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Friday, November 7, 2014

Spin that Wheel... again

The Wheel of Forfeits (or Wheel of Punishment) from Episode 429 returns today in Episode 433, along with the same group of people, plus newbie Sage. (Special shout-out to blog poster Bob: here you go, although I worry you may find it a bit anticlimactic.) Enjoy.

No promo yet for Episode 436, to be published on November 28, but I can tell you that it features the return of Star, cuter than ever:

Also Lela, who's been working out, toning up, and trimming down, and looks great:

And finally, introducing stunning blonde Nordic beauty Amanda. The picture doesn't really do her justice.

They'll be playing Magnitude, a new game that's closely related to Earth and Fire. The forfeit is rather silly, and very embarrassing. I love it when no matter how permissive a girl's limits are, she still blushes bright red when she has to do something silly and embarrassing.

As for the POVs, this week we'll meet LunaVera:

She's sweet and adorable, and she's willing to risk exposing herself to you for a chance to make you expose yourself to her. Multiple endings.


Anonymous said...


Red said...

Crap! Fixed.

Anonymous said...

hey Red, can you ask Sammy if she ever appeared in a Darering video?


Red said...

Done, and waiting for a reply, although like I said in the last post, it seems pretty likely that she has.

RS said...

I loved the DareRing videos -- the mini-dares that occurred throughout the game, and the free-for-all nature where you never knew who would have to do what, or with whom.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,just an opinion, I think it'd be better for the POVs to only have one ending. The fact that I know that both results were filmed, somehow that seriously reduces the tension. -SP

Brian said...

Hi red,
can you tell us if there were any doorjamb cuffs (or any other forms of restraint) involved in the forced orgasm forfeit? :)

Anonymous said...

Are Amanda from sweden?


Red said...

@RS: Duly noted. One problem I've had with the microforfeits on the Wheel of Torment is that many of them are a lot less interesting if a girl who's still mostly-clothed gets them. Maybe I'll take a cue from DareRing and make those spaces "Do forfeit if naked, otherwise take something off."

@SP: Thanks for your opinion. I'll always have a mix of multi-ending and single-ending games available, so hopefully you'll be able to find something to your liking. I've also got a handful of "fair" POVs on the horizon, single-ending unrigged games.

@Brian: Not this time, but with five winners around her, the loser wasn't going anywhere. I don't think we'll be seeing much of the doorjamb cuffs in the future, anyway. They've pretty much been replaced by our new (and awesome) device. You'll see it make its debut in Episode 439.

@swedishguy: I don't believe so, no. I was just using "Nordic" as shorthand for "tall, blonde, fair-skinned and blue-eyed," which is the stereotype Americans have of all Scandinavian women. Hope it's true. Sorry if you're disappointed that she's not your countrywoman.

Brian said...

"@Brian: Not this time"

Not this time?
You've got to be kidding me! Why not? Why not this time of all times? Why exactly when Ashley finally loses, you skip the cuffs?

It is so frustrating after all this years to be so extremely close to my ultimate lostbetsvideo and then have it cruelly denied.

I gave up that dream a year ago but when i read the forfeit of this week's update all hope came back; to see Ashley tied and being brought to an orgasm,
and by 5 (semi-)naked girls nonetheless!, would have been my ultimate lostbets fantasy come true and i would have paid anything to see that happen.

For half a day i had the illussion you could have actually done it.

The frustration to read you failed to perform the right execution (in my opinion) was hugely on my behalf.

An x-cross would have even been better but the doorjambcuffs have been used for quite some time and i would have liked it so much to see Ashley in it.

And to know it's never ever going to happen since we all know Ashley quit the business makes it even worse.

I'm sure the clip will be sexy to some people but i'm definitely not going to pay for a video that will annoy the hell out of me. So close.

I know Ashley isn't too fond of being in restraints herself but she has done it on some other websites and especially since you two have got a good history together, i thought she'd be enough of a sport to do so when she finally lost fairly with this forfeit.

I guess that dissappoints me most of all.

I don't want to annoy any other readers but i just had to write it down and get it of my chest. Really a shame. I know some people think i'm being childish and that's probably true but it just really crappy when you suddenly have high hopes and looking forward to something only to see it go astray in the end.
Such a turn-off.

Well, my ultimate lostbets video will never be made so i guess so with all hopes gone, some future clips might exceed expectations.

Daniel irecroo said...

any anal action in future?

Anonymous said...

@ Brian: try 'strip jester with ashley and amber' from may of 2009, before they had numbers.
its pretty hot.


Red said...

@Brian: I'm sorry you're so disappointed, but after all, the space on the wheel said "Forced Orgasm", not "Bound Forced Orgasm." You might like @shredder's suggestion of Episode 095, which features Ashley in hogtie and getting vibrated and played with. (@shredder, thanks very much for the suggestion. I was pretty sure Ashley'd been helplessly bound here before but couldn't remember when.) For the record, I don't think your objections are childish or annoying. I appreciate hearing about it when people are disappointed.

@Daniel irecroo: Yes, definitely. The next anal forfeit will be Episode 437 the first week of December, but it's not actually anal sex, it's anilingus. But it's an awful lot of anilingus. It's salad-tossing on a truly epic scale.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a POV with multiple endings! I think either an unrigged single-ending or multiple endings is the way to do POV.. well these two formats capture the essence of a stripgame best I think.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Any chance of LunaVera playing a group game at some point? She would certainly be a great attraction!

All my best,

Anonymous said...

Also, is anyone going to be invoking the Bex Rule at any time soon?


Red said...

@TrueS: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news twice over, but LunaVera appeared only in POVs. She may be back in the future, but there's nothing currently on film with her. As for the Bex Rule, nobody else has invoked it lately.

RS said...

Speaking of the Bex Rule ... have any male players every discussed invoking it?

Anonymous said...

fyi both versions of the POV are the same, not sure if that's intended or not


Anonymous said...

my mistake just saw it lol


Anonymous said...

Great POV with Luna Vera!!
She does an excellent tease and she's VERY talented verbally.
I would give this clip a 9 out of 10.
The only thing keeping it from being a perfect 10 is Luna Vera not being demanding enough when she enjoys her victory.


Red said...

@RS: There's no rule against male players invoking the Bex Rule, but so far, none has.

@CR: Had me worried there for a bit! Sheesh. Glad it's all okay.

@Joep: Hey, thanks! She'll be in one more POV, and I'm kind of sorry I didn't get her in any regular games.

Anonymous said...

i would like to see some more high risk pov's. The only ones for me at the moment are the ones where if the viewer loses they use a dildo or but plug. Are there any more like that coming soon, or ones with a different high risk forfeit?

Red said...

@PQ: The good news is that the very next POV involves a butt plug forfeit. The bad news is that there's only one ending

Anonymous said...

Luna is a gem. Encore, encore! It would be grand if the video would randomly select the winner/loser each time the video was played to give it a true unknown. Does such a video format exist? Some feedback for this clip:

1. "adorable" and "cute" are not cock friendly

General POV feedback :

1. the winner of each rounds helps the loser undress.
2. some good lines for her "are you thinking about anything except fucking me right now?
"if you can get full wood with your pants on i'll suck it.... not!"
"are you actually entertaining the thought of me having sex with you?"
"random tangent... I love giving hand jobs"

Instead of disrobing, the winner of each round can choose for an appropriately targeted massage.

That's all for now, I do like the pov series.