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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Sitting in a hotel room after the completion of two consecutive highly successful shoots. Feeling satisfied. Introduced some awesome new chicks to LostBets.com -- you'll like Ana, Aurora, Catalina, and Georgia -- and reconnected with some old friends. These are very special old friends, old friends that people have been positively clamoring to see more of, for years in some cases. Their returns were everything I could have hoped for, coupling their distinctive styles with new directions we haven't seen from them before. I love my job.


Anonymous said...



Red said...

i can't help it. As soon as I film something amazing, I feel the uncontrollable urge to blab about it here. And if I reserve a few key details until the right time, can you blame me? Besides, doesn't the anticipation make the reward all the better?

Anonymous said...

dude... just drop the older names so the next level of harassment (like, when?) can begin.


Rene said...

Hello Ed,

How about some new promos? We haven't seen any promos for weeks. What's up for the next few episodes? When is the next b/g forfeit for example?

Anonymous said...

On the one hand that's a painful tease. On the other I do love the trickle of information and anticipation.


Red said...

@shreder: Like I said, I can't help it. I'm drunk with power, knowing what I know. And there are practical reasons, besides. A whole lot of people are going to lose their shit when they find out, but it will necessarily be a month at least before the first episode is ready to be published. No point in starting the impatience too soon.

@Ene: The reason we haven't done any promos lately is that there simply hasn't been time to make them. We've been much too busy, for reasons I'll get into in today's blog post. But a lot of what's been increasing the workload is done now, and we'll be resuming promo publication shortly. Not only will we make episode promos, but there will be ILAMC promos of the new and returning players as well. And the next episode with b/g will be 502, with Anneliese vs. Krystal, the loser being Trace's prize. 501 will introduce AngieJo and Cora with Jennie, and 503 will be Kasady and Bailey, playing for a forfeit that was Bailey's idea. She's wild, that one. After then, things get fuzzy because I'm going to want to start putting in stuff from the new shoots.

@m: Well, here's a trickle for you. Two of the returning players appeared in the recent thread where I solicited nominations for favorite players.

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