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Friday, June 27, 2014

We're Twits!

Back in 2010, I started a Twitter account for Lost Bets Productions, but never did much of anything with it. (The same is true of our Facebook account. I'm not really much for social media.) Well, we're giving it another try and we've been tweeting like mad. Follow us @LostBets.

This is the last weekend of June Jubilee. Today brings Episode 409, which brings back Kym, Lika, and Nikole. Saturday's Episode 410 has Selah and her friend Reyanna playing with Savannah, Conor, and Richard in a free-for-all game that ends with some red asses.

Looking ahead to the future, here's what we've got

Coming on July 18, Episode 413 is the finale of the series featuring these three young amateurs, Indigo with her blue hair and Jelly who now has none, plus Blossom. It's theoretically a game of Strip on Spades. They don't always adhere to the rules, but they manage to come up with a loser, who gets drenched in cream. No, not that kind of cream -- these girls are strictly R-rated.

Recent episodes have been a little heavy on the softcore, and there hasn't been much hardcore. That'll be partially corrected in Episode 414, the last game played on the day of Episode 400. Everyone's gone home but Angela and Keenly. (Dante was already home.) The three of them play a three-player game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors to two losers, who have to sexually service the winner however he or she would like. 


Riggins said...

Good job on the Twitter updates. However, some LostBets fans might want to avoid the Twitter because it's an easy click or two away from revealing sides of players not seen here.

Red said...

Yes, this is true. While plenty of our players are amateurs, some are professional models. (And some started off as amateurs, but had so much fun they decided to try modeling professionally.) If you don't want to know which, you should probably stay away from the Twitter feed. On the other hand, if you want to see where to find more of our pro players (or even want to contact them directly via Twitter), head on over.

Anonymous said...

I like your twitter, Any more game With Olivia in the schedule?


Anonymous said...

If the only POVS where the player loses are the ones with two endings im worried the ones with one ending wont be as interesting.

Zeo said...

Hi Red,
Just had further thoughts about my last post regarding the return of RyAnne.
I previously stated that she should risk shaving her bush as a forfeit. Other suitable forfeits could include, for anyone, not just RyAnne.
1) Answer door naked and eat pizza whilst naked (as per Holly's forfeit - ep 159).
2) Wearing only shoes and a trench coat, walk around in public during the day and flash the camera at random intervals.
3) Wearing only shoes, take a stroll around the streets at night or at a public playground.
4) Dye their public hair a different color (RyAnne's case - blue / purple)

Recently thinking we haven't seen much of Amber (Chase) for a while, especially since a while ago it was mentioned that she graduated from her course.
Hence think she should play a special game with a special forfeit for losing.
Promo video - "Lost all my clothes at LostBets.com" wearing only an opened graduation robe and official trencher cap.
Her forfeit for losing a game, is to give a formal speech on stage at a podium wearing only the robe and cap, then losing them at the end of her speech as she leaves the stage.

These are just some general ideas, and can be modified to suit the conditions as required.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
If the only POVS where the player loses are the ones with two endings im worried the ones with one ending wont be as interesting.

Does it mean that there will never be any surprise?

Anonymous said...

I guess it really doesn't matter. a good looking nude girl is well a good looking nude girl. but not all these girls on here are just off the street innocents. Some are pros, just spotted Ashlyn on "Haze Her" where she and others are presented as innocent college girls forced to perform sexual acts to join a college frat. Hardly the first time I have seen this, and I'm a fan of "Lost Bets" but the infliction here is that these girls are fresh young innocents, and the truth is a lot of them are sexual professional, on line at least anyway. Several even have their own sites, actually in competition with Lost Bets. AS I said it really is of no matter, but I have often have wondered how you get so many awesome looking girls to take her clothes off and perform on camera, well it has getting very clear now.

Johnny said...

@Anon 10:01 (Please sign your posts). Some of the girls who play our games are professional models. By no means all of them. Here's a partial list of girls we've shot recently who have done no modeling work whatsoever besides working with Lost Bets: Bex, Piper, Sheri, Zahara, Jasmine, Keenly, Angela, Blossom, Indigo, Lavender, Luna, Jelly, Madison, Jennie, Fern, Salem and many others. These are regular girls with regular jobs who were convinced to come and risk losing their clothes at Lost bets.
We do not turn away girls just because they have done other modeling work. But when they work with us they play real games with unknown outcomes and they react and act like any person in that situation would. Red is always on the lookout for new amateurs who can be convinced to play stripping games for the entertainment of our fans, and the girls who've played with us in the past heartily recommend us to their friends so we never have a shortage of new ladies who have never modeled before that want to be a part of what we do. Occasionally a girl who works with us has so much fun that she decides to start trying out modeling. Bex was and is a bartender, but she enjoyed being on camera so much that she's considering starting a modeling career. The world will be the better for it, in my opinion.

Johnny said...

@ Zeo - excellent use of the word "whilst". I dig it.

Johnny said...

@ anon (follow up about amateurs) - In the case of Jacqueline, she was literally the girl next door. She lived right next to Red's house and was convinced to play in our games by his charming manner.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed EP410 as all the spanking ones are usually awesome.

I have two points/questions::

1) Is there any more of this group coming up on scheduled? in particular one where the individual who hasn't lost ends up losing??

2) I wish to push forward an idea for forfeits that I have put before which as of yet are not to be used (to my knowledge) which is WEDGIES - as you might be aware Red/lostbets team there are more and more stores in the wedgie fetish, you only have to look as far as Catherine who has been a player on LB that she has her own wedgie store (justwedgies.com).

These stores can offer good material, but none can offer a true life game with the wedgies as forfeits to the loser. Perhaps invite Catherine down to be the wedgie giver and rip off the losers panties or just let 2 winners rip apart the losers panties ?

Fan from the start : WelshChip

Red said...

@Swedishguy: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but not only have we seen all that I have of Olivia, it seems unlikely that we'll see more. Same's true of Mouna. Sorry. Wish it were otherwise.

@PQ: We're planning to play some "real" POVs, where the girl is playing a fair game against the player behind the camera, and whoever wins, wins. If the player happens to lose, so be it.

@Zeo: Awhile ago, RyAnne contacted me about a game where she shaved her bush, but then she changed her mind. I like a lot of your ideas. Many of them revolve around public nudity, however, and that's a little risky. But we've done it before and probably will do it again. There's a NIP video coming up in Episode 420, as a matter of fact, featuring two girls stark naked in full view of a busy roadway.

Amber moved away, so it's not as easy to get her here as it once was. I hear she's considering breast implants, which makes me a little sad. She was one of my very first players, and from the moment I met her I've loved her tight little body, including her barely-there boobs. I'm sure she'll look great in her new tits, but I really do like her the way she is.

@Julien: For clips that have multiple versions, the winner will still be hidden by spoiler tags, so those who want to be surprised can be.

@Johnny: You said pretty much exactly what I'd say to @Anon 10:01. I'd just add that I have never, ever lied about whether a player was an amateur. By the way, they haven't even met Lavender and Luna yet. They will, in Episode 416.

@WelshChip: I'm glad you liked 410, and the other spanking forfeits. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to improve them. Unfortunately, 410 was the last with that group, and the last with the girl who didn't lose either 410 or 396. She escaped with her modesty intact. The good news is that she'll be back to play more games in a few weeks. Perhaps she won't be so lucky this time. Wedgies are a great idea. What would you think of rather than having the wedgie be the forfeit, it's part of the game and the stripping? Like, first a girl loses her bra, then she gets wedgied, then she loses her panties, then she endures some forfeit. Thanks for being a fan from the start! It's been a long and interesting ride.

Anonymous said...

I've always been a huge NIP fan. Who is playing in 420?


Red said...

@K: Indigo, her sister Luna, and their friend Lavender. More details to come.

Anonymous said...


I would love it if you put wedgies anywhere into any games really Red- whether thats a part of the stripping like you suggested or as the main forfeit.

In fact this might work better as at each stage of being stripped the losing individual would receive a wedgie this could encourage girls to play a bit hard as a lot of the games these days they are not over concenred about losing a bit of clothing as they very comfortable with themselves, adding a little pain and humiliation each time an artical is lost would not be a bad thing at all !

Would be AMAZING if these could be put into the shoot coming up with the lady we have suggested in our above posts who didnt lost last time !!! A-MAZ-ING !


Anonymous said...

just watched the latest POV post with Treasure. Great clip I like it when the girls win. Any plans for having more games where the girls win and after the viewer masturbates the girl gives the viewer CEI(cum eating instructions)