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Friday, August 12, 2016

Out of Town

Hi guys. I'm out of town at the moment, typing this post (and this week's clip description) in my parents's house, hoping they don't look over this way, so short blog post this wek. Also, no promo this week, since I didn't bring any with me. Gonna have to wait until next week to see what's coming in Episode 530.

530 is a game of Earth and Fire, with players that you'll like. Also Earth and Fire is today's Episode 526, featuring Belle, RyAnne, and Ana Molly, with RyAnne taking her freshly-shaved pussy for a spin. The girls use wand massagers to force each other to orgasm, and after a lifetime of letting her pubic hair grow, feeling the vibrator against her bare pussy is a new sensation for her.

As some of you noticed, last week's POV is late. I'll get it published as soon as I'm home.


Anonymous said...

Just a question about your comment in the last post. Whats are you going to be doing differently now your filming the povs yourself?


Anonymous said...

When will Bsides start getting released?


Scott said...

Hi. I'm your tickling/facesitting fan, but today I have a completely different suggestion.

I've noticed that the girls often have a spot of trouble tying the loser securely on the Greyjoy Cross. I may have a simple solution.

Drill a hole near the end of each arm of the cross, just big enough to pass the rope through. Then on the back side of the cross, attach cleats like this one.


Securing a rope to a cleat is super-simple: Just wrap the rope in a figure-8 around the cleat 3 or 4 times, then make a little loop in the rope and pass the loop over the cleat like this:


It's hardly even a knot, and it's fast, simple, and cheap.

Let the ticklevibes commence!

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Is there any chance you could get Kandie back to lostbets?


Anonymous said...

Also, would episode 217 be re-posted anytime soon? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Is it too late to suggest the unpublished videos to be added to the queue? If not, I'd like to suggest strip elefino with Blossom, Indigo, and Jelly! That would be an immediate purchase from me (Jelly is my favorite player). Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Could you explain what the difference would be in the POVs now that you will have done them pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

hey red, still no luck with the pov?

Anonymous said...

Hey Red

Totally random but have you ever thought about another group game, like the air hockey one where Aubrey got gangbanged? I think that was a pretty funny forfeit, and question about that, did you just ask what 4 girls were willing to play? And was she happy about having to pay up xD

--love, Jazzy

Anonymous said...

Hey Red

Since this last weeks POV never came out, are we getting two this week or just one


Red said...

@PQ and @Anon 2:10 (please sign your posts): Well, for starters, I want to increase the ENF factor, which IMO is not quite there in most of the current POVs. Greater variety in games and forfeits are also a goal.

@wwbsgr: Next Tuesday. Hope you like 'em.

@Scott: Thanks for the tips. We actually have cleats on the Greyjoy cross but need to do a better job of teaching the players how to tie a cleat knot. We've also modified the cross to use a one-way ratchet sort of tie. We'll see if that works.

@Ryo: Possibly. I think she's interested, but every time we're in contact we seem to barely miss each other. We'll see.

Episode 217 was pulled at C4S's request, but hopefully it'll appear on the membership site soon. I sent the dude a fresh copy.

@Joe: Duly noted. All of them will probably be published eventually, but I'll bump the one you asked for up on the queue. The set with Blossom, Indigo, and Jelly wasn't very popular, but hopefully it'll do better as a B-Side.

@Anon 3:13 (please sign your posts): Posted. Sorry for the delay.

@JayCee: Please send me an email at red@lostbets.com. I don't like having dissatisfied customers and will try to make it right.

@Jazzy: That shoot (and the one a few months later) were indeed a lot of fun. I'd like to do another similar one, but it's tough getting that many people together. I'll succeed eventually, just not sure when. As far as Episode 278, I picked the game and the forfeit. All four players were willing to undergo the gangbang if they lost, but I think all of them would rather have been spectators to the forfeit than the victim of it.

@AKZP: Sorry, no. But I'll try my hardest not to miss another week. (I'm surprised to find so many people eager for more POVs. They're not all that popular, but when I miss one, the realtively few fans show up to let me know about it.)

EverNAnon said...

Just out of curiosity, why do you sometimes not mention when a player is already well-known in the adult video scene? Sometimes you do (as with Kendra), but other times you don't, as with Raquel (Roper) and Candle (Boxx). Just wondering about the difference.

Red said...

@EverNAnon: In general I don't advertise the fact that some of our players are more experienced in the world of adult video than others, because some people just don't want to know. It's a lot easier to accept a girl blushing as she's forced to open her legs for the camera if you haven't seen her happily sucking 37 dicks in a row. Mind you, most of our players are not the kind of girls who'd cheerfully pull a train, and several are complete amateurs, new to the camera, but again, some people would rather not know which is which. I'm happy to answer questions about a player's previous experience, but only through email, not on the blog.

EverNAnon said...

Ah, of course. They're acting. Makes sense.

Red said...

Guys, just wanted to leave a quick note to say I haven't forgotten you, I've just had my hands full arranging three shoots in three days. It's Day 2 and I'm sitting in the hotel room waiting for the talent to arrive. Day 1 went well and I was able to use many of your suggestions. No B-Side yesterday and no POV today -- but I'll make that up with the excellent POVs I shot yesterday and will shoot today and tomorrow.