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Friday, May 20, 2016

And we're back

No blog post last week. Ugh. I'd gotten so good at keeping my procrastination in check, too. Hopefully this will be the last time for awhile. If you've made a comment in the last few weeks you'd like a reply to but haven't gotten one yet, please repost it here. Thanks.

Episode 513 today, with Raquel and Star. Have I mentioned that I really like Raquel? I think I have. As for Star, she's disappointed a lot of her fans by winning almost every game she's been in. Will today finally break her streak and bring her record closer to even? You'll see.

Peeking ahead, we'll see Episode 515 in a couple of weeks.

Aurora, Georgia, and Catalina play a free-for-all gave of Strip Freeze. (Julie was filming POVs at the time. Don't worry. She'll be back.) The loser gets spaked by the winners, one winner on each cheek. Whoever gets her cheek the reddest is the ultimate winner, with the loser the target of ticking by the other two. We haven't done a spanking contest like this since Episode 225, so I figured it was high time to give it another try. (At least, I don't think we've used it since then. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.) Last time, it was up to subjective opinion to determine the winner of the spanking cotnest. This time, I tried to make it more objective by using an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of each cheek. This didn't work out as well as I'd planned, unfortunately. Next time I think I'll use a color meter to measure the saturation of red, which might work better.

Moving ahead to Episode 517:

You may remember Trinity from Episodes 503 and 510. She's highly competitive, hates to lose, and so far, hasn't. In fact, she hasn't even gotten bottomless for us. She's up against Chanel, who also didn't lose any of the games she was in, but at least we got to see her naked and squirming as she played Earth and Fire in Episode 494. There's actually a pretty cool backstory here about how this game came to be, but I'm going to save that one for when it's closer to publication.

Finally, in today's ILAMC promo of Girls to Appear Soon, here's Helena. Of course we've seen her recently and will see more of her soon, but here she's in a new setting, against new opponents.

Don't forget that it's still Multiple May. Every Tuesday, there's a bonus update at LostBets B-Sides. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Hi red. the pov for this week still isnt out.

Red said...

Crap. Okay, so here's what happened. Wednesday's POV stars a girl named Lolita. Unfortunately, Clips4Sale doesn't allow this word and rejected the clip. I didn't even notice. It should be up now. Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

Does the restart of the b-sides mean that we will finally get the final game with bibi and Kodak please?
Mark hill

Keith said...

Red, would you please release a video with Trace dominating one of the girls during a forfeit and giving her a vaginal creampie. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

So I was told to sign up for the lostbets site to try to find episode 217(Kandie, Kamora, and Isis), and that episode wasn't there. Any chance I could obtain the episode?



Red said...

@Mark: The B-Sides aren't actually restarted, they're just temporarily active for Multiple May. But I did find Casper's Adobe Premiere file for the Bibi etc. episode, and I'll check it out to see if it's ready (or close to ready) to publish.

@Keith: Long-timers here have heard me remark how often it happens that someone requests something that was already on the schedule and will e published shortly, and here's another instance of that. Trace giving someone a creampie? Sure, I can do that, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait almost two weeks for it.

@Ryo: Episode 217 was taken down at Clips4Sale's request because it contained Thor the Wonder Shoodle. It's weird because Thor wasn't involved in anything remotely sexual (he just popped in to see what was going on) but C4S has their policies and I try to abide by them. But I just heard from the guy who runs the membership site asking for a copy of 217, which I sent to him, so presumably it'll show up there soon.

Anonymous said...

enjoyed the latest two clips very much. previously shockinaw seemed off-putting, but with rachel lizzy and tomiko it was a lot of fun. i also really like the randomized clothing removal, makes the process of disrobing less rote. in fact the stripping was my favorite part here, spanking forfeits aren't my thing.

and raquel vs star is great stuff too. i can see why you like raquel, she really keeps the viewer in the action. even when she's bent over.

thanks for the good work!


Red said...

@m: Thanks for the comments, and I'm glad you liked the videos. At first I wasn't thrilled with Shockinaw as a game, mostly because I'm a big softy (don't tell anyone) and seeing these cute girls squeal in distress when they got shocked made me uncomfortable. But Shockinaw has one thing going for it: in a way that no other game I've found does, it really really gets the girls into the competition, makes them focus intently, and care about winning.

As for the random determination of what comes off, I like to keep a good mix of loser chooses, winner chooses, and random choice. Also, throw in loser takes off her own clohing vs. winner takes off the loser's clothing. And you can add "third party chooses" and "third party takes loser's clothing off" for games where there's a nonplaying spetator, like a dude standing by to take the loser's body as a forfeit. We need more of those.

Anonymous said...

Is this session of games involving Julie a one-off, or can we will be seeing more of her when those run out.

Will we see her risk the cross? I'd really like to see her strapped on the cross.


Red said...

@Sam: I'm pretty sure we haven't seen the last of Julie. And if we get her back, I'll be sure to have her risk being bound to the cross. Any requests for what should happen to her once she's restrained?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see her on the cross being groped and subjected to a vibrator.


RS said...

If I recall correctly, Julie was responsible for bringing in two of my four or five favorite guys, Adrien and Kyle. Now that she's back, any chance either one of them will be back?

(Eric remains my all time favorite guy.)

Anonymous said...

A forfeit I'd like to see: two losers (preferably straight women) have to "film" a porno lesbian sex scene under the direction of a third party. That is, the third person tells them what actions to take, and they have to try to make to look like they are actually having sex in the resulting video. (So the final organisms might actually be faked -- the point being the embarrassment of doing what it takes to make it look real.)

I'd also love to see someone strapped to the cross and left out as a "decoration" in the middle of a larger social gathering.


Anonymous said...

I still think you should give strip poker a try. It still is the most classic strip game. If poker is too complicated for the girls, you might use high card with bluffing (simple poker).

You can use chips for betting (1 chip = 1 piece of clothing).

Than have each girl pay an ante for every round and take one or two of these chips out of the game (This is important). This assures that girls have to bet. Moreover the total number of chips and thereby the total number of clothes keeps decreasing.
(For example if you have 5 girls with 12 chips and you take two chips out of the game every round, the maximum number of rounds is 30.)

Have the girls bet like normal poker. The winner gets the chips. The losers have to strip so that the number of chips equals the number of clothes. Then play on until two girls are naked.

As for clothes. You want the girls to wear many items as possible. The best outfits are probably those burlesque outfits with many useless items. You could have for example the following 12 items (in stripping order): hat, necklace, top, skirt, high heels, (underbust) corset, garter-belt, thigh-highs, bra, slip, pasties and micro-string (or any other combination).


Anonymous said...

Thor the Wonder Shoodle... LOL he appeared in a few vids back in his time. one of them is a favorite tickling forfeit. cant remember the clip number...


Red said...

@Sam: Noted. I think she's very ticklish, too.

@RS: I've been remiss in not doing more for those with an appreciation for the male form. I've got contact information for all three guys you mentioned (hopefully it still works) and I'll try to reach out to them before my next shoot.

@Sam: Other people have suggesdted the "film a porno" forfeit. I like it, I just haven't used it yet. Next time. As for strapping a naked loser to the cross to serve as decoration for a perty, that's a really cool idea. If I can find that sort of party, I'll do it. Otherwise, I might just have to throw one myself.

@Pokerguy: I've used strip poker on a handful of occasions. See for example long-ago Episode 037, and Episode 299 (ah, Lumen, I miss you.) One of the problems with poker is that it's one of those games that isn't very interesting if the players absolutely suck. I can easily see an inexperienced player gambling away all of her chips in a hand or two. This could be avoided with betting limits, but those poker games on TV use specialized tables with cameras pointed at each hand. I suppose I could manage that, too.

Still, you're right, strip poker is the archetypical stripping game, and we should use it more often.

@shredder: Yeah, Thor the Wonder Shoodle has poked his furry nose into a handful of other episodes, and my cats Gremlin and Goliath (not their real names) have done it as well. If C4S asks me to take them down, I will, but if they don't, I'm fine with leaving them where they are.

Anonymous said...

One other thing that occurred to me: usually when you do involving public exposure (for example, the walks through a hotel), its obvious they lost a bet. (Frequently it is written on them.) Going the other direction could also be good: forbid them to tell why they are exposed. Or have a forfeit where you bring in witnesses who do not know the forfeit is the result of a game.

I would think that for some women -- especially for the amateurs with tight limits -- enduring the exposure without being able to fall-back on the ready made explanation of "I lost a bet" could really increase embarrassment. Especially if they actually have to lie to give the impression they are doing it just for fun.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Glad that you're back and that everything's okay. Here's a comment that I posted a couple of weeks ago:

I've tried to post a response to your questions (from 4/22) twice now. Both times it's showed up right after I posted it, but didn't "stick" for some reason. Third time's a charm I hope.

For LB Olympics, I posted the details in the comments here:

I look forward to seeing the crotch rope walk used again in the future.

For Jingo, it looks like there are 54 blocks in the game. You could have about 15 of them as blank 'freebies', about 15 as variants of remove an item of clothing (more than the number of items between the girls since many blocks won't be picked), then the remaining 24 can have the mini forfeits on them (maybe 2-4 blocks with each forfeit - again because not all blocks will be picked). Some ideas for the mini forfeits:

- 10 swats with the LB paddle
- opponent may put 10 clothespins anywhere on the player's body (not face) that is currently visible - they must leave the clothespins on for 3 rounds (nipples and pussy are fair game)
- wear remote controlled vibrating panties for 3 rounds - her opponent gets the remote to try to distract her while playing
- give opponent oral sex for 1 minute (or suck her toes if her pussy is covered)
- next turn, her opponent may try to distract her by pinching / twisting her nipples
- next turn, she must kneel / stand with legs spread and her opponent may try to distract her by using the hitachi on her
- have bra and panties filled with ice cubes for the next 3 rounds
If one of the girls chooses a block that she can't complete (e.g. strip if she's already naked) then her opponent may choose her punishment from the list of all of the forfeits.
I'm sure your other fans and I can think up many more if you'd like... but I figured having too many would make it logistically difficult

For the butt/boob box, the details are here:
If would be tough logistically - you'd have to be somewhere like Folsom. I'm pretty sure they allow filming there. I've seen at least 2 scenes filmed there from a very reputable and well-known site, so I'd imagine they didn't break the rules.

Regarding the nipple clamp tug of war:
If you used clamps that weren't very intense (basically anything but clover clamps), they would pull off before doing any permanent damage.
If you used clover clamps, they wouldn't pull off nearly as easily or safely. But, the slightest little tug on the chain of these will get a reaction out of the girl, so the factor that would get the girl to move wouldn't be the physical force, but rather trying to stop the pain from the tugging. I can't imagine that these girls would pull hard enough to do any damage to themselves, but you shouldn't listen to me... check with someone more knowledgable.
As a side note, a little while ago I came across a site that had filmed girls playing 'kinky billiards' where they were given forfeits for poor performance. Nipple clamps were used a lot in that video and they seemed to be very effective penalties.

And if you were to post about an upcoming shoot, I'd imagine that you'd get more ideas than you could use.

As always, keep up the great work and thanks for taking comments / feedback


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

any more spanking POVs coming up?


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,
the idea of having a girl nude at the cross at a party just got me thinking about forniphilia or human furniture fetishism. (the wikipedia page for human furniture shows a good example for starters!)

The loser could be tied up (optional gagging), equipped with a tablet or something (or she could just be forced to hold a glass plate with her hand and feet, lying on her back) and serve as the table for drinks at a party. (I think you've done something similar with a sushi buffet) (she could also be a lamp, a chair, or whatever you think is practicable)

Problem is, after that the loser just stands there for half an hour or longer. Maybe show a time-lapse of her time as a table and then her freeing?

Or maybe have a second game that requires a table and have it played on the naked loser table. (this could happen in the same video and be related to it, maybe have the loser of that game face a similar punishment; or maybe it's a totally different video).

I think the idea with just the cross is sexy, too. Maybe everyone at the party could sign or draw on her naked body!


RS said...

Sam, interesting point about how the public nudity forfeit might be even more embarrassing if the losers can't explain it was a lost bet. About a decade ago I lost a bet and got caught streaking. It was embarrassing to explain that I lost a bet. In retrospect, at least it provided a suitable explanation. I think it would have been even more embarrassing if I weren't allowed to mention that.

Anonymous said...

I actually like Etienne's idea for a girl to be exposed at a party; whether it is as a piece of furniture or something else. Perhaps you could have one or two losers of a game or games be naked cocktail waitresses at a party? I don't think that you have done that before and it would be maximum exposure for them for an extended period, during which they would have to interact with clothed people who could ogle the naked girl or girls to their clothed hearts' content! Arranging an appropriate party with people who are like-minded enough to enjoy this, but strangers to the girls and to appearing on the LostBets.com site would make it even better!

Glad that you have resurfaced.

All my best,

Anonymous said...

Any news on the PoV interactives
Still dreaming of the start :D

And as for the povs any chance of A and Bs or they not doing well enough?

Love your work never stop...ever


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it has been a while since an A/B POV. Too bad. I like the option. AND.... still waiting on a ballbusting POV.

Bob "from artillery"

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a girl with a modest chest size exposed at a party . Especially if the fact is emphasized that every one now can see how small her boobs actually are. A bit of teasing and jokes about the 'flat' girl would make the embarassement perfect.


Anonymous said...

Any plans for more tickling forfeits? They're always my favourites!