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Friday, May 6, 2016

2 ** 9

Episode 512 today, with the return of Julie, Catalina, Aurora, and Georgia. Losers get freaky with a long cucumber. Short and sweet.

Multiple May continues with two updates a week: a regular update on Friday as usual, and a B-Side update on Tuesday. Check 'em out.

Continuing the ILAMC promos for upcoming players, meet Selina.

She's brunette, pigtailed, and unbelievably cute. She made a great addition to the LostBets.com player roster. She'll debut in Episode 527.

That's not for a long time. If you want to see something that'll be out sooner, here's a look at Episode 515.

New girl Yesenia debuts against Trace, in a high-stakes game where the loser has to submit to the winner's perverted desires. Yesenia is our first girl of Indian descent in awhile, so welcome. You may be a bit surprised by what she does and how she acts about it.


Anonymous said...

I still think you should give strip poker a try. It still is the most classic strip game. If poker is too complicated for the girls, you might use high card with bluffing (simple poker).

You can use chips for betting (1 chip = 1 piece of clothing).

Than have each girl pay an ante for every round and take one or two of these chips out of the game (This is important). This assures that girls have to bet. Moreover the total number of chips and thereby the total number of clothes keeps decreasing.
(For example if you have 5 girls with 12 chips and you take two chips out of the game every round, the maximum number of rounds is 30.)

Have the girls bet like normal poker. The winner gets the chips. The losers have to strip so that the number of chips equals the number of clothes. Then play on until two girls are naked.

As for clothes. You want the girls to wear many items as possible. The best outfits are probably those burlesque outfits with many useless items. You could have for example the following 12 items (in stripping order): hat, necklace, top, skirt, high heels, (underbust) corset, garter-belt, thigh-highs, bra, slip, pasties and micro-string (or any other combination).


Anonymous said...

it's so good to see so much of Julie again. She hasnt lost a thing. she really is a beauty. more better looking today, I think, than a few years ago.
I hope she sticks around a while.


Anonymous said...

yeah julie is still incredible fun and incredible to look at. i love her laughter in particular. i enjoy her opponents as well, though probably there should be some rules about how many (few!) pieces of clothing to wear for a game day.

the frenzy lights worked pretty well, at least for me. it was easy enough to see, even in tight competition.

hope to see more of these four, for sure. how sexual did events get that day?


Anonymous said...

no update this week?


Seahawks88 said...

I hope all is well. No update worries me. Very unlike you to miss a week. Again hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope he's off filming fantastic new material or locked up in love nest with some young hottie.

Anonymous said...


I hope all is well.

All my very best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Same as above, I really hope all is going well, Red. And if not, I hope it turns well soon.


Anonymous said...

he's got me worried now, too... :(


Anonymous said...

Hope you have some more tickling forfeits in the works! Im always a fan of those :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I'm worried about you and I really hope you're ok. Please let us know if something is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

As the others have said - I hope everything's okay. No update and no post is very unlike you.


Anonymous said...

Since Johnny Nice Guy responds once in a while, maybe he could give us an update.

Old Man

Keith said...

Would love to see Trace dominate the girls and give one of them a vaginal creampie finally....

Anonymous said...

Add me to the list of those concerned. May whatever's keeping you away be resolved quickly and favorably, with no negative consequences.


RS said...

Yeah, I was hoping at least Johnny or someone else would chime in to at least report if Red's okay. Has anyone noticed any activity over the weekend from Johnny's site (I don't remember what it is)?

Anonymous said...

If it helps anyone worry a little less, there aren't any recent obituaries in his state that would match Red. Not trying to be macabre but since i've followed the site since its creation (though i've been silent for years) "freak accident" kind of popped into my mind. I'm not trying to violate anyone's privacy, if i'd found something i simply would not have posted.

(wonder if Red would even remember me after so long...)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried to email him or Johnny? All the email addresses are @lostbets.com.

Anonymous said...

new episode is up, so there's signs of life there...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Red's just busy. He's been very consistent lately, but it's far from this first time he's missed a post.


Anonymous said...

I have contact on mail so he is Alive :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Any POV this week?


LoA said...

So is POV site going to dead?
No double week updates and no POV this week.
Is it going to close?

Anonymous said...

Quite often emails and recommendations for future shoots go unanswered and Red seems to go "MIA"....very unprofessional and not the way to operate a website. I could understand sporadic absences, but Red seems to take these random hiatuses frequently.

RS said...

I'm not so worried about the periodic disappearances from the blog, or that some weeks don't have a new blog post. It's not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, and I suspect it doesn't have much impact, if any, on his business. People haven't commented in the past when he's missed a blog post. It was the fact that there wasn't a new Friday clip that concerned people, since that's fairly unusual.

XCellKen said...

So what did Yesenia do ???