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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

To B, or not to B?

Today, and for the next several Tuesdays, the long-defunct Lost Bets B-Sides will get new updates. Today, we'll see Erica and Daisy Rae back for the first time in years in Episode B048.

What's a B-Side, you may ask? Well, we shoot more episodes than we publish. The unpublished episodes go into a pile, and I choose which episodes to publish next from that pile. There are several reasons why an episode might never leave the pile for the publication queue, though. For starters, I just might not think it was very good. Or maybe an episode is fine, there's nothing wrong with it, but there's always been something I wanted to publish more so now it's gotten years old. To deal with this backpile of episodes that were likely never to make it to the queue, I started Lost Bets B-Sides. We had an intern by the name of Casper (it was through his sister that I met Lumen and her friends), so I set him to work editing the unpublished episodes. I then put them on Lost Bets B-Sides, priced as low as Clips4Sale would let me, and with the disclaimer that I made no promises as to their quality. Buy at your own risk.

I could've sworn that all of this was in the store description for the B-Sides, but I just looked and the description is blank. I'll probably copy-paste this later.

Eventually, the backlog was mostly cleared and also Casper left for greener pastures, so I stopped updating the B-Sides. But like I said last week, I found a stash of B-Sides that were never published. I don't think there's anything wrong with them, they were just old. Hope you like 'em. Here's a peek at some of what's to come over the next few weeks.

I'm almost sure I've used this blog post title before.


David Wells said...

Thank You Red for the definition of what a B-Side is, and it also kinda brings back some old players that your fans have wanted to see by adding these unpublished ones! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

What are the forfeits on the upcoming b sides?


Anonymous said...

well i promised more feedback a couple weeks ago, but then i didn't buy a couple clips in a row (not into the dudes i guess) so i haven't had anything to say for a bit.

glad b-sides are back! i dunno if it's the same for others here, but i'm always happy to see a favorite model even if the game doesn't come out the best. and while i wouldn't call today's favorites, i enjoyed this clip a lot. mostly for the winner's expressiveness and enjoyment, i feel like the loser's performance will appeal more to the humiliation crowd than to me.

i also bought a couple b-sides. liked cherry marie a lot though she left a little abruptly, and was disappointed in jennie until the very last moments when she made it all worthwhile. both good showings, but i can't help but feel the girls still need a little more to work with. maybe if they were to imagine they really wanted to see the player masturbate, sexually as well as for humiliation?

looking forward to julie soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
Please keep up the great work. Any more spanking povs coming up?

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I've tried to post a response to your questions (from 4/22) twice now. Both times it's showed up right after I posted it, but didn't "stick" for some reason. Third time's a charm I hope.

For LB Olympics, I posted the details in the comments here:

I look forward to seeing the crotch rope walk used again in the future.

For Jingo, it looks like there are 54 blocks in the game. You could have about 15 of them as blank 'freebies', about 15 as variants of remove an item of clothing (more than the number of items between the girls since many blocks won't be picked), then the remaining 24 can have the mini forfeits on them (maybe 2-4 blocks with each forfeit - again because not all blocks will be picked). Some ideas for the mini forfeits:

- 10 swats with the LB paddle
- opponent may put 10 clothespins anywhere on the player's body (not face) that is currently visible - they must leave the clothespins on for 3 rounds (nipples and pussy are fair game)
- wear remote controlled vibrating panties for 3 rounds - her opponent gets the remote to try to distract her while playing
- give opponent oral sex for 1 minute (or suck her toes if her pussy is covered)
- next turn, her opponent may try to distract her by pinching / twisting her nipples
- next turn, she must kneel / stand with legs spread and her opponent may try to distract her by using the hitachi on her
- have bra and panties filled with ice cubes for the next 3 rounds
If one of the girls chooses a block that she can't complete (e.g. strip if she's already naked) then her opponent may choose her punishment from the list of all of the forfeits.
I'm sure your other fans and I can think up many more if you'd like... but I figured having too many would make it logistically difficult

For the butt/boob box, the details are here:
If would be tough logistically - you'd have to be somewhere like Folsom. I'm pretty sure they allow filming there. I've seen at least 2 scenes filmed there from a very reputable and well-known site, so I'd imagine they didn't break the rules.

Regarding the nipple clamp tug of war:
If you used clamps that weren't very intense (basically anything but clover clamps), they would pull off before doing any permanent damage.
If you used clover clamps, they wouldn't pull off nearly as easily or safely. But, the slightest little tug on the chain of these will get a reaction out of the girl, so the factor that would get the girl to move wouldn't be the physical force, but rather trying to stop the pain from the tugging. I can't imagine that these girls would pull hard enough to do any damage to themselves, but you shouldn't listen to me... check with someone more knowledgable.
As a side note, a little while ago I came across a site that had filmed girls playing 'kinky billiards' where they were given forfeits for poor performance. Nipple clamps were used a lot in that video and they seemed to be very effective penalties.

And if you were to post about an upcoming shoot, I'd imagine that you'd get more ideas than you could use.

As always, keep up the great work and thanks for taking comments / feedback