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Friday, July 11, 2014

Any requests?

Episode 412 premieres today, starring one of my favorite amateur quartets, Bex, Piper, Zahara, and Sheri. Some of the girls will risk tasting something they've never tasted before.

Speaking of Bex and Sheri, they'll be back to play some more games on Sunday, along with Sassy (yay!) and Keenly. Hardcore will be on the table, with Johnny and Dante providing penile services. Anyone have any specific requests on games you'd like to see them play or forfeits you'd like to see them risk?

[edit: I used to have a promo for Episode 414 here, forgetting that I'd already published that promo. Oooops]

Here's what's coming in a few weeks in Episode 415:

It's a game of Earth and Fire as Michelle, Caroline, and Star try to force each other to cum. The loser has to show everyone just what her pussy looks like after a forced orgasm, as she's spread wide open by a speculum and forced to show everyone everything.


Anonymous said...

I don't care what it is as long as sassy loses and it ends with a facial!


Anonymous said...

i'd like to see the loser dominated by the penile crew AND the winners, maybe include a pair of hand cuffs.

and i dont care which one is the loser with set of beauties!

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

How about a game with two losers. Either a team game or just a game to two losers with the losers servicing the guys with facials in the end. Also the losers would orally service the two winners.


Anonymous said...

Red think you could bring back the blowjob race from episode 369 except with three losers. The girls rotate through the two guys until one girl gets a mouth full and then the remaining two keep swapping out on the remaining guy til there is the ultimate loser, the one who didnt get either guy off, and receives some appropriate punishment, perhaps giving oral to the original winner.


Anonymous said...

Im with dk...I know u dont like fixing games but since it might be sassy's last games she should lose a hard core forfeit...go out with a bang if u will...jo jo

Monte Tipette said...

The two losers do the blowjob race and take the load in their mouths. They both spit into a single cup and the slowest finisher of the blow job (ultimate loser) has to drink the entire cup of cum : )


RS said...

Okay, I know this probably isn't in the cards, but all six playing a darering-style game -- stripping and doing dares, including partner dares with random configurations of players.

Anonymous said...

Gee, a lot of people into the blowjob races. Not me...penises should be put to proper use, and that is to go inside of a vagina. Mouths also is fine, but not the only place!

So, hmm...I guess you got the two-on-one planned since you got two guys. Or maybe you could do two losers, each has sex with a guy. Maybe you could do a messy forfeit for one, I'm not the hugest fan of them but they can still be good.

Hey, obviously it's no good for this but you know what would be pretty good in some way...a dunk tank! Saw one the other day at the fair and just made me think of it for this.

For games he spinning one is good, or the basketball. I kind of like the ones with action, not as big a fan of board games. Although the hippos can be fun, seems to get everyone really hyper. That weird one with the butterflies or whatever that come out of a tube looks funny...I've never bought one with that game in it.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

For me, and I've always admitted this, the asslicking in 196 was hot, due to the girls involved and the humiliation aspect. If there was a way to incorporate that in, I'd definitely buy.

That said, probably would anyway.


Anonymous said...

I'm with the blowjob race comments, the only forfeit I'm eager to see that hasn't happened yet is a cum swallow!

Anonymous said...

Any game as long as Sassy finally loses a hardcore forfit. It's time she had a penis in her mouth pussy & ass. Go out with a bang Sassy.. Maybe a creampie final?

RRFrope Ramos said...


It´s a long time since I wrote here. I asked for an Armbinder forfeit in the past. As you ask for forfeit request I remind that one. If not possble, some kind of bondage forfeit would be great.

Anonymous said...

I liked the idea in episode 400 of a big loser and a small loser but why not expand it to three losers and have a big, medium, and small loser? You could have all 4 play a 2 vs. 2 game. The winning team would then play a relatively quick game (say Rock Paper Scissors?) to decide the small loser. Then, the two losers in the first game play another game (like an orgasm race or something quicker if necessary), with the loser being the big loser and the winner being the medium loser. You could do the forfeits like this:

Small loser: spanked by winner and guys

Medium loser: masturbate during big loser's forfeit

Big loser: get double teamed by both guys

I think in general I'd like to see a game where several players (4 or more) are playing, but only one wins, but I defer to your judgment Red!


Cofo11 said...

How about the first place loser, if you play to two obviously, gets creampied and the last place "cleans" her up.

Also, what is up with lostbetsgames.com?

Anonymous said...

Bring Ashley Edmonds back, set her up for failure. Preferably one that ends in a facial.

Anonymous said...

How about the first place loser receives multiple cum shots onto her open pussy via handjobs given by the second place loser?


The Strip Game Fan said...

Red, this isn't as relevant to your immediate shoot as for sometime down the road. I keep forgetting to come to the comments section and tell you about this - I saw it recently and thought of you.

Snake Eyes Yard Dice: http://yarddice.com/
They are large/oversized wooden 6-sided dice, designed for outdoor use. They come in packs of six dice, so my mind immediately went to: Outdoor Strip Estonian Roulette.

If you watch the video embedded on the main page of the site, it shows how to throw a full set of the dice (stack them up, then toss the stacks). Since having something large & visible would help in moving a dice game (of any type) outdoors, to avoid close-up camera shots, this seems like a way to play games like this in different settings.

You might have to put a LostBets sticker on the '1' pip side, where they have a logo. Otherwise, I think they'd work pretty much as-is.

-- StripGameFan

Daniel White said...

Play a game to 2 losers who have a proper blowjob race, winner of the race is she with the first mouth full of cum - she spits it into a shot glass. Ultimate loser finishes her blowjob, swallows then takes the shot!

Game would be even hotter if tye the winners were allowed to play with the losers to make their jobs more difficult, all toys and holes are fair play :-)

Would be amazing to see Sassy involved in this, or any of your girls for that matter

Andrew Breckler said...

I really do not can about what games are played. I just like the thought of Sassy losing and having to have sex with her exboyfriend Dante.

Anonymous said...

The game; strip earth and fire with 2 losers

2 ideas for forfeit:
- 2 losers do a blowjob race and the ultimate loser becomes a sex slave for all the other to play with
- each loser has to be fucked by a boy while eating the pussy of a winner


Anonymous said...


Firstly can I just say what a BRILLIANT site you run, and how impressive it is especially given your deteriorating condition... I think it is brilliant that you have such determination & won't give up.

I'd REALLY like to see a game that has too loser, and then those 2 losers having to perform a blow-job race to determine big loser & little loser, first girl to get the guy to cum in their mouth (& swallow it) is the little loser... but to maximise humiliation for the big loser, they still have to make the guy cum in their mouth and swallow it before their punishment can start...
The big loser is now going to be UTTERLY humiliated... they should be subjected to ALL the following in order:

1) they are laid on the floor & their arms chained to one spreader bar & their feet to another.
2) they are covered with lots of edible sticky substances (e.g. squirty cream, chocolate sauce, balls of ice-cream on their tits & pussy, possibly some custard {I think you guys in the States may call it vanilla pudding} as well)
3) The 2 winners & the 2 guys now lick the big loser clean (they can lick her ANYWHERE so the guys can lick her tits & pussy if they want... in fact it is positively encouraged!)
4) once the big looser is licked clean she's released from the spreader bar, and her hands are cuffed behind her back... she must now orally pleasure both guys until they are able to cum on her face (first guy to cum in the blow-job race) & tits (2nd guy to cum in blow job race)...

The little loser must assist by acting as a "fluffer" to the guys (if necessary) and giving hand-jobs to ensure that the maximum amount of cum gets on the big loser's face & tits.

5) finally the humiliation of the big loser should be completed with her saying "I just lost on LostBets.CUM", before being allowed to shower, and whilst in the shower asked how it feels to have:

a) lost the main game?
b) lost the blow-job race?
c) been made into an ice-cream sundae then licked clean?
d) had to orally pleasure 2 guys until they came on her?

I know this is a long one, but I think if it could be Sassy's last hopefully she can "go out with a bang" - ideally as the big loser ;)

Simon Templar

Anonymous said...


Surely the forfeit is obvious? Conventional sex with each guy in turn; followed by a spit roast with the loser lying face up so we can really see the action clearly (and have the guys change positions halfway through); and, finally anal with both guys. I really hope Sassy loses!

So it's a less imaginative forfeit than some, but it's a big one that no-one would want to lose and I'm sure it would be a big seller for you if Sassy was involved. I really hope she doesn't retire.

Could all of your games on the day be hardcore? It might ramp up the tension a bit, which would make for some good videos as it would mean that winning one game would not get the other players out of any hardcore forfeit.

All my best,

Anonymous said...

I like the TrueS approach! Maybe they couldn't ALL be hardcore, but it would be good if more than one is, at least...like the last bunch had, with two hardcore forfeits. Of course the last one which hasn't been published almost seems sliiightly like cheating because anyone involved in that one is having some sex...not that I'm complaining.

I do like the idea of either one loser a game, or maybe you could try two the way you did in the one where the three girls played Twister. But however you do it, there should be DP going on for sure. I mean, that's just science.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

I'll refrain from offering any suggestions for the forfeit, since there are already so many ideas. I'm excited to see whatever results.

However, I'm a little disappointed that Jasmine will not be joining Sassy and Keenly. In my view, she is one of the best players you've had--very pretty, fun personality, and flexible limits. I hope you will prioritize bringing her back.


lobster5000 said...

I think the first comments regarding the blow job races are spot on. I'd love to see some shot-glass cum swallowing or even some cum mouth-to-mouth passing.

More anal and ass licking would be nice, btw. Having to lick the winners ass while being fucked would be a very humiliating forfeit.

Also, have you ever considered submitting a loser to a severe surprise hair cut by the winners? I'd definitely buy that, if you ever do it.

Oh, and regarding Star's name. Red, do you base some of your names on insex/hardtied/intersec/etc. models? If it is, i think it's very cool.

Damndable said...

Would like to reiterate my previous request of a bondage + WAM forfeit, perhaps with the loser hogtied on the ground while stuff poured over them? Also, the best messy forfeits are those with as much hair/face coverage as possible. if you could pull that off it would be a must-buy for me.

dave35_b said...

How about blow job roulette 2 or more girls have to give on lucky guy a BJ get him close to orgasm but blow his load in one of the other girls mouth

Riggins said...

In contrast to these increasingly detailed and specific forfeits, I have a softcore request. I want to see two losers rubbing baby oil on each others' breasts again. If not appropriate for this group, maybe as the intro forfeit for the next gang of newbies.

Red said...

Wow. Thanks, guys. We'll do what we can. (I'm at the shoot now and the prospect of cum-eating is not getting an enthusiastic reaction.)

We'll be Tweeting during this shoot. We've already tweeted a picture of the St. Andrew's Cross. Follow us @LostBets.

Anonymous said...

eh. Just do what they feel comfortable doing, i mean, not too comfortable cause thats kind of the point.

Whats the POV this week?


Red said...

And that's done. Four fairly awesome games. And we were able to use a lot of your requests. And we did our most daring public forfeit yet. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Been a while since I asked, has Sage made it into the queue yet?


Anonymous said...

Has Ashley everrrr had an orgasm on cam in a game Red? I've seen some extreme stuff and her pink, but with so many games wins and losses I can't really search for terms of loss exactly. Though I'm pretty sure she has one of the best records of any veteran you have. But she's such a sex pro I don't think she's ever had an orgasm recorded /: anyone have the answer or any myths to dispell? Thanks much guys


Anonymous said...

Red, any comments on publishing time for these games or are we just gonna have to wonder for awhile how long it will be til we see which of our ideas were accepted by the girls


Anonymous said...


She played a high card game vs amber and lost


Anonymous said...

Her only one? Not amber fan lol but will definitely look into it man, thanks!


Anonymous said...

Do any of these games have a possibility of jumping the queue? Hope so or it could be Christmas before these debut...


Anonymous said...

Alright I guess if that's what you'repoking for is requests then (cause I know you can't stack the games) but get Ashley in for a real heavy bulk of games. Keep throwing her in the line up to pray for the outcome of her being forced stripped and an inadvertent forced orgasm. 210 was incredible as it was, with that happening with the plainest girl in that game Natalia. Ashley has been too soft core when it's come to her own pussy. That's my vote. Would easilyyyyyy be one of the top videos out of any of them if the realistic emotion and desire to beat the queen of Veterans ashley is there :D


Anonymous said...

wow, you really did get the st andrew's cross!!!!!!! dude, you are so awesome.

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

ideas for forfeit:
- 2 losers are tied up in the stockade. Then they get their assholes tickled. First girl to give up is the ultimate loser. The assshaking during the tickling is great.

Loser gets punished like this:
1) she gets shoved a inflateable and vibrating butt plug up her ass. The butt plug is inflated and switched on. then you give her some further stimulation with a vibrator on her pussy.
2) after she orgasmed you remove the butt plug. Then multiple guys cum on her wide open ass which the second girl holds open by spreading her butt cheeks. Then she plays a bit with the sperm inside her butt by moving her butt cheeks.
The view of the sperm inside the hole dripping and the cum on her buttcheeks will be great.


Anonymous said...

Red is such a tease! Be interested to know what suggestions made the final cut!


Dan said...

Hey Red,

Would love to know which suggestions made the cut!

I'f you managed to make the cum swallow happen, you'll be my god!

Never expected the girls to be enthusiastic about it, but it is supposed to be a forfeit! If the girls wanted to do the forfeit it wouldn't be as fun.

I have faith in your powers of persuasion, really hope you pulled it off and look forward to it more than any other game you've ever done.

Anonymous said...

Dan: there are already two cum swallow games in LB earlier history.
Kat swallowed Johnny's in 'You Bet Your Ass' and Kandie took it from Dante after losing a cunnilingus race.


Anonymous said...

Game idea:
Poker with girls playing without clothing covering up their nude bodyparts only with five poker chips. One for each nipple and three for her huhaha. The poker chips are selotaped.

The fun is we see the girls barely covered up and see even more, when the girl has to place her ante and remove the token from the bodypart he covered up.

Because the game outfit itsself is very embarressing perhaps you could determine the poker players in a quick sudden death game before.
Have four or five girls drawing cards lowest two or three cards lose. They have to go the restroom where they undress and stick on the tokens. Then chippoker not strippoker starts.


Craig Lester said...

After are quick twitter conversation. I would love too see 2 sexy cougars paired up say @DarlingBDSM and @simonesonay to take on two younger models like Olivia, Dakota etc, depending who's available. in a series of 3 games in which the losing pair are forced to perform for the winning pair forfeits could range from masturbating, oral sex on the winners and getting fucked by the winners. hope you like the idea if you have any comments shout.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope Keenly has some more games lined up! Not enough at all has happened to her. Being naked on camera is obviously not even embarrassing for 99% of these amateur girls anymore. With the fame and enterprising red must pay quite well these days to make any embarrassment quickly fade lol.

So yea, some penis definitely needs to be nicely put inside of any of keenly's holes. Nothing would be better comeuppance for all her bitchy banter and jabs then her getting gangbanged. Cum all over her face would just be spectacular. I can dream anyways lol


Anonymous said...


I know you don't check your email ad often as this so I advise you to check now as I've sent an email ref possible copyright infringement.

Simon Templar

Anonymous said...

As a fan of clothes destruction, I have the following suggestion. Have two models (or more) of close to the same height. Have them wear their best clothing. Let them each have a pair of rounded scissors. After a coin toss or other way of knowing who goes first, they start snipping at each others clothing. The first one without a stitch of clothing is the looser.

Also, knowing your have had sisters before. How about a mother playing against her daughter?

Old Man

Anonymous said...

I too would like to see some clothing destruction, just a different way of removing the clothes and cause more embarrassment. Since this post is about requests concern the girls mentioned I sent an email with more details about what I like to see in future games in general.