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Friday, July 4, 2014

Information, please

Happy Independence Day to all our American fans. I happen to be American, and I'm very proud of my country. While she may not be perfect, she's been a tremendous force for good in this world. So Happy Birthday, America!

June Jubilee is over, and while it may have been disproportionately softcore, there's some harder stuff in the near future, starting today with Episode 411, as Candle, Caroline, and Lela try to make each other cum. Two losers have to fuck a double-headed dildo in front of a gloating (and horny) winner. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

What about the idea having pants with the logo of lostbets? I would prefer seeing open panties cause it is more embarresing for the players to wear kinky underwear. And we get to see more nude skin even if a girl does not loose.

Anonymous said...

My answer to Oilsearcher would be that having everyone exposed ruins the tension of watching the game. When watching this type of entertainment, I like to choose someone I want to see loose then cheer on the other players. If they win, I am left wanting to see more games so I can see the chosen player loose and show all. If open panties let me see all the player's nude, then what is the fun of the game for someone like me?

There are all sorts of sites that show nude females (and males) but few that have a random chance of seeing your favorite model exposed. To me, that is what makes Red's work special. And as a fan of soft core forfeits, it gives me a chance to see models that might not show up at the other sites.

We probably would not have seen Julie grow in boldness if this site were to follow the clothing type you are asking for.

I would not mind the clothing on veteran players who have already exposed all and are going for larger forfeits, but for the newbies, I like the current clothing.

Just another opinion.

Old Man

Red said...

We actually do have a few pairs of LostBets.com thong panties. They were seen being worn on crowded city streets in Episode 386.

Like @Old Man, I'm a fan of ENF, and I like giving the girls a chance to keep their modesty. A few have, and we may never get to see them. That being said, I do sometimes stack the deck so it's hard for even the winners to keep their clothes, and I enjoy doing it, too. Playing until a naked player loses, rather than until a player is naked, is one simple way. Not only does it add the visual appeal of watching a naked girl play, it increases the expected clothing loss by the winners. So does increasing the number of losers. Another way is to have a non-concealing article of clothing, like footwear, come off last. I used these all in Episode 386.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I gotta make a comment about something that was sent in last week about some of the girls being professional and others ones not. But, firstly, thanks for showing Candle again, I never get tired of her. But I just think using the term "model" to describe what these girls do is a pretty big stretch. As far as models I don't think real models indulge in sex acts masturbation, intercourse and the like. I love "lost Bets" and would change almost nothing, but "models" and "modeling" really. I know some people who actually do modeling and they were rather insulted by the comparision. Like the one guy said last week it probably dosesnt matter to many.

Anonymous said...

It is a little disappointing not having something to look forward to as i did with episode 400. The wait had me religiously checking the blog for months looking for updates. I hope we get to that again soon!

Being such a huge fan of Sassy, do you think we will see her again in the future? I know she risked hardcore, so i hope that would be on the menu again and we can finally see what i know all of us have been waiting for.

Would pay huge $$ for that!


Red said...

@Anon 10:34 (please sign your posts): Don't worry, you haven't seen the last of Candle. With her deimples, her chipper attitude, and her terrible puns, she's been one of my favorites for almost five years. She'll be back in Episodes 417 and 421, and she'll be joining us for more games this summer.

As for calling our players "models", it's what they call themselves. My dictionary defines the word as "a person employed to pose for an artist, photographer, or sculptor", and I think they qualify. I'm sorry that your model friends are offended, but they don't own the word, and perhaps they could be a little less judgmental.

@DK: The bad news is that Sassy is moving away this month. It'll be much more difficult to get her back after that. The good news is that she's coming back for one more shoot before she goes. We've got a pretty awesome group lined up, and there will be hardcore, so keep your fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

hey Red, any word on that St Andrews Cross making an appearance?

CA Fan

RS said...

Regarding the term "models...

I always used the terms "porn actor" or "porn performer" (reserving the over-used term "porn star" for those who were genuine stars). But I recently took a tour of The Armory in San Francisco, a Moorish-style castle used by the military as a training facility until the 70s. In more recent years, it was acquired by Kink.com for use as a studio space for their range of kinky pornographic lines targeting all sorts of fetishes.

Anyway, the guy who led the tour was one of their models for their straight male/female videos. He said they preferred the term "models" because visual arts have a long history of well-respected nudes, and I guess the industry was trying to make the association with models for visual arts rather than actors in performance arts.

Johnny said...

@RS - I use the term model for two reasons. First, that's their preferred term and I'm fine with letting people determine their own titles. Second is that many of these folks also do still print work, in which case model is exactly the correct term. Plus, when you think about it, there's not a high degree of acting skill on display in general in the adult entertainment industry.

Anonymous said...

Model is a perfectly fine term to use for these actors...I deal with models and a lot of them wouldn't mind. MAYBE when it comes to hardcore stuff, but beyond that, it applies.

Speaking of hardcore, yay more Sassy!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

All 4 Pov vids say you win in spoils

Red said...

@CA Fan: Yes, there's word. Hippo is visiting right now, and at this very moment as I type this he's unpacking our brand-new solid oak custom-made folding St. Andrew's Cross, complete with Lost Betsy carved in the center. It's not completed yet but it will be soon. Really looking forward to giving it a try.

@RS and @GWKS: Sometimes they call themselves "fetish models" to distinguish themselves from fashion models, I suppose.

@DaM: That's not what I'm seeing. It looks to me like some of them say "You [spoiler] are the winner[/spoiler]..." and some say "You [spoiler] are the loser[/spoiler]."

Anonymous said...

(Solid oak? With the Lost Bets logo carved into it? ... That's actually pretty classy stuff. My hat's off to Hippo.)

Just checking in to express my thanks for the most recent POV vid having both possible endings up for sale. Naturally, I bought both. =)

— Big Sam

Anonymous said...

Great job adding two versions in lostbets POV!!! For me it ads to the experience in a huge way.

Thanks a lot!


ps I'n not so sure about Treasure's performance in this POV video.. sorry for the negative feedback but there it is.(Why does she want to win if she doesn't want to see a bulge/penis/precum? Why did she want to play the game in the first place?)

Red said...

@Big Sam: Yeah, Hippo's a real wizard at making things. The cross, like I said, is still incomplete and needs some hardward and paint/stain, but even at this early stage it looks pretty cool. I'll try to get some pics up soon.

@Joep: I'm glad you (and @Big Sam) liked the new multi-ending POV, but I'm sorry about Treasure's general bitchiness when she wins. I don't much care for it either. I didn't film most of the current POVs, they were filmed by Lily and I think she misunderstood what I was after. The girls have different (and far more negative) attitudes than they'd have if I were directing. But we're filming more POVs (and doing them ourselves) so hopefully this will become less of a problem as time goes on.

However, there's one more thing I wanted to say about your post. Those of you who've been here awhile have heard me say similar things in the past, but it bears repeating. People often sound diffident or even downright apologetic when offering me criticism, as though they're afraid that if they offend me I'll take my ball and go home, and I want to make it very clear that it's absolutely unnecessary. While I love getting praise (who doesn't?) I actually prefer criticism. I want to make these videos the best they can possibly be, and the only way I can do that is if people keep making me aware of how they could be improved. I welcome constructive criticism. It doesn't offend me, it makes me grateful. Nobody ever needs to apologize for criticizing me.


Anonymous said...

Lostbetsgames has that future site that shows clips coming up. Its empty. will there still be a clip tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

Very excellent 2nd go at the viewer losing the POV strip game Red. Loved it. If more of these type are made and some more of your R&D money lol is put into working out a script or playing to different girls personalities for the banter I'll buy these clips 10/10 times. Obviously staying away from that bitchy stuff that originally made you have to re do these POV games haha. As natural as possible to make it as realistic and immersive as you can. The 2 you have despite the massive amount of time in between them hit that chord really near perfectly. Job well done to you and your team. Got a happy customer over here.