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Friday, June 13, 2014


Today is both Friday the 13th and a full moon, so I guess we're in for hockey-mask-wearing maniacs and werewolves tonight. Also tonight, Episode 406 being published a little out of sequence, with 405 to follow tomorrow. The crowd from Episode 400 returns, as do Indigo, Jelly, and Blossom.

Looking into the future:

Catherine had to go home, but Lika, Nikole, and Kym stuck around to play a game of Pod Stab in Episode 409. The surprise athletic routine from Episode 389 makes an encore appearance.

I'm running late and don't have time to write about Episode 410. so let the promo speak for itself.


Anonymous said...

It feels like there is very little hardcore coming up.



Anonymous said...

I earlier present à game With 4 guys and 4 girls. Losing Guy been "toy" for winning 3 girls and the same for losing girl With the winning guys.

I think it would be excellent if the game start With 4 clothes. First à guygame and à girlgame. Their just à Winner is descide. Maybe the Winner descide à girl and à Guy WHO drop à pari of clothes.

Then à game like the group game this week. With spades and hearts until its Teo naked guys and Teo naked girls.

Then the final. À blowjobrace. The Guy WHO cum is the big loser. The WHO doesnt make hers Guy blowjob his load is the big loser.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed a lot clip 406. Congratulations! Please more clips with men and women playing themselves. I would like to see more ballbusting for the losing man.Nice models. I think a lot of plays can be performed with this guys and girls team.

Jeff said...

Hi, Red.

Just wanted to voice my satisfaction with Episode 406. As a gay Lost Bets fan I have to admit that I've only purchased a handful of your videos, but when I bought and watched Strip on Spades last night... Wow! Seeing 3 real, hot, straight guys not just getting naked but physically removing each other's clothing was absolutely phenomenal.

Thanks for the great work!

Anonymous said...

Love #406, Red! Was this the "comeuppance" you promised in a comment back on 5/10/14, regarding the winner of #399, or is there more to come? Not that it lessens my enjoyment of 406 in the least, but I'm curious as to what else is in store for that particularly gorgeous young lady.

Best wishes,

Red said...

@DK: Yeah, the upcoming upisodes are a bit tilted towards the softer forfeits. Sorry you're disappointed, but there will be more hardcore to come in the future.

@Swedishguy: It's a good idea, but a little involved. I don't have any big shoots scheduled at the moment, but next time we have a big crowd of guys and girls I'll give it a try.

@Marcos: I'm glad you liked 406. I agree about the players, and I definitely want them back.

@Jeff: Hey, that's great to hear! I didn't specifically create 406 to appeal to a gay audience, but I'm glad it does. I like 406 too, and so do other hetero men I've talked to, so it's really nice that we've made an episode with true crossover appeal.

Red said...

@LSD: Yes, this is the comeuppance I promised, and considering the condition of the young lady's ass at the end of the game, I'd say she's paid a fair price. There is one more game with her coming up (Episode 414) but I ain't saying whether she endures further punishment or comes out victorious.

Anonymous said...

Honestly would love if you guys started doing double versions of the Povs one win one loss (for certain games at least) and the surprise would be getting one of the 2 by surprise.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Red, long time fan here.

Shame obviously about the Catherine no longer naked scenario. 196 was my first ever purchase, and that clip still remains one of my favourites, mainly for the sheer humiliation aspect for the loser. Would love to someday see a replication! I'm guessing with Maia losing that series 3-0, a return is unlikely.

Also, and I apologise for this, I may have "borrowed" the Earth & Fire game idea. I have a submissive, who had a female friend visiting her and wanted to experiment a bit, so used that concept as an introduction. Worked a treat, I must say!


Red said...

@DaM: They're coming, I promise.

@Taiko: Yeah, I'm kinda bummed about Catherine's retirement myself, but I'm still going to try to get her back. After all, it was a year ago she told me she was retiring. Maybe she's changed her mind. As for Maia, I would dearly love to get her back but I haven't heard from her in quite awhile.

No need to apologize for borrowing Earth and Fire. I'm always glad when one of my games finds broader appeal. (I'm trying to spread Mogadishu as an alternative to Rock-Paper-Scissors.) Any more detail on how it worked? And by the way, if your sub would be willing to risk humiliating herself by appearing in a video for all to see, we should talk.