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Friday, November 28, 2014

A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh...

Today, we introduce new girl Amanda playing new game Magnitude in Episode 436. Here's Amanda. Don't worry, the fact that she's naked is not a spoiler. Everyone loses all their clothes in Magnitude.

This brings us to the end of November. Next week begins Double December, with Friday and Saturday updates all month long.  I've already previewed next week's double update. The next weekend, it's Saltire Week as both updates make use of our shiny new St. Andrew's Cross.

Episode 439 was the first game played on the day that produced Episode 432, although Sheri wasn't there yet. The other three played Mogadishu, with the loser being strapped to the cross and vibrated.

(CA Fan, are you out there? You're entitled to a free copy of this one, for your repeated requests that we get ourselves one of these. Thanks!) 

Hippo did an amazing job designing and building this thing, but at the time of filming, it was unfinished but fully operational, sort of like the second Death Star. To see it in its final form, you'll have to wait until Saturday, in Episode 440.

New girls Sharron and Bella (not to be confused with Belle) debut. That St. Andrew's Cross is such an impressive (and intimidating) piece of equipment that I thought it would be a hoot to spring it on them by surprise, which is why they're wearing blindfolds. They both got into the spirit of LostBets.com and I thought they fit in nicely.

In this week's POV, Sammy returns in P040. Last time, Sammy had to expose herself completely in broad daylight outside. This time, the stakes are higher as the loser is forced to masturbate in the great outdoors, under the wide open sky. Multiple endings.


Anonymous said...

excited to see St Andrew make an appearance.

i hope it makes a great contribution to LB.


Anonymous said...

Just saw 'Star'***

*** mhmmmm ****

*** now i wish I would be some years younger than I am.

Not a star,

but an angel!

Diving in an bathing tub filled with ice.

Perhaps that will help.

Mismanager said...

And today is St Andrew's Day. Great timing!

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for an POV forveit,
How about the loser has to pose naked, while the winner takes pictures

Riggins said...

I prefer the games of E&F/Magnitude where the losing girl in the round resists the other two. It makes it hotter.

As always, great work, red!

Red said...

@shredder: The cross has already made a big impact. We've used it in quite a few games that will be published in the coming months. It's a great alternative to the doorjamb cuffs for four-point restraints.

@Anon 6:11 (please sign your posts): I'm glad you like her! And I'm happy to report that we haven't seen the last of her. Plenty more to come.

@Mismanager: Wow, so it is. (Well, Wikipedia says it's tomorrow, but close enough.) So happy day, Scotland. Enjoy your golf or your haggis or however this holiday is traditionally celebrated.

@Anon 1:26 (please sign your posts): That's a good idea. I'll give it a try next time we're filming POVs.

@Riggins: Glad you liked it. I generally tell the players that the loser has to submit and not struggle for two main reasons: I don't want anyone to get hurt, and I was concerned that even a two-on-one advantage might not be enough to control a struggling girl. But this time I forgot, and it worked out fine. I'll have to try "forgetting" again.

Anonymous said...

so two episodes next weekend of the exact same forfeit. brilliant

Red said...

Actually, no, next weekend will have two episodes with radically different forfeits. It's the weekend after that when the St. Andrew's Cross will appear twice.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to upcoming content; looks like Red has a lot of good stuff in the works.

I left a comment in last week's post that I may have been missed for having been made too close to Friday's posting. Ordinarily, I'd just let it, go; but since it seemed like at least several other posters shared my sentiments, I figured I'd risk repeating myself. In brief:

-I share the view of several posters in last week's thread who asked that you bring Jasmine back. I was pretty disappointed she wasn't the big loser in 400 and would love to see her again in future episodes.

-I know if may be a long shot, but I would love to see Fern and Anastasia return, especially if you could convince them to risk more hardcore (m/f) forfeits. I would definitely pay more than usual to see this.


Red said...

Yeah, I frequently end up ignoring the last couple of responses in a thread, which I shouldn't do. I've been trying to get better about it, but not this week.

Jasmine is welcome back in front of our cameras, any time. I'm trying very hard to stick to a self-imposed shooting moratorium until the new year -- the backlog was getting way too long -- but when I start shooting again, she'll be the first girl I'll call.

I haven't been in contact with Fern since 2012, but she might be willing to come back. As for b/g, she was willing to do it before, but only with her boyfriend, and we never got the opportunity to actually shoot it. I don't know if that would still be an option.

Anastasia? Doing boy-girl? I don't think so. None of the forfeits she risked was remotely sexual. Boy-girl? She wouldn't do girl-girl. She wouldn't do solo. She wouldn't spread her legs. She played because her friend Fern told her it was fun, but she had very strict limits and was adamant about keeping them. I don't know if she'd even be interested in returning. However, while reviewing the material from her shoot, I found a couple of lost episodes with her. I'll get them out there someday.

Anonymous said...

Red, regarding Fern: some time ago you posted a comment that Fern had already risked everything she'd been willing to, so there wasn't much point in bringing her back. While I'm sure that's true (or at least was at the time, which is now more than two years ago), I'd just like to point out that Fern hadn't *lost* at every forfeit she was willing to risk - the walk along the knotted rope was something she'd put on the line, but Salem lost that particular game. I'm fairly sure there are others - so even if Fern is still running with the same limits, there are still some things we haven't seen happen to her that would make her a worthwhile player in future games. Just don't pair her up with the same player(s), and we'll have something new to view!

Just a thought, of course: your mileage may vary.


mismanager said...

I agree with some of what LSD says: I'd be quite happy to see Fern back and risking the same forfeits. I disagree about the need to see different opponents. As I've said before, I'd be delighted to see her play Anastasia. Either losing would be a good news.

Anonymous said...

However, while reviewing the material from her shoot, I found a couple of lost episodes with her.

that means u got more Fern, too.
why are you holding out on us???


Red said...

Okay, guys, I'll send Fern a message in January and ask if she wants to come back. I'll let you know. Anastasia, I really don't think having her back is an option. She was pretty clear that it was a one-time deal.

@shredder, it's even worse than that. I have at least six unpublished games with Fern: two I just found with Anastasia and Erica, and four with Lumen. I'm holding out the latter because Lumen got horribly embarrassed when all her classmates found her naked videos online, and she begged me not to publish what I had left. I'm a big softy so I agreed, and now those last glimpses of her gorgeous 18-year-old body are going to have to remain in my private collection, along with Stella.

Red said...

In fact, thinking about Stella made me go back and look at that shoot again, and it turns out there's a long-lost POV with Betty and Veronica. Cool. It'll be P041.

Anonymous said...

i knew about the Lumen vids. that was too bad. since we wont see them i'll just assume her and Fern won every game.
(unless you want to share with your loyal fans)


Anonymous said...

Game idea:
Two players compete whoever can endure tickling longer wins. Looser is winners slave.
First player gets tied up in doorjamb cuffs. You give him/her a safeword. The safeword stops the tickling. Now the opponent begins to tickle. The tickled person has to keep absolutely silent. Making noise means one article of clothing is cut from the body. Tickling goes until safeword is called out. Time is taken. Then the players change roles. Whoever endured tickling longer wins.
Would be great for a boy vs. girl game. I think there are few good boy vs. girl games.

Anonymous said...

Christmas theme forfeit idea:
You selotape small bells at the loosers nipples. Now she has to shake her boobies so they make a jingling sound, while singing "Jingle Bells". Each second we can't hear the bells the winner squirts cold water with a squirtgun at the loosersbody.
I think it will work the best with a big boobed looser.
What do you think of my 2 suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

that's JJ commenting as the second one on that thread.

Sorry for forcing you saying 'please sign your posts' for a thousand times again - but I'm proud to be hitting exactly the 1.000!

To be honest - I am very glad to see your work.
It's outstanding in quality and skill. Don't want to know how many hours?, days?? weeks??? months???? you and your team have been working on these videos.

We also appreciate that outstanding work far away in europe - as you probably know.

It's very, very special what's going on here!


( ok! - signed my post!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Is it Christmas yet??? Waiting for that episode! #patientlywaiting


Utaraptor said...

I have an idea for another POV forfeit. The loser have to do a naked sprint around the house or like you did in previous clips down a hallway.
If the player (POV) loses, the girl could take another camera and run with him, commenting. Depending on how much girls/people there are you could make it seem like the streaker bumps inot a group of girls/people, this would increase the embarrassement of the streaker.

Johnny said...

@JJ. Thanks man. We all appreciate it. We're trying very hard to continually improve our quality. As I once joked to Red; if we're not careful, people are going to start confusing us with professionals.

Red said...

There are a few corrections I need to make. First, I was wrong and there's only one lost episode from the 2012 shoot starring Anastasia, Erica, and Fern, not two. I'd forgotten to count Episode 302. Second, I was wrong about this week's POV. I'd thought we had one more with Sammy, but we don't. So episode P040 will be the lost episode with Betty and Veronica.

@shredder (and everyone), I really shouldn't have even mentioned that shoot again, and it was stupid of me to do so. The truth is that none of those games was very good anyway.

@Birthdayboy: I'm really skeptical about how well competitive tickling would work, but I can give it a try. As for your Christmas forfeit, that's got potential, but not this year. This year's Christmas episodes are already set, and I think people will like them.

@JJ: Thank you! That's a very nice thing to say. And it got us to thinking about just how much time does go into these videos. We came up with a figure of about 25-30 minutes of editing and postproduction work per minute of finished video. It's a lot of work, but it's a labor of love. We're always striving to make our videos better. We know we're still a long way off from perfection, but we'll never stop trying to get there.

@DK: Not yet, but like I told @Birthdayboy, I think you'll like this year's Christmas episodes.

@Utaraptor: I like it!! I'll see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I do video and film work too and it's pretty crazy how much goes into just a few minutes. We did a movie with some action scenes, and took two days to shoot one and then several more to edit and do sound work...lasted three minutes.

In my opinion, concerning Fern...any time you can get an amateur to risk having sex on camera for the first time, go for it! I usually think those are more fun. Haven't been around much lately but I got the ones with Bex and the other three risking sex...those were good ones!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

RS said...

"We came up with a figure of about 25-30 minutes of editing and postproduction work per minute of finished video."

Whoa, per MINUTE? So a 15 minute clip would take 376 to 450 minutes (6.25 to 7.5 hours) to edit -- which doesn't even count the amount of time to recruit the players, set up the game, film the game....


OD 99x said...

I have an idea for a Xmas shoot that involves a white elephant forfeit. Its a long idea and i'm running out of time thsi am, so I'll post soon, no rush since it would be for next year.

Anonymous said...

This game was really hot. I have a idea i think could be great.

You have three couple play magnitude. When a couples number come up. The other 2 girls have the time to work at the "losing" couples guy. When a guy shoot his load. The winning two guys have a good time with the losing girl and the winning girls humiliated losing guy in some way.

IF you made this with 3 loving couples it would be the top notch ever on this site in my eyes.


Johnny said...

@swedishguy. I like it man!

Red said...

@GWKS and @RS: In many ways, making LostBets.com is different from standard video production, some of which make it easier, and some harder. We're not working off a script and can't do multiple takes from different angles, so instead we use a lot of cameras to ensure we don't miss anything. (Or at least make it less likely that we'll miss anything. Getting good shots from good angles is something we've gotten a lot better at over the years.) Like I said, it's a lot of work, but it's a labor of love.

@GWKS: Any day I can get a girl to stretch her limits into territory she'd never thought she'd dare is a good day for me. I'll talk to Fern soon.

@OD 99x: Don't keep us in suspense for too long. What's the idea?

@swedishguy: I've thought about doing a three-couple shoot before. That sounds like a good game, but what does the girl on the "losing" team do while the other two girls work over her boyfriend? Or the other two guys, for that matter?

Coming up in Episode 450, we'll see our first ever girl-girl-boy game of Magnitude. See how that works out.

Anonymous said...

One idea can be that the two guys can take on the naked girls body if the Guy or the girl want They to stop they can use à stopword but if they does 1 minutes add To the time for the girls To make him cum.


RS said...

Already dropping hints about #450? Guess it's too soon to start thinking about something epic for #500. (FIVE HUNDRED!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that 437 is on the purchase list. I just need to speed up time now!


Red said...

@RS: Well, 450 is going to be published on February 6, so it's not like it's that far away. The schedule's been filled out through Episode 454, which will be a special episode to celebrate LostBets.com's 8th (!!) birthday. I've put some thought into what we'll do for 500, but nothing definite yet. It's going to have to be epic, though.

@Misono: Only 8 more hours to go. I hope it lives up to your expectations!