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Friday, October 9, 2015

Noehēcatlapalqui cōāmichtēnqui

We meet Desiree today, as she takes on newly-preggers Bailey in Episode 485. Maybe it was mean of us to put her up against such a wild and competitive veteran for her first time out, but that's just how we roll.

Episode 490 features three fresh new faces:

There's Briella:

And then there's Chanel:

Ignore what she says about never losing a game; it's not true. And finally, there's Krystal, who is not to be confused with Crystal (who will be making a return appearance soon.)

Seriously cute, no? (Yes, the names are in the wrong order on the poster frame. We'll fix that before publication, which isn't until 13 November anyway.) They play a game of Strip High Card (nice and simple for their debut), and for the forfeit, we trot out the Greyjoy Cross for another victim, strapped in and helplessly vibrated. Enjoy!

Getting closer to Episode 500...


Anonymous said...

I'd love to know why you translated an obscure Python reference into an extinct Mezzo American dialect.


Anonymous said...

POV for this week?

Bammy said...

Is there any chance of getting Piper back for Episode 500?

Maybe she can risk a gangbang this time.

Red said...

@K: Well, I went looking for a cool Nahuatl phrase to use as the title of this post, and that came up. Personally, I'm skeptical. I seriously doubt that the language had a word for "hovercraft". But I thought it was funny and I'm a Monty Python fan from way back. And I will not buy this record. It is scratched.

@PQ: Sorry I haven't been very diligent about keeping the POV promos up-to-date. We've fallen a bit behind on those as we've focused on getting a good queue of main-site games ready to go.

@Bammy: Hmm... doubtful. Last I saw Piper, it seemed like she'd had enough of this gig. It happens a lot with amateurs: they want to give it a try, they have fun and enjoy themselves, but they get their full of it and move on.

Rene said...

A return of Piper would we nice. I am not into gangbangs, but a good fuck would be nice. The only real hardcore forfeit she had to involved only a short penetration in one position.

For episode 500 an all-stars edition would be nice. A large group of the most popular girls on the site with a few losers risking to get fucked. It's been a while since we've seen a large group.

Red said...

@Rene: Well, like I said, I don't know if she'd be interested in returning. I can find out.

As for Episode 500, I don't want to spoil what it will be. But I don't think we can beat Episode 300 (and friends) for group size.