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Friday, November 21, 2014

The EEOC was all up in our ass

I've heard complaints from a number of fans that there aren't enough male losers at LostBets.com, and they've got a legitimate beef. The majority our videos don't even have men at all. And when men do appear, they often don't actually play, they're just there to serve as spectators or as the punishment the loser(s) must endure during the forfeit. And when they do play in the games, they don't always lose. So with a few notable exceptions, fans who've wanted to see games with male losers haven't found much here. Time to rectify that a bit today in Episode 435.

Of course, fans who like to see women lose won't be disappointed either. Dante and Johnny serve as team champions, with Bex (going by that name for the last time) and Sheri supporting the former and Piper and Zahara the latter. Losers humiliate themselves while winners smirk. Good times, good times.

Last week, I previewed Episode 437, which will kick off Double December on Friday the 5th. 437 has some pretty hardcore (and pretty shocking) material. Things soften up a bit on Saturday in Episode 438.

One of my personal favorite girls, Catherine, is back, sporting some new ink and breaking in newbies Tara and Lizzy. Both of the newbies were a little unadventurous as far as their limits went, so don't expect things to get too hard with them, although I did convince one of them to risk having to masturbate on camera for the first time against Catherine. The other girl wasn't willing to do that, so I made her the target in a game of Body Shots. I'm really liking using that game for groups with one girl whose limits are lower than the others. 

In this game, the winner uses the bodies of the two losers to give a lesson on female anatomy. It's not quite the most precise anatomy lesson we've ever seen (that honor probably goes to Episode 422) but it's definitely one of the most entertaining, especially since the winner had a fondness for butts.

Next week, a preview of Week 2 of Double December, featuring the debut (finally!) of Hippo's latest diabolically awesome creation. Stay tuned.

This Wednesday in the POV store, meet new girl Sarah T. as she challenges you to a game of Strip Red-Black, where the loser has to perform fellatio on a dildo.


RS said...

Is it 4:30 yet? Can't wait!

Johnny said...

@ RS. Hope you enjoy it buddy.

RS said...

I loved it! Thank you.

First off, let me thank you for your willingness to indulge in niche interests now and again. I know that many of your regulars won't buy games with guys in them, especially games where a guy loses -- and in this case, the game was structured to ensure that a guy would wind up naked and humiliated. (Yay!) But most of us can't afford to buy every single clip, and the a la carte structure allows us to pick and choose based on our favorite players, losers, games, forfeits, etc.

I especially love "snip" games where clothing is destroyed. My biggest fantasies involve people being stranded completely naked in public, and while you probably couldn't legally film them walking home across town totally naked (pity), I always imagine that happening in the end. (Perhaps someday you could do a road trip to a place that allows public nudity -- Vermont, I think?)

This was a "no lose" game for me because I would have been quite happy with either of the guys losing. (I hope Johnny and Dante take it as a complement that there are fans who love to see them naked and humiliated.) Perhaps some day the loser will challenge the winner to some sort of rematch. Perhaps they will recruit some of the other guys from #406 (especially Erik). I have tons of forfeit ideas, though I dare say most are either not legal (walking home naked) or something the guys would flat out refuse to risk (episode 273 comes to mind).

Anyway, thank you! It was worth the wait. I actually had it marked on my calendar.

Anonymous said...

Gonna purchase and watch the new video ASAP. I'm one of those fans who loves seeing the guys humiliated! :)

Anonymous said...

here is a new idea for a game:
The game is composed of three parts. First, a guy and a girl compete in a game such as memory or trivia. Second, The number of the questions / cards the girl win, is converted into number of minutes. The girl tries to make the guy cum within that number of minutes. (For distraction purposes, perhaps the girl should be able to use some of her minutes during the first phase). Third, if the girl succeeds, she gets to kick him in the balls or something. If she doesn't, the guy gets to do whatever he wants with her.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Red for bringing Tara onto LB. Looking forward to the clips release. We'll see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Is Summer going to be in any more povs. I liked her teasing the player about losing the umbrella bet.

Also what kind of clips are coming out for the next few povs. I want to know if there are going to be any forfeits i would like.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Episode 422 has to be the hands down winner for the most precise anatomy lesson. It is also quite possibly one of the 2 best wheel of torment clips, the other being 429.

Although I agree that the game could use a few tweeks here and there. I would suggest that you at least add some tokens or similar device to keep the girls in the game a bit longer after they are fully naked.


Johnny said...

@RS. I can't speak for Dante, but I always take it as a complement when fans appreciate having me around, even if they are rooting for my public humiliation. ;-)

You should have seen some of the twitter comments about possible follow up episodes. Some people (cough - Dante and Morgan - cough) were quite cavalier about suggesting possible further humiliations involving my orifices. Now I'm fully rooting for seeing Dante face some of the penalties he so blithely wishes on me. Down with Dante!

Kidding. Dante, you know I love ya bro.

But we should see about getting Erik and CJ back for more of these things. I know they are hits with some of the fans and it would be nice to have more targets on the field to keep my personal odds of discomfort and abuse to a minimum.

Anonymous said...

+1 for risking pegging. Would be good to see Dante brought down a peg.

RS said...

I agree with Anonymous -- risking pegging would be awesome. Recruiting Erik and CJ to reduce your individual pegging risk would be a-okay by me.

Just looked up the Twitter comments. Tell Dante that if he's going to so blithely throw out a penalty like that, he is automatically volunteering to risk that sort of penalty himself. ;-) (That's how it works, right?)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to 437 Red, and will be buying it on release day.

Slightly off topic though, but have you came across the European changes to VAT (US equivalent is sales tax I believe). Apparently on downloads would now have to pay tax to the country which you sell to at their rate as of the 1st January 2015. Is this likely to have much effect on you?


Anonymous said...

speaking of EEOC... this sight is woefully deficient of opportunities for asian amateurs.

you really need to work on that. ;)


Mismanager said...

Re VAT on downloads

It may or may not have much effect on Red but it will hit me in the wallet. For the UK the VAT rate is 20%

Red said...

Sorry I haven't responded lately, folks. Been sick as a dog. Still am, really, but can't put this off any longer.

@RS: I'm glad you liked 435, and thanks for the valuable feedback. I do like publishing the occasional clip with niche appeal, although I can't do it as often as I used to. (When I started out and wasn't relying on LostBets.com to pay the mortgage, I had a lot more leeway to experiment. Nowadays I do have to pay attention to what actually sells.) The thing is, though, I didn't really think of this one as a niche clip. Sure, it has a naked guy in it getting humiliated, but it also has a couple of naked girls suffering the same fate, which I thought would broaden it to mainstream appeal. Hasn't really been the case, though: sales for 435 have been slow. Oh well. Still very glad that those who bought it liked it.

Most of the jurisdictions in the U.S. where public nudity is not a crime still forbid nudity for a commercial purpose, such as making a movie. I won't say we'll never strand some poor girl outside without clothes and force her to walk home naked, but it'd be risky. As for future games with male losers, we'll see what we can make happen.

@Anon 12:11 (please sign your posts): Let me know what you thought of it!

@Anon 8:55 (you too, please sign your posts): Not a bad thought. The general thrust, though, is a girl trying to force an orgasm from a resisting guy, and I've got an awesome example of that on film awaiting publication probably in the first quarter of 2015. Stay tuned.

@Morestuff: It was my pleasure to introduce Tara to LostBets, and she was a lot of fun to work with. She was the girl who wasn't up for masturbating on camera, although after the other two fired a lot of darts at her inkstained body, she may have regretted not just going for it.

I'm working on tweaking Wheel of Torment for future episodes. Hopefully we'll see a lot more of those microforfeits done with less (or no) clothing.

@PQ: I'm afraid we've seen the last of Summer, at least for now. Also, I have no idea what the next few weeks hold for the POVs (although I'm hoping to get Sammy back out there again soon.) The POV queue isn't nearly as fleshed out as the main queue, and a lot of times it's a last minute decision what gets published a given week.

@RS, @Johnny, and @Anon 5:06 (sign your posts please) on the subject of pegging: Got another pegging forfeit on film also. Watch for it in 2015. I'm not at all averse to using it again as a forfeit, or even using forced bi, if I can find players willing to take the risk.

@shredder: You saw Angela and Jasmine, right? 100% amateur Asians. We've got a few new Asian players coming up, who may not be amateurs but who are awesome. Mina may be the closest thing you'll find to a real life anime girl, and she's an ├╝bergeek who built her own R2-D2 costume. You'll like her. And I will happily recruit more Asian amateurs when they come my way.

@Misono and @Mismanager on the subject of VAT: Yikes, that's news to me. Will the law really require sellers to collect VAT on digital sales across international borders, to non-EU countries? That's messed up. Reminds me of an old Monty Python sketch, where a man says, "To boost the British economy, I would tax all foreigners living abroad."

I don't handle billing, nor collection and remittance of taxes. That's all on Clips4Sale and/or CCBill. Neither one of them has told me anything about this, but I assume they're probably going to comply with the law, and if the law requires them to collect VAT, I expect they will. @Mismanager, you'd better believe it'll have a big effect on me. Basic supply-and-demand says that my sales to Europe will go down when the prices in Europe go up. I'm already seeing that effect with the relative strength of the U.S. dollar this year, and this news will not help. Not the most cheerful news for Thanksgiving, I'm afraid.

TaikoSilenced said...

On the plus side, I'm seeing a lot of clips I'm looking to buy coming up, just before all this hits! I'm wondering how they can/will enforce this tbh.


Anonymous said...

Hey red, do you think you could get jelly to do a pov?
Thanks. -JJ

Anonymous said...

Speaking of asian amateurs, any chance of seeing more Jasmine? She is absolutely gorgeous :)


Red said...

@JJ: Nope, definitely not, and
i know this because I asked her and she refused. I got POVs (interactives, actually) with Serengeli and Fern that day, but nothing with Jelly. As I've said in the past, Jelly can be a wee bit persnickety to work with.

@brans: Yes, we can probably get her back, and I'd like to. She wasn't given much information about her first shoot and had no idea she was being summoned to make adult videos. She was taken by surprise but she dove right in and gave it her all. That's the sort of girl who deserves a repeat appearance.

Anonymous said...

Game idea:
Two players compete whoever can endure tickling longer wins. Looser is winners slave.
First player gets tied up in doorjamb cuffs. You give him/her a safeword. The safeword stops the tickling. Now the opponent begins to tickle. The tickled person has to keep absolutely silent. Making noise means one article of clothing is cut from the body. Tickling goes until safeword is called out. Time is taken. Then the players change roles. Whoever endured tickling longer wins.
Would be great for a boy vs. girl game. I think there are few good boy vs. girl games.

Anonymous said...

I second brans' request that you bring back Jasmine. I was pretty disappointed that she wasn't the big loser in 400 (not that the episode was bad, by any means), so I'd love to see her return and hopefully lose some more.

Also, speaking of Fern, do you think she would ever come back and risk more hardcore (i.e., m/f) forfeits? (Or Anastasia, who appeared in a number of videos with her?)

Thanks as always for the great content.


Anonymous said...

i agree with MC. i would like to see more of Fern as well, even if she doesnt lose.


Mismanager said...

Of course, the good thing about Fern playing against Anastasia Is that one of them will lose.