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Friday, August 7, 2015

Gone dark

Unfortunately, this blog hasn't seen a lot of me lately. That's going to continue for at least a couple of weeks more, but I'll be back, and when I am, I promise to devote more time and attention to the blog. Thanks to Johnny for picking up at least a little of the slack.

But just because I'm not here to answer comments doesn't mean you should miss out on previews of coming attractions... or for that matter, previews of today's attraction. Meet episode 477. publishing today.

Attention to blog commenter RRFrope: if you're still out there, please drop me an email at red@lostbets. You're entitled to a free copy of this one. It's taken me four fucking years, but we finally have the armbinder you requested.

The co-ed group of Ashlyn, Richard, and Sharron return in a free-for-all game. The loser is securely bound in the aforementioned armbinder and subjected to ruthless tickling.

After relatively tame 477, we shift to hardcore next week for Episode 478.

Four hot girls -- little Lilly, littler Mina, Asian cutie Kimmy, and undefeated Savannah join to play Shockinaw. Damn, I love this game. When I first started using it back in 2009, I actually felt a little bad and guilty for inflicting electric shocks on cute young women, but the years have hardened me and made me crueler, so now I say: bring it on! If the girls don't want to endure the pain, they shouldn't lose.  (Of course, in this game a girl engages in behavior that's arguably cheating, so that argument holds less water.) Bob and Flynt are on hand to have their way with the two losers.

And then Ashlyn and Sharron are back, sans Richard, for a one-on-one game with a different bondage-involving forfeit.

In 477, the loser wore an armbinder. In Episode 478. it's a thighbinder, which loops around both thighs and behind the wearer's neck, forcing them back and open and keeping the victim from closing her legs. And the winner takes full advantage, vibrating the loser's helplessly exposed pussy, and for the first time on LostBets: Ben-Wa balls. (I have to ask Johnny to correct the spelling of "Ben-Wa" in the poster frame. This ain't Archer.) According to Wikipedia, these toys are also known as "Orgasm balls", and boy, does that shoe fit. The loser is driven absolutely nuts by the vibrator on her clit while the balls stimulate her from inside.

As for the POV fans, here's what you've got to look forward to:



Anonymous said...

Is today the release of 476 with Nettle and DOlly or 477 with Ashlyn and Sharron?


Anonymous said...

I think 477 is today that has not been posted.

LoA said...

Not a video (standard or POV) posted...

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, love the website. This is probably the best place on the internet.

Can we have a more hardcore scene or two? I like the BJ/HJ ones where two or more girls are completing to get the guy off the fastest. Or maybe another mixed magnitude (the game with the timer).

Thanks and keep it coming!

Dmitry said...

How about a hot candle wax as punishment losers?

Anonymous said...

Still no POV for this week.

LoA said...

POV is still down... What's happened?

RRFrope said...

Hi Red.
I heve seen the blog today. Had my computer break because of windows 10.
Sent e mail.
Thankks for all

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if Mina is the second loser in 478?