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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Doing it right this time

So Clips4Sale's maximum file length and minimum sale price had forced me to split Episode 500 into thirds, and charge a total of $45.97 for it. Fuck that. Check out our new clip for sale here. It's standard definition, but if you email me your receipt I'll send you a copy of the uncut high-def version.

Already bought the split, overpriced version? Check out the link anyway. I've got something for you, too.

Here's a promo for this week's Episode 501.

It's just a short, simple video to introduce you to Cora and AngieJo, and reintroduce you to Jennie. But more importantly, it's to introduce the girls (especially Cora) to the reality of life in front of the camera, stripped naked for all to see.

Next week comes Episode 502/

Some have recently asked to see more B/G, and here it is. (Mind you, the B isn't a player, but a part of the forfeit. Those who want to see more male players, we've got you covered later.) It's a surprisingly nail-biting game of Pirate Penguins featuring lovely blondes Krystal and Anneliese. Loser gets taken by the winner and by Trace, but honestly, neither of these girls is very dominant. The winner needed plenty of instruction from and goading by Trace.

So last week, I blogged about a couple of shoots we'd just finished. Here are some details about those shoots.

There were a total of seven players (all female) over two days: three on the first day, four on the second. Four of the players were new to LostBets.com (one on the first day, three on the second) and three were returning old friends (two on the first day, one on the second). Here's a look at the new players.

First up, appearing on Day 1, is Ana Molly.

Next up, on Day 2 we welcome another Latina to our roster, Catalina.

I've got Georgia on my mind. She was a bit nervous, which made her extra cute. She's also studying to be a minister, which I believe is a first among our players.

Finally, I'm totally in love with Aurora. She has a CS degree! We chatted about Arduino! A geek girl with a hot body and rockin' tits, who could ask for more?

And those are the four new players we'll be meeting soon. Beginning next week, I'll start introducing the returning players.


Anonymous said...

Just got the 500th episode for the butt plug scene alone, please keep making more games with anal forfeits.

Red said...

@Anon 6:51 (please sign your posts): I'll try, but you'd be surprised by how many women (and men) are tightly protective of their buttholes. But some can be talked into it, and I'll keep on talking. Also, I hope you found some of the other bits of Episode 500 worthwhile as well, and not just the butt-plugging.

Qaz said...

Thanks for reuploading Episode 500. Great move that shows integrity!

Anonymous said...

The new price for 500 is greatly appreciated, Red!

Back in December, when you first teased 501, you mentioned some behind the scenes footage of Cora that you wanted to post. Do you still plan to do that?


Anonymous said...

Great clip...whats the chances of us seeing a b/g with AngieJo?


Rene said...

Hello Red,

Very decent of you te reduce the costs of episode 500. That's how you keep customers happy.

Nice to see Jenny back. You are talking about stakes getting higher; will Jenny risk b/g in future scenes. She did in 2013 against Amber.

How is Amber, by the way? Is she still active in the business. And where has Olivia gone to? She was very beautiful; a pity we haven't seen her back.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Thanks for the reduced price on the clip. I'd been having some problems buying videos from Clips4Sale in the past (it kept saying I didn't pass the fraud check), but I decided to try again today. I faced the same problem, and other problems with the other payment options. I was just about to give up, when I got an e-mail from them saying they'd fixed the problem, and it worked - downloading now!

So - if anyone else reading this had problems paying due to the fraud check in the past, go ahead and try again now. Hopefully it works for you. (Unless you're actually trying to commit fraud, in which case, hopefully it doesn't.)


RS said...

I think that how protective women and especially men are of their buttholes is what makes games where the butthole is at risk particularly tantalizing. When you can tell that tell that even seasoned veterans really, really don't want to lose, that's what makes the games exciting.

Seahawks88 said...

Hey Red,
Couple questions. Who is the rail thin girl in 501? And how rail thin? Hips and ribs or just thin?

Second, what does Georgia risk? She looks amazing!!!


Red said...

@Qaz and everyone who commented on the improved pricing for Episode 500: Thanks, but there's really no need to thank me. I just wish I'd thought of doing it this way earlier.

@Linwood: You bet that candid footage of Cora talking about her experience betting her clothes. Soon.

@Reg: Glad you liked it. There was no b/g with AngieJo during this particular shoot but she may be willing to do that in a future shoot. I'll ask her.

@Rene: Like AngieJo, Jennie didn't risk b/g this time around but might well be up for it in the future.

Haven't seen Amber since she moved away. She got a boob job, though, which makes me a little sad. Amber, if you're reading this, they still look great (and I'd still love to film you again) but I loved your cute, perky, tiny little titties. I miss them.

@Napebaf: Thanks, I hope that's helpful to others who may have had problems.

@RS: I totally agree, which is why I'm going to continue persuading players to risk doing things they're truly reluctant to have to do. Sometimes it's a challenge, but sometimes it succeeds spectacularly.

@Seahawks88 (is your name a reference to Steve Largent or Jimmy Graham?): There's been a misunderstanding here. I didn't say that one of them was rail-thin, I said that if you like 'em rail-think you might want to avoid this episode. None of them is particularly thin, which isn't a problem for me but isn't to everyone's tastes. I've always said that I'd much rather that someone not buy a copy of one of my clips than buy it and be disappointed so I just wanted to alert those who'd rather stick with the players who have have near-perfect bodies.

As for Georgia, here are the games that were played that day:

1. High Card - Exercise
2. Frenzy - Cucumber Lovin'
3. Freeze - Spanking Race
4. Earth and Fire - Cross Ticklevibe
5. Panty Hoes - Suction Cups
6. Pie Eating Contest - WAM
7. [Censored -- will be a surprise] - Tub Vibe

She wasn't in Game 5, though, since she was busy shooting one of the three POVs she was in.

Anonymous said...

Amber had a HUGE boob job, like a FF size or something. its really offputting, but i'm sure some like that overtly fake stuff, but not me.
too bad, a attractive lady who had so much already...

google 'amber chase'


Red said...

I'm a fan of the natural look myself, but I would still love to shoot Amber again.

Andrew Breckler said...

I agree with you Red, I thought Amber looked perfect with her cute tiny little perky titties. She Also is one of my all time favorite players not only because of how she looks (or looked), but because of her nice and sweet personality.

Rene said...

Hello Red,

I like natural looks. Fake boobs are almost always a turnoff for me.

How about Olivia? She was very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

So I can't order from a GMAIL account?..what kind of smart business decision is that?..please explain

Red said...

@Andrew: Well, presumably her nice and sweet personality hasn't been affected by her change in boob size. I hope. I'd still love to have her back. Amber, if you're reading this, text me.

@Rene: I wouldn't go so far as to say fake boobs are always a turnoff for me. I've seen more than my share of bad fake boobs, sure enough, but I've also seen some excellent ones, and ones where you could hardly tell. I'm still sad when I see the pretty ones feel like they need augmentation, but at least the technology is improving.

@Anon 9:47 (please sign your posts): I have no idea. I don't run either Clips4Sale (I wish) or the membership site. I just provide the content. I'm quite surprised to find that they block Gmail, though. Anyone else having this problem?

Anonymous said...

Olivia deleted her twitter account over a year ago, I would assume that she chose a different career path at around the same time

Olivia is O so LOVEly