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Friday, July 25, 2014

Threeway FTW

Hi guys. I just posted in the last blog thread to apologize for not answering comments yet. I'm on vacation, currently sneaking in a few minutes at the laptop while everyone else is at breakfast. I'll take care of last week's replies in a few days.

Until then, please enjoy Episode 414, the first hardcore forfeit in awhile. Hope you like it. It's also the last game from the shoot which produced Episode 400, and even though it's got fewer players, I think it's a worthy conclusion to a hell of a day.

No previews this week -- all those files are on my computer at home. More glimpses into the exciting future next week.


Anonymous said...

That was hot.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

ideas for forfeit:
- 2 losers are tied up in the stockade. Then they get their assholes tickled. First girl to give up is the ultimate loser. The assshaking during the tickling is great.

Loser gets punished like this:
1) she gets shoved a inflateable and vibrating butt plug up her ass. The butt plug is inflated and switched on. then you give her some further stimulation with a vibrator on her pussy.
2) after she orgasmed you remove the butt plug. Then multiple guys cum on her wide open ass which the second girl holds open by spreading her butt cheeks. Then she plays a bit with the sperm inside her butt by moving her butt cheeks.
The view of the sperm inside the hole dripping and the cum on her buttcheeks will be great.


Anonymous said...

Spoiler Warning!

Just wanted to say that the spoiler is wrong in the clip description. It's the other person on their back and riding face, respectively. A little disappointing because I was looking forward to that specific scene, but apart from that a great clip!


Anonymous said...

ditto what Zed said.


Johnny said...

@Zed, Shredder. Oops! Fixed. Sorry guys.

Anonymous said...

Red, I was going back through some of your old stuff and saw the series (218,222,224,228) with Leilani but noticed that none of those were on the membership site. I know you don't control that site but is there a reason why those never made it over there?


Anonymous said...

Hey Red, just curious; do you plan to give all/most of the pov stuff two endings?


Anonymous said...

Game idea:
Poker with girls playing without clothing covering up their nude bodyparts only with five poker chips. One for each nipple and three for her huhaha. The poker chips are selotaped.

The fun is we see the girls barely covered up and see even more, when the girl has to place her ante and remove the token from the bodypart he covered up.

Because the game outfit itsself is very embarressing perhaps you could determine the poker players in a quick sudden death game before.
Have four or five girls drawing cards lowest two or three cards lose. They have to go the restroom where they undress and stick on the tokens. Then chippoker not strippoker starts.


Johnny said...

@pokerchipsforclothing... Dude, seriously. Pick a name and stick with it. Red has asked you to do that one numerous occasions. We're not going to use one of your suggestions while you continuously ignore our requests.