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Monday, February 1, 2016

Johnny's Clip Store!

Howdy Lost Bets fans! This is Johnny Niceguy, your friendly neighborhood video editor, letting you know for sure that the long talked about clip store is finally live! Prettylittlesexslaves.com is up and running! I didn't think the guys would have it together in time but they pulled it off. In fact, I have another store I opened just in case they didn't come through. It's at Mind Control Collar Films. Ironically, it's not actually active for taking payments or selling clips.

The movie I made with Amber Heavens, Camilla Rhodes, Zayda J and many other talented people is available at this link Private Eyes Movie. It will be at this link for one month. It's not high art, but I'm proud of it. It's free, so please watch it (and forgive the many audio issues, if you are so kind).

I'll be starting a new blog and get the movie a permanent home soon. In the meanwhile, the clips that are available in the new stores feature myself and Amber Heavens. Her first times on video were with me, and she and I wore masks over our eyes and didn't have the best equipment or knowledge of what we were doing, but we were having a lot of fun doing it! She's young and hot and mostly playing the role of a girl under the power of a Mind Control Collar that turns her into a willing sex slave. That theme appears a lot in the videos I've made. Hopefully some of it will be hot to others as well.

That's all from me. Back to your regularly scheduled Lost Bets games!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to getting a few clips this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Johnny, do I have this right? Did you link to an 80-minute cut of your film with all of the nudity and hardcore cut out?

Johnny said...

@Shredder: Thanks, my brutha! The first clips in the store are my oldest stuff, but Amber was never younger or hotter on film, so I hope some of it is to your liking.

@anon: Close. The movie is it's own stand-alone full feature film. The clips are available for sale at the clip store. There are about 5 nipples in the final cut I released. Basically, it's not feasible to do an adult production that involves so many outdoor shots with lots of random people in it. I can't get an ID for everyone who appears in the feature film, so it can't be an adult film. Some artistic nudity is still allowed, hence the nipples. I also believe my ass is visible for a few seconds during a simulated sex scene, but I doubt that's a huge drawing point. Red gave me 10 grand back in the day to make my film, so if we see any return on the sale of the adult scenes, we'll be happy. Sorry if I misled you in any way.

Johnny said...

I also want to mention the music video featuring Gift of Gab and my brother's band that we put together. I forgot about that. It will be up on my blog and main website as well when that gets going. http://lostbets.s3.amazonaws.com/Johnny%20Stuff/Wounded%20Man%202015%20Titles%20and%20movie%20credit.mp4

Johnny said...

@Anon: If it's any consolation, I did my own stunts in the movie. I made the sugar glass window and took a dive through it. Always wanted to do that.

Johnny said...

And currently the scenes to go with the film Private Eyes are only available at the clips4sale site. I asked the other guys to release them too, but I'll have to talk with them to see what's up. Fortunately the C4S site is finally active at:


And to the two people who have already bought clips from this store, if you happen to be reading this, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Wernt you married to her? cool that your wife does this stuff with you.

Johnny said...

@anon: yeah, we were married for about 4 years. It was fun, she's a great lady. It is awesome to make porn with your wife and to have her hold the camera while you make porn with other chicks. The girl I'm dating now is very excited to come and help film the next time any production is going on, so the good times roll on!

Anonymous said...

If I were to post porn with one of my exs shed probably take me to court. Coll that she doesnt mind you selling it now. She probably gets a cut though. Congrats on the new gf. Red and you can double date.

Johnny said...

@anon: Yeah, permission and the proper paperwork are very important in porn. If we make any money, Amber will be getting half of anything I make on the videos we produced while together (something like 27 clips). I'm wishing us both luck. She was real cool and it was fun making porn with her, so if she gets something out of her work, I'll be pleased.