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Friday, October 23, 2015

Two more cuties

Monica and Kasady make their debuts today in Episode 487. I like them both, Kasady especially. We haven't seen the last of either. In fact, see below.

Continuing the previews, Episode 492 will close out the entertaining series featuring Dolly, Nettle, and Tobi.

After the weird games I put them through earlier, I figured a nice simple game of Strip High Card would be a good finale. The losers form an "oral centipede", with the winner at the head enjoying some head from the first loser, who in turn will be getting head from the big loser. By this tine the girls all knew each other pretty well and a good time was had by all.

That'll be the end of November. December will begin with the return of Kasady and Monica.

Neither girl had ever ridden a Sybian before, and they were both excited and apprehensive about the prospect. The winner gets to work the machine's controls and try to make the loser lose her control.


Unknown said...

Hi Red,

I would love to see more videos with men losing and getting some good forfeits, like pegging and have girls dominating them. Specially cute guys with nice bodies... Any chance of that happening soon? I wish it will, bit I want to be realistic.


Red said...

@M: Yes, as a matter of fact, what you're looking for is on tap, at least something like it. The forfeit isn't quite as hardcore as pegging, but it was very humiliating for him and quite a joy for the gloating girls. That's the good news. The bad news is that it won't be coming out until 2016, but it'll be early 2016. Hold tight.

RS said...

By my calculations, episode 500 will come out mid/late January if you do weekly updates and don't do any special holiday bonus weeks. Any hint on what's in store? To paraphrase Joe Biden, Episode 500 is a big fucking deal.

Red said...

@RS, I'll have more to say about the upcoming Episode 500 in the next blog post. It is indeed a big fucking deal, but I'm a bit worried. We're planning to do something completely different, and I'm not sure how it'll be received. Some people will really like it, of course, but others may be disappointed. We'll see.

RS said...

I'm intrigued. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I suppose (though that's easier for me to say when I'm not the one paying to produce something that faces an uncertain reception). Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
(Repost from a previous week -- if you answered, I missed it.)

Here are some ideas I'd love to see done (with an acknowledgement that some of them may not be practical):

Game: Two woman, each on a sybian (sp?). Two men, each with a controller. Men try to make women cum, using controller / hands / mouth /whatever. Man wins if his woman cums first. Woman loses if she cums first. Forfit...whatever. (Losers finish off winners?) I find the sybian scenes much better when the mounted women is being groped or otherwise stimulated by someone in addition to the machine.

Forfeit (not necessarily related to last games): Two (preferably straight) women forced to act out a porno sex scene as directed by winner or bystander. ("Now start to kiss...Now Amber, you start moving down....")

Forfeit: Longer-term sex slave. Winner gets use of loser over-night. We get to see clips of portions of the night, and an after-interview with loser detailing what she had to do. (Maybe more practical for Red to get use of loser overnight... :)

Forfeit: Woman tied to cross, male gets to conduct full examination of her body. (Lots of groping involved.)

-- A

Anonymous said...

I miss Amber, from episode 366 etc. Did she quit or something?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a POV with two versions and a daring forfeit!
(Ruby plays Strip Odds or Evens, P087)
I understand if this would be a niche categorie (or not?) but much appreciated!!


Anonymous said...

11/2 10:41 a.m.: her name is "Amber Chase." Google for more.