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Friday, June 12, 2015

Where's Mary Ann?

Meet new girl Ginger as she faces off against veteran Penny, one of my personal favorite gals. The new girl breaks in a new game and a new forfeit, or at least a new variant of a familiar forfeit. That's Episode 468. The new game is kind-of sort-of a little bit like Yahtzee but it's not, so I wanted to call it Notzee, but for some reason everyone else thought that'd be a bad idea so we went with Splotzee instead.

Back in May, I introduced two new girls, Dolly and Nettle. Well, they'll be making their debut in Episode 472, coming on July 10.

I usually (not always, but usually) ease new girls into LostBets.com with a game that's simple and a forfeit that's not too scary. This wasn't an exception: the game was Rock-Paper-Scissors, about as simple as it gets, and the forfeit... well, that takes a little explanation. Tobi (formerly Bex) was around, and we asked her to make the loser Bexercise. That is, to pose and contort herself in whatever embarrassingly revealing ways Tobi chose, plus some light working out. It's tame. It's meant to hook them in. Later, once they're committed, I'll whip out the interesting toys.


Anonymous said...

As a follow up to the tournament idea from the last blog you could do something like 5 girls play with 3 guys as observers. First game 2 girls lose and they 69 or scissor or something either in the foreground or background which ever works better. Then second game 1 girl loses 2 win. The loser of the second game rides a sybian during the third game, the entire game even through potential multiple orgasms, while the 2 loses from the first game start working on getting the guys hard. Then after the last game the ultimate winner gets to have a strap on. Then the losers in reverse order, so first the girl who lost in the last game get to pick their punishment from the guys and the winning girl. The ducks could have set results like the strap on gets however the winner wants to use that loser and then that loser takes the facials from all the guys. Then 1 guy could be just blowjob and titty fuck, 1 could be like "flexible" sex positions and one could be straight up sex any holes allowed.

This keeps all the girls motivated to go as far as they can and they have something to do during the following games if they lose. Also to determine lose order for the first 2 who 69 the last choice loser could be the one who comes first so that the girls have a reason to try to make the other cum and give a better show.

Multipart episode guy

Anonymous said...

It's not so much a tournament but you could have a five girl game to one loser. That loser performs a forfeit. Then the loser remains naked while the remaining four play a game to one loser. The loser of the second AND first then perform a forfeit. Continue until a single champion is determined.


Anonymous said...


Lots of enthusiasm for a tournament. I agree it would be a great idea, and I agree with you that we want to keep everyone involved, rather than have people sit around after they have lost or go home early. Here is my idea for a tournament (the hardcore version, I may work on a softcore version later).

Six women start. Game 1 could be anything. What about Strip WHORE? The women take turns shooting baskets. When one make a shot, everyone else who misses the same shot, loses an article of clothing. Can you buy or rent a real basket and do it in the backyard? Loser gets a leash and handcuffs for the evening and has to blow a guy (winner's choice) in front of everyone. Maybe she has to wear the result for the rest of the evening, maybe she can clean up at some point, it is up to you. You could also put on nipple clamps and a dildo and/or but plug for the duration, if you wanted to be mean.

Game 2: (Five players, one loser) Body Shots with the naked loser serving as the dart-broad. Loser is cuffed and blows a different guy while the previous loser helps out by eating him out from behind.

Game 3: (Four players, two losers) Ring Toss or Horseshoes (soft, not metal) with a loser on each end - with a stick up something - serving as the targets and two women on either end, (trading off occasionally) throwing at them. Loser is cuffed and sucks off the last guy, while the two previous losers suck his toes.

Game 4: (Three players, three losers) Paddling Contest. Send the three guys out of the room and have the women each select a victim (you could play a game of, say Strip Pod Stomp for first choice, or just roll off for it) and paddle her. Bring the guys back in and have them judge the results. Whoever did the worst job gets a paddling of her own.

Game 5: (Two players, four losers) Strip Would You Rather? (which I'll discuss in a later post, this one is already getting too long.) Loser eats out the winner, while the previous losers masturbate behind her. Winner get a cruise (or a trip to Disneyland, or some kind of prize.)


Zeo said...

Hi Red,

Know you have said some players are certainly not available any more.
This is due either to retired from modelling or no longer reachable.

Wondering if Ashley's little sister, Kala, is still available to play again?
As she was good sport against her sister, then with Elizabeth in some later games.

Anonymous said...


This is JW from the forum postings regarding the tickling game concept. I posted my response to your response (in which you point out that the tickling concept, while hot, did not include stripping.)

I posted it twice, actually, once each of the last two weeks but the posts disappeared shortly after the posted up on the page. Not sure what is going on there.

In any event, I propose a two part game, similar to the gangbang game involving Jasmine (YAY!).

The game starts with two girls with the same number of items of clothing, and compete. Each round the winner gets to remove an item of clothing from the loser until one is naked. The winner gets to taunt the loser and help the guys strap her down so that she is exposed to tickling in all sorts of tender areas and so that she cannot wriggle away from her tickling tormenter.

The winning girl is then unceremoniously stripped nude by the two guys and strapped down herself next to the losing girl.

- JW (continued next post)

Anonymous said...

(Continued from above)

Each item of clothing that the winner had on at the end of the girl v girl round is worth a 30 second delay on the start time for her tickling torment. Round two is 10 minutes. If either of the girls begs the guys to stop, she is the loser and is the sex toy of the other three.

If BOTH girls manage to hold out for the whole 10 minutes, then the girls win, and the boys are the sexual playthings of the girls and have to do ANYTHING the girls want.


- JW

Anonymous said...


You've probably heard about "Would You Rather...", It's a party game where you take turns asking questions beginning with "would you rather". "Would you rather have the power of flight or the power of invisibility?", or "Would you rather be permanently bald everywhere or unable to shave anywhere?" The other person must pick one, answering "neither" or "both" is against the rules.

It has been turned into a board game, where players take turns, drawing and reading a "Would you rather..." card and trying to guess what the table will choose. It's an okay game, I guess, but why take someone's word for whether they would rather eat snails or crickets, when you can just force them to do one or the other and see for yourself. Now that would be a game.

People are still talking about DareRing. People have been asking for mini-forfeits. I think this could be the game they are looking for.

The players take turns drawing a card with a question, depending on the group the questions could be hardcore (Would you rather be titty-fucked or wear a butt-plug?) or softcore (Would you rather be spanked or run around the outside of the house naked?) Everyone else secretly selects their A or B card, then the player picks her poison and everyone who guessed wrong loses an article of clothing.

The game would work even better as part of a tournament. You could get a more predictable length by having the two players take turns guessing. If they are wrong they strip, if they are right their opponent strips. Since the readers are losers of previous games instead of contestants, they would have no incentive to "throw" a question in order to try to win the game. With four losers (like in my tournament above) you could have them take turns reading and answering the questions, or take turns reading and having the other three answer and the players bet on which the majority would choose.


Anonymous said...

"When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground."
- Cersei Lannister

"Where's the fun in that?"
- High Sparrow

I just saw the fifth season finale of Game of Thrones. Great series, now on-topic. Who expected the invention of Strip Game of Thrones?


Red said...

@Multiple episode guy: Well, that takes care of many of my objections to the earlier tourney ideas, but there are still a few kinks to be worked out. For starters, I don't know how exciting it'd be to have girls 69'ing in the background during a game, or riding a Sybian during a game either. Usually the girls doing the forfeit are the center of attention, and if they're shoved off in the background it takes something away, I think. And Sybians are loud. Hard to do much of anything else while one is going. But like I said before, there's definite potential here and I think we can figure something out.

@K: Well, that definitely takes care of the "girls have incentive to lose early" problem! Making the first loser have to do potentially four forfeits... yeah, that'll motivate them to win for sure.

@Dex: You've put a lot of thought into it, and I like it. (All of these tournament ideasa would necessarily be really involved processes, with lots of girls and ugys, but it's not like we haven't done that before.) "Dart-broad" made me laugh out loud, so thanks for that. I like your idea for Strip Would You Rather (especially using a prior round loser as the person who'd have to pick her preference and do it) but unless the options are all pretty quick the game could get unreasonably long. So maybe instead of "would you rather give a blowjob, or..." it could be "would you rather suck a dick for 60 seconds, or..."

We recently played the game Headbanz, and it was a lot of fun. We could easily come up with our own cards, featuring naughty things, and I think it'll work well. I'll try it.

Could we rent a basketball hoop and do it in the back yard? In my backyard, probably not, but in somebody else's, maybe. Getting a good outdoor venue is definitely on my to-do list.

And yes, of course I saw the GoT finale, and I hope everyone else did too. Lena Headey has an amazing body for a woman of 41 (assuming that was hers and not some compositing trick with a body double) and she's a fine actress who conveyed Cersei's mortified humiliation very well. (There were a few things I thought the book did better, but that's true of a lot of scenes.)

@Zeo: Sad to say, last I heard Kala wasn't interested in any new games. If I remember correctly, she had a new boyfriend or husband, who preferred that his girlfriend or wife not get naked for other people. It happens. I'll check to see if that's still the case, though. Also, I have one long-lost episode with her and Elizabeth that never got published. Maybe we'll see it someday.

@JW: I like it! I don't know what the problem was with your earlier posts either, but I'm glad this one got through. Lately our go-to restraint device has been the St. Andrew's Cross and we only have the one of those so we'd have to work out something else if we wanted two side-by-side tickle victims but that should be do-able.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Dolly loosing