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Friday, August 29, 2014

Say, do you remember dancing in Bextember?

Never was a cloudy day! (And if you have any idea what I'm talking about, you're old.)

In the last blog comment thread (after making a fool of myself with a major Calendar Fail), I promised to preview what's coming up in the bonus updates next month. First, though, a reminder that today Episode 419 will be published, featuring Cheyenne and Kym practicing their target shooting on a hapless Lika. Loser serves the winner an orgasm.

Next Friday will be Episode 420, already previewed. That Saturday, Episode 421 has Bex, Piper, Zahara, and Sheri playing to two losers, who have to put on a show by riding a device none of these girls have even seen before: a Sybian.

I'm not sure how I feel about this one. It's the first time I've put a girl on a Sybian and she hasn't really enjoyed it. It was probably because she was nervous and the person operating the controls didn't know what she was doing either. On the other hand, the other loser got into it in a big way and gave us a major orgasm as a red flush traveled down her chest.

No preview videos for the rest (yet) since they're not edited.

Saturday September 13 will bring Episode 423, with the same four players playing Pirate Penguins. The two losers get turned into "living art": the winners cover their nude bodies with paint, and then they're pressed into a canvas to preserve the imprint for all time.

That was it for that shoot, but like I said in the last blog comment thread, Morgan was able to convince them to return to risk some hard boy-girl action. That'll happen for the first time on Saturday the 20th in Episode 425. The four girls play Pod Stomp to two losers, who deliver their very first ever blowjobs on camera.

Initially, a blowjob was all that Sheri was willing to risk, but again with a little persuasion she joined the other three in a game of Ginger Ale Pong (which is like Beer Pong, except three of the four girls are under 21) with the two losers serving as Johnny's sexual servants. That'll be Episode 427 on September 27, and that'll be it for Bextember. As for the normal updates during that month, you'll have to wait a little while to see.


Riggins said...

Thank you, Morgan!

These sound great, Red -- and one doesn't have to be old to enjoy Earth Wind and Fire. Or Earth and Fire.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red
Regarding Zeo's comment last week about knowing which player is which colour clothing card, why not have the players wear head bands or something of the appropriate colour.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Any chance Sage makes her debut in September?


Red said...

@Riggins: Yeah, thanks to Morgan, who has a real knack for talking girls into things. She was able to get a girl to risk something she was extremely reluctant to risk using a technique that I thought would never work. That'll be a good one. I'll explain more when it's closer to publication.

@Peter: Not a bad idea at all! Colored headbands and/or wristbands, that'd work for a lot of things. Thanks!

@Bob: Well, the two episodes with Sage are currently on the schedule as Episodes 432 and 435, so no, not in September. It's looking like November or December, but at least they ought to make it before the end of the year. Sorry for the long wait.

Anonymous said...

For a moment I was excited about the fact of Mika being back! I mean, Lika is hot, but I am sure I am not the only one who miss that "Pure Evil" tatoo in action. Any news from her?

Great updates anyway!!


Brian said...

Hi Red, thanks for the reply last week.

I don't want to nag and create a negative atmosphere so this will be the last time i will post.

I do not agree with you that not rigging the games creates a real tension.

In case of the Billy games, really, why add a male? You have Candle and Ashley, two of the fan favorites AND your favorites (or so you claim). 3 games between them two would have been great. For some reasons Billy was added and with a purpose. He loses 3 all three games. That's a possibility of 1 in 27. More likely is he wanted to lose.

Another thing is that people know how good they are at games. When Ashley played Alexis a while ago with a forfeit i would have loved to see her lose (which of course she didn't) i asked Ashley back then on springform if she really risked losing. She admitted it was a genuine game but that she did know in advance she was by far the better player at that game than Alexis was. That's the same as organising a tennismatch between Roger Federer and Jonah Hill. In theory there's 50-50% change but everybody knows the outcome.

During that period Ashley appeared on Alexis' website aswell so the 2 are well-acquainted. Both of them (and i assume you too) did already know who would win it. The game was not rigged but pretty much orchestrated from the start. There are probably a lot more cases like this where the players already know how the show is going down or wanting to lose, so the tension is faked.

At least not always real.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red
Wanted to pass on that I think Lika is really hot. Do you ever hear anything of Claire, I really miss her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I wasn't sure if this was the right place to ask, but I love the work you've done--especially the strip matching game. I'm wondering where you got those customized playing cards. I'd actually like to get some myself. Here's to many more great videos!


Red said...

@Dave: Glad you liked the update. I'm afraid I've got no further news of a possible return of Mika, but don't rule it out. I'd love to have her back.

@Brian: I hope that wasn't the last time you'll post. I've never shied away from criticism, and I don't consider it "creating a negative atmosphere." I want to hear what people don't like. It shows us where to improve. I hope you don't mind if I answer, though.

Billy appeared with Ashley and Candle in two games: Episodes 337 and 343. Why did I add him? Well, because I thought it would be something new and interesting. Both girls have the kind of personalities I thought would go well against a boy player.And Ashley and Candle had already appeared together in Episode 239, and in Episode 242 with Cory.

I've never said that none of the games are rigged in any way, because some are. But very few, and the percentage is decreasing as it gets rarer and rarer for us to interfere with the games. Neither of the Ashley/Billy/Candle games were rigged. Could Billy have been playing to lose? Possibly, but considering what happened to him, I doubt it. Certainly we didn't tell him to lose. Similarly with Alexis and Ashley. I don't recall rigging any of their four games, or chosing the game based on whom I wanted to win.

And I really do think it adds a something when the players don't know how it's going to turn out. It's something that can't be gotten any other way,

@Anon 3:03 (please sign your posts): Glad you like Lika. I'm afraid that despite numerous attempts to contact her I've been unable to reach Claire. I'd love to have her back, but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen.

@Eric: Thanks! The clothing cards were made by Hippo, who's a wizard at making things and who's made most of our custom props, including the clothing cards, the paddles, our remote control pan-tilt camera mounts, and our camera monitor box. Soon you'll see his latest creation. It's big.

Anonymous said...

I have a question. In this blog you talk about Sheri not wanting to risk intercourse, but got talked into it. So, when she agrees does she know the odds? Like, how do you decide if two people are having sex or one? If you had a squeamish actress who would agree to a possibility of a single person having sex, that's a 3-1 odds...but TWO people having sex is 50-50. Do they know the odds going in, or how is that decided?

I guess she got over it though since she was in the other group with Sassy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that last one was Guy Who Knows Stuff. And so is this one.

Guy Who Knows Stuff (proof!)

Red said...

@Real GWKS: In this case, I think the primary factor was peer pressure. Bex, Piper, and Zahara were all willing to risk going all the way, and Sheri didn't want to be the odd one out.

In general, using the odds to convince the reluctant doesn't work. I mean, think about it. Think about a sexual act that you would be unwilling to do, and then imagine agreeing to play in a game where you might have to do it. Would it make a difference if you only had an X% chance of having to do it? For most people, it doesn't. And I think many of those who would agree to play would renege if they actually lost and had to pay up.

Except this technique actually worked for Morgan. I told a group of players what the forfeit would be, and one of them said, "yikes, I don't know about this, I really don't want to do that." Morgan said, "Come on, just don't lose. There's only a one out of four chance you will." And to my astonishment, the girl agreed. Never saw that work before, never thought it would. The episode in question won't make it out until probably January or February, and I've already annoyed people by teasing things too soon, so I'll say no more about it for now. But I've got an awesome girlfriend.

As for how it's decided how many losers there will be, it's generally according to my whim. Whatever sounds like it'd be fun to me.

Anonymous said...

That makes sense...and yeah, I think touting the odds can help in some situations. Like, if you had a girl who's a little wild but maybe a bit reluctant, I bet she'd be more likely to go in on one of the group games where you have a 11-1 chance, vs 50-50. Of course it wouldn't work with someone absolutely dead set against it, but it can work with a waffler.

I figured you chose on a whim...and I know you do it sometimes like in The Wire, you juke the stats...like making sure Sassy's last game was a 50-50 odds when you could have done 3-1. And that's why you're doing the Lord's work.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Red said...

@GWKS: I can't claim to know the mind of the Lord, but I feel certain that He is a fan. Divine providence is the only explanation for all the lucky breaks we've seen. When we at LostBets trust things to chance, they work out spectacularly, far more often than can be expected based on the laws of probability. For example, the game I mentioned, the one where the girl only agreed to play because she had a 75% chance of winning? She lost. It was a game of almost pure chance, and we did not rig it in any way, but it turned out exactly the way we would have chosen it to.

(To the girl's credit, she did not renege. She swallowed her pride, among other things, and made good on her debt.)

That's only as low as a 25% chance, but it happens a lot. It happens so often that I worry that people will think I'm lying when I say that a game isn't rigged. The odds of all the things that have happened by chance happening by chance are so low that I wouldn't believe it myself if I hadn't been there. Even when things go wrong, they go wrong in a way that turns out great. Somebody is stacking the deck, but it isn't anyone down here.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, was that a hardcore forfeit?

One possible suggestion, although it's more editing and maybe people wouldn't care anyway...sometimes it might be interesting to do a pre-interview that appears on the video where the background details could be discussed a little. I've seen a few of those Kink videos and they have a discussion beforehand and that can be interesting. Like, maybe 5 minutes of them all talking and answering questions. You wouldn't want to do that all the time, but sometimes might be cool. And it lets people see the personalities even before they start playing.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Red, I just sent you an email with a question about Bextember. I don't know how many emails you get through there but I imagine it could be quite a lot so emails are easy to go missed. Hoping you see it.


RS said...

I know it's probably a long way out, and I can be patients, but you mentioned not long ago that a good CFNM is coming and I'm wondering if you have a general sense when that might it be?

Anonymous said...

Well now I am curious. Since Morgan is so good at talking girls into doing things, will she ever put herself in any of your games?


Red said...

@GWKS: Nope, no more info on that one until it's closer to being published.

@Pareto: Email received and answered.

@RS: There are at least two good CFNM episodes in the hopper. One will probably be in the late 430s or early 440s. The other one, sometime after that. Sorry I can't be more specific.

@monsoonrat: No, she made it quite clear from the beginning that there was no way in Hell she'd ever appear in front of the camera. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

@Monsoonrat: Sorry, but I prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it! Also, I have really terrible luck. I mean, really bad. Unless it's a skill game, like trivia, I'd be screwed. Pun intended, of course.

Anonymous said...

@ Morgan: i respect that, but i think many of us would like to see a picture of you anyway. :)

we hear so much about you, may as well put a face to the name, no?


Anonymous said...

I have been looking forward a lot to this weeks episode of the POV section. And a shiver of excitement went through me when I saw "Veronyka plays Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors". But then disappointment took over when I realised the second version was the HD version, instead of the alternate ending! I think me and a lot of other CFNM enthousiasts would have loved the opportunity to lose this one!!


Anonymous said...

Similar to what Mark just said. I bought two versions where the girl wins. I liked them both. I think I would personally like knowing what the player's state of dress is when she wins. Optimally (for me) she would wind up nude, but also aroused and triumphant at getting me naked.


alexandereno said...

Morgan... I don't care what you put yourself in. I think that the whole Shredder thing is only right. Just a quick picture of yourself would be awesome. Just seeing what you look like would be amazing for me.


Red said...

@K and @Mark: Thanks for the feedback. There will be more CFNM/player loses POVs to come. Not every episode will have alternate endings, but many will, and there's even a POV or two coming up where the girl wins with no corresponding alternate ending. I took PQ's suggestion to play some "fair" POVs and let whatever happened happen, and the girl did not always lose those.

@shredder and monsoonrat: Probably not going to happen.