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Friday, June 6, 2014

Forbidden. Not Found.

Episodes 403 and 404 kick off June Jubilee this weekend, with Friday bringing back Caroline and Star for their second game, and Saturday featuring the debuts of Lika and Catherine's sister Nikole, plus the return (after years) of Kym. Enjoy!

Speaking of June Jubilee, here's what's on tap for two weeks from now.

Bex and Piper and Zahara and Sheri are back in Episode 407. It's a new game: T-Bagasaur, in which the players try to get balls in a dinosaur's mouth. The two losers have to masturbate. What makes this special is that three out of four of them have never masturbated before. (I found it hard to believe but they insisted.) One or two of them will have to put her inexperienced fingers to the test for the first time in front of everyone.

Heather is one of the most popular players we've had here, and Episode 408 was actually her first experience ever at LostBets.com. Her first game wasn't an easy one, and she played Shockinaw against Michelle and Star. The loser gets turned into a tossed salad. Not the sexy kind, but literally, complete with lettuce, cucumber, two different kinds of creamy dressing, croutons, and of course bacon bits. Something a little different for the wet-and-messy fans.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,
Do you think you could get Nikole and Catherine to play a game against each other and have the loser get spanked? I mean I don't know what their personal limits are, but I hope they would do spanking against each other.
Thanks, Joe

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm almost mad at how much I love Heather since she is so universally lovable that it's just stating the obvious. Like being a fan of apple pie and sunny weather.


Anonymous said...

When is 404 going to be released?


damndable said...

Hey red, just wondering, are you ever gonna do a wet and messy game with just pure gunge; i.e. homemade stuff where the loser gets properly covered (see: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BIUrqsfCIAIandm.jpg and other stuff from glamourgunge) Personally as a wet and messy fan, going "all-in" on this stuff would really pique my interest.

Zeo said...

Hi Red,
Looking at some of the comments last in last weeks post, that you just recently responded to.
Re: POV vids created by Lily - who of course was the star of your first POV in episode 59 (playing Rock Paper Scissors). Then returned to do another POV in episode 214 with friend, RyAnne (for Mogadishu).
Would be good to see RyAnne back again to do a POV for LostBets, either solo or with someone else (e.g. Lily). Maybe the forfeit for this clip would be for the loser (RyAnne) to shave her hairy bush - implement the Bex rule. Or maybe even a worse forfeit...

Anonymous said...

Red, have you ever thought of having a tournament of champions? I feel like there are a couple of girls here who have a great winning record that would be fun to play together.

My thought for a game is still strip memory, forfeit, your choosing, but rather than all the cards be the color color clothes have some be the mini forfeits.

You have two options with these forfeits. The first girl to turn over the card has to do them, or they have two of each and matching them allows you to select a loser of that forfeit. Things like pie in the face, ice in the pants, spankings. This would allow for a great game where the main forfiet might be hardcore but every girl will likely leave with something being done.


Anonymous said...

What about the idea having pants with the logo of lostbets? I would prefer seeing open panties cause it is more embarresing for the players to wear kinky underwear. And we get to see more nude skin even if a girl does not loose. By the wax the memory idea of Blue sounds great. Would love to see forfeits printed on the memory cards.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of vibrating panties Red?
@Bex: I'm glad you like the idea of using vibrating panties. Especcially the piercings at intimate bodyparts will make it more intense. Please use it in one of your next Bex videos.
Hear that Red?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't 404 have been released yet. I want me some Nikole. But it's been over a day now since they were wupposed to put it up


Riggins said...

In the past, the second half of double update weekends is posted on Saturdays at the usual time.

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks Riggins


Red said...

@Joe: I think their limits would allow spanking, but unfortunately I don't have a game like that already filmed and I believe that Catherine has retired from posing nude, so I don't know if I'll have the opportunity. Sorry.

@Eric: I know the feeling, but when an angel walks in the room, what can you do but admire her?

@Ed: Like @Rigginsw said, when I do a double-update weekend the second video is generally published Saturday (with the SD version on Monday) at the usual time. 404 is out now, and I hope you liked it.

@damndable: Wow, that is some goopy stuff. Any idea what's in it? I'm always looking for new ways to explore WAM, hence the tossed salad theme. I've got a pina colada one coming up, too.

@Zeo: RyAnne's expressed interest in coming back, but we just haven't had the chance to get together yet. She's gone back and forth over whether she'd shave her bush or not.

@Blue: Interesting. People have suggested a "tournament of champions" before, and I like the idea, but there are some logistical challenges. As for memory with mini-forfeits, that's another common request. I'll try it next time I host a Strip Memory game.

Anonymous said...

That's okay. Well, don't be afraid to have Nikole do a POV or something with a masturbating forfeit or something else haha.

Tienteaser said...

Looks good, Red! Recognizing that these girls weren't up for anything hardcore, if you can imagine Nikole tied to a bed while the other three take turns tickling her and riding her mouth, and you have a scene that I think many would love to see. :)

And Bex has already signed up! If she and Piper are up for hardcore forfeits then I think we've got this to do.

Anonymous said...

Catherine retiring? Most unfortunate! (She's one of my favorites, and I recommend Episode 252 if folks want to see why.) Just means I'll have to stock up on the games she's already done. =)

— Big Sam

mismanager said...

Lika, nipples of the year???

Anonymous said...

Hi red. what is coming up for povs?
thank you

Red said...

@Joe: Well, there is more of Nikole coming. It's not a POV, but if you like Nikole, you'll like what's coming.

@Tienteaser: See above re. Nikole. As for Bex, Piper, and hardcore forfeits, have patience. You'll need it.

@Big Sam: Well, I've had girls tell me they're retiring before who then changed their minds, so don't lose hope. Catherine's been great ever since we met her four years ago and she's welcome back anytime.

@mismanager: They're impressive, no question about that, but the year isn't even half over and I'm not prepared to give her that title just yet.

@PQ: Next week we'll meet new player Becky, where the loser has to expose all of his or her private parts to the camera. The week after, Summer is back, with an even odder insertion than the wine bottle she had to use last time. After that, we'll see.

Tienteaser said...

@Red: I was using Nikole only as an example, since we've seen that she has great reactions to tickling.

And yeah, I get that hardcore Bex and Piper are in the pipeline (would that be the Piperline?), but a ways off. I keep mentioning them because Bex has already expressed interest.

Actually if this forfeit turns out to be as popular as I think it will (with both the girls and the viewers) then you might wind up making it as much a part of your repertoire as your strap-ons. :) So while I think Bex and Nikole would be fabulous that way there's no need to limit it to them.

Anonymous said...

About the POV's:
I'm a big fan of the POV idea. I think it could be fantastic.. in theorie..

I'm sad to say the last bunch of released POV's couldn't seduse me into buying one, even though I'm a big fan of the genre.

Perhaps I'm the only one who doesn't want to be sure of victory(the girls seem to be experiencing a serious losing-streak).
Or perhaps these first attempts lack the appeal of experience.

Anyway, I'll be watching your updates closely.


Whisper said...

@Red: As damndable hasn't had a chance to get back to you yet, to answer your question the slime used in the picture is made from Methylcellulose. Some times Natrosol is used instead for when they want the slime even thicker.

Both can be brought from http://messysupplies.com/

Two other things that make good slime, and which can be brought relatively cheaply, is cake mix (just add water) and custard.