s not around with the newer forfeits...
The Camilla, Taylor and Nicole ones are good, Kandie and Alexis are cute as well.


Anonymous said...

I also like the hardcore scenes best, and I love all the ones with Candle.

Anonymous said...

I’m lucky enough to have been here from the beginning. Even so, I’ve only seen a third or so of the 200 since I’m not rich enough to get them all. But here is my list of awards, superlatives, and commendations.

Best Luck – 003 Strip Memory – All three girls end up naked. That’s when we knew God was on our side.

Most Underrated Clip – 134 Strip Cutthroat – Added this clip only a few weeks ago to complete the Zayda collection. Her dropping her dress is a pure ENF moment. Yes, it is followed by lots of bad pool (including a moment when they use the yellow ball as the cue) but no one should tire of two naked girls playing pool. As a side note, Franco should have his Guy Card taken away, the dude did not represent men very well at all.

Best Lily Moment – 073 Strip 21 – Lily was over exposed in many ways but it was this clip where she was put in her place. “Say my name!” Awesome…

Best Orgasm – Britney 147 Strip Memory – “I can’t get my hand out!” “Did I hurt your finger?!” Enuf said. Amberlee in 076 is second.

Best Bodies – Elise, Camilla, Charlie, and Raven – No matter your taste, this list covers it. And LB is excellent at different strokes for different folks. So second place goes to all the rest!

Lifetime Achievement – Ashton and Mia - They are the founding queens. It was their attitude, enthusiasm, and hot bodies that made LB go early on.

Worst Loser – Renna – As in, she didn’t lose and we’re the unlucky ones.

Best Hardcore – 164 Strip Bender – The voters said it all, number 1 on the Clipsale board, right? There was the hardcore game play from Nicole by dropping Camilla’s bottoms early. And there were great hardcore forfeit moments, especially from Camilla really getting after it on top.

Worst Moment – 087 Strip Pong – Kat winning changed the clip category. Damn.

Girl Next Door Award – Faye – Dressed, she just looks like a normal girl, but there’s quite a body under there.

Best Bush – Zayda – Her curves sell the goods and that downtown does not disappoint after the long wait.

Bring Her Back Award – Tristen - Competitive and embarrassed with a statuesque body. Navarre is a close second. I get the feeling she was up for more.

Anonymous said...

part 2

Best Public/Hallway/Pizza clip – 133 Strip Estonian – All the attempts for public nudity have been valiant. But to me, the one I return to the most is this one. Just knowing she’s being walked down and into a room of folks adds to the drama. It would have been great just to hear the audio of her walking in. 037 Strip Poker is a close second and a must have.

Best Racks – Britney, London, and Sarah – Sculpted hangers that swing free.

Ready for Primetime – Elise –She’s got a great, real body and has done a variety of clips. I’d pay 100 bucks to see her in a hardcore sex clip, reverse cowgirl. Nicole is the real deal as well. Of course, I’d also include Mia if she weren’t retired.

Best Softcore – 077 Strip Hi-Lo - While LB took a huge step forward when Ashton did the spread eagle (33), it was Mia’s shave and shower that remains one of the best clips ever. If you’re new to LB, get this one first and if you don’t like it, LB aint for you.

Best Moment - 190 Strip Basketball –There are several that stand out, usually when LB took some step forward in the evolution from the first spread eagle, to shaving, to orgasm, to oral, to finally sex, or when a particular player crosses over their limit. And to pick just one is tough. The ramp up to Zayda losing is hard to ignore and while it is recent, the best moment is when she drops her bikini bottoms and the look on her face says she knows what’s coming. Second place goes to Julie (174) Candy Passing. From shy to stickin’ it spread wide in the air for all to see.

In closing, some suggestions for the next 200. More slow naked twirls/spreads on all clips, it is disappointing to spent 20 bucks and only get a two -second money shot. Fewer games on a bed, it is too easy for the girls to keep covered. Keep the balance of softcore and hardcore. Some of the best clips are both. For example, stop Strip Bender at the end of the game and it stands as a great softcore. And regarding that, as a man that’s had real sex for going on 20 years, it was funny to see the young dudes try to put it to those girls. No disrespect, but awkward young people sex isn’t as fulfilling as middle age, unselfish, I know how to make my partner explode sex. Which is why most porn is but a cardboard cutout and real people sex is much better. But Lostbets.com goes beyond porn. So to everyone at LostBets.com, you’re great at making something that’s much closer to real, captures the anticipation, the embarrassment, and the excitement of both games and sex. Keep up the good work, we’re all counting on you. Krycek

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Krycek, for two great posts.

I thought you had a nice idea for a thread, but after the first few posters I was afraid it would be a complete bust. There is nothing wrong with "I like so-and-so" comments, but we see them all the time. They hardly need their own thread. Thanks for showing how it should be done.


Red said...

Hell yes thanks to Krycek. I hope others chime in with some of their favorites too. (Come to think of it, I should probably do that too.)

Anonymous said...


Hell yes you should.
Who knows your work better then you?


Red said...

Hey Krycek: I was able to get in touch with Tristen, and she's interested in coming back. She has very strict limits, though... we're talking no open-leg here. Got any suggestions for what I can do in such a constrained space? (Pettles might be back too, with similar limits).

Jack E. said...

This thread is a good idea and not used as much as I liked - so I do put some of my favourites of the 132 clips I have seen here:

All-Time Top Girl: ASHTON
Active Top Girl: ASHLEY
Top Girl Next Door: ELISE

Top Face: RAVEN
Top Tits: ASHTON
Top Pussy: KALA
Top Ass: RAVEN

Masturbation: AMBERLEE (076)
Lesbian: BRITNEY & CORY (147)
Toy Orgams: ASHLEY (083) and MALLOY
Blow Job: RAVEN
Hardcore: Episode 164

Spread Legs: ASHTON (033)
Pink Shot: ASHLEY (098)
Forced: ZAYDA (190)

RAVEN getting "shocked" (120)
BERENIKA and RENNA for getting away with the money and not showing us what we wanted to see

A lot, but both 9-player-ones are among the best

In fact I like hardcore as well as softer ones. If you see girls losing and not feeling too good with it, it is what I like best. Having guys around is mostly good especially when you see the girls make them get horny.
So in this category JOHNNY gets an extra award for the best male masturbation (076) which is probably at a high percentage result of Amberlee next to him. Also Alan's presence just watching Paris masturbating makes clip 024 one of the better.

Red said...

Thanks, Jack. Good feedback, and I hope other people find it helpful.

I'll have some more to say about my personal favorites later, but here's a few for now:

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: Ashton and Mia. March 7, 2007. I sat in a hotel room with my friend Aidan, waiting for a couple of strangers to show up, strangers that I knew only through Craigslist. I had a cheap consumer-grade camcorder, a stack of games I'd picked up from a local toy store, and no idea what I was doing. Aidan had a baseball bat, just in case we opened the door to find a couple of tough bruisers rather than the cute Canadians we expected. Fortunately, the cute Canadians showed up, the bat stayed discreetly in the closet, and the rest is history.

Since I started lostbets.com, I've been blessed with a lot of very lucky breaks, but getting Ashton and Mia for my first shoot was among the luckiest. It's hard to imagine two girls who'd be any more perfect to pop my cherry. If my first shoot hadn't gone well, it's likely there'd never have been a second. Although they're both retired now, you never forget your first.

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: Ashley. Ashton and Mia weren't the only lucky break I got when it came to finding players. In fact, I've had spectacular success in recruiting. Not every player has been great, not every one has gotten an invitation to return, but in general the girls have been fantastic.

It's tough to single out specific players to honor, because so many of them deserve it and I don't want to leave anybody out. But one girl stands above the others, one girl has made more appearances here than any other and yet hasn't gotten the least bit stale, one girl has been so consistently excellent that it's impossible to talk about LB without talking about Ashley.

I never have to give Ashley any direction other than "be yourself", and she always delivers. She brings her own dash of creativity to everything she's in, and often ends up taking things to new and unexpected heights. She loves to win, she hates to lose, and she gives her all either way. With a personality as big as hers, it almost wouldn't even matter what she looked like, which makes it a very happy coincidence that she's got one of the most smokin' hot naked bodies I've ever seen, and at this point, I've seen a lot of 'em. I first met her on June 3, 2007. On that occasion, she told me she was going to be my favorite model. She was right.

MOST DEEPLY CORRUPTED INNOCENCE: Julie. When she first started, she blushed to show her tits, and wouldn't even risk opening her legs on camera. Today, she still blushes prettily when she's exposed, but she's been wheedled and cajoled into playing for much higher stakes. She's irritated me by not allowing me to be present in the room when she paid up on her most daring bets, but the results have been well worth it. That cute blonde pussy that she was so reluctant to let us see has now been exposed, vibrated, and shaved for our viewing pleasure, and I for one am grateful.

MOST AUDACIOUS NUDE-IN-PUBLIC: 052. Going through the drive-through of a fast-food restaurant stark naked in broad daylight... yeah. I had a big wad of cash in my pocket, just in case we needed bail money. Also, if you watch the forfeit closely, you might notice something a little weird. I'd rather not say what it is, but see if you can figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the return of Tristen! But now she's not even willing risk what she did in 013 Strip Surgery, eh? Well the obvious choice is the naked hallway run with hands cuffed behind back. But I've got one better. A two loser game where they must makeout for a couple minutes. Maybe that will get her juices flowing so she'll be up for more... No matter the forfeit, I'm looking forward to her tall venus-like figure. Krycek