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Friday, February 12, 2016

Climaxes for the climax

Today is the finale of You Bet Your Ass. Hope y'all liked it.

Next week of course is Episode 500, featuring more players than we could list. It's still technically not finished yet, but it will be by Friday. At least, I hope so. Hippo is out here to record some bits for 500, and also to help plan for a shoot that I don't want to jinx, but if all works out, people will be very, very happy. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Might be worth updating the description of the latest POV video to note that the opponent is a bit bitchy and insulting. Given that you normally mark those videos as such it was a bit unexpected.


Anonymous said...

Hello Red,
YBYA was great, thanks. Is anything similar planned again?

Also, do you have any more games with Katherine and Daisy? I know there's one additional one with Daisy, so there might be more?


Red said...

@G: Thanks. I added a warning to the clip description. If you (or anyone else who bought P101) were disappointed in it, I'd be happy to replace it with another clip of your choosing. Drop me an email at red@lostbets.

@Zed: Thanks! Nothing similar is firmly planned yet, but it's definitely something I'd like to do again, maybe with more sophistication.

I don't have any more games with Katherine in it. She (and Kitty) were strictly there for YBYA. The other games I have with Daisy won't be published, because her boyfriend Joe's hate tattoos are very visible. And they're not very good, anyway. Trust me.

In other news, Episode 500 is looking like it might clock in at over two hours. With every second worthwhile.

Johnny said...

@G: That's on me. Sorry, man. I didn't pass on notes that she was bitchy at times.

Red said...

No worries, shredder. Everyone has their own personal tastes, and nobody needs to justify theirs. As you know, I've always tried to shoot as much variety as I can, knowing that not every episode will be to everyone's liking. Sorry this one wasn't up your alley, but hopefully the next one will be.

And it will be. The final version of Episode 500 is rendering out now, and it's epic. I know I probably shouldn't boost expectations, but I can't help it, I think it's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to episode 500. You always come up with such great ideas and I think this one is hopefully a winner.

Utaraptor said...

Hey there,

I am not sure, if I am correct but I think there might be a scene cut out of the last POV clip part B. I think the scene where the player loses his shirt is missing. It is about minute 3 that Katharine showes the dice (the dice showing a five) and then a second later she holds the dice in her other hand, while the dice is showing a one.
Eitherway it is a really great clip and totally worhth buying it.
Thank you for all these great clips you produce.

I also wanted to ask, if there are going to be more forfeits where the winner takes pictures of the loser, like Lily did in POV 100, maybe with two endings?

Rene said...

How is the election of the all time favourite model going?

Red said...

Okay, first of all let me say: ADOBE PREMIERE SUCKS ASS! You have no idea how hard Johnny, Hippo, and I have been working to wrestle the ugly demon Adobe into doing our bidding and outputting Episode 500. I don't want to say out loud that it possibly might maybe be working. Adobe may be listening, and there's nothing he loves more than crushing hope.

And we seriously do not have the time for this bullshit, since in 12 hours or so we're leaving on a road trip for a shoot with... well, that would be telling.

@Utaraptor: Uhh, would you believe you're not wearing a shirt? After all, it must be a hot day considering how skimpily Katharine is dressed.

Or there was a continuity error in production. It happens.

I'm glad you like P101 and the POVs in general, and thanks for the compliment. We don't currently have any more picture-taking forfeits on tap, but we'll get some more, possibly in a couple of days.

@Rene: It was rather stupid of me to bring up the election just now, what with Hippo's visit, Episode 500, and the upcoming pair of shootes. Believe me, I'll get to it, but other things have to be the priority for now.