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Friday, August 26, 2016

Totally worth it

So I promised I'd start updating the B-Sides on Tuesday. I didn't. I'm supposed to publish a POV every Wednesday. I didn't do that this week either. I'm behind on the blog and on emails. But I have no regrets, because of what happened, what I saw, what I did, and what I now have to share with you.

Three days of shooting, during which I got the chance to use a lot of the suggestions made in the last blog post. During those three days, I shot two girls who were new to LostBets.com, four total amateurs who had never been nude on camera before, and three returning players. Of the three, one is a veteran of many shoots who everybody loves. The other two have only been in one shoot each but I've had plenty of requests to have both of them back. One we saw just last year, the other hasn't been seen since 2011.

Enough with being coy. It's fun to tease the return of favorite players, and it appeals to my sadistic nature, but I think I've overdone it to the point of it being irritating, so here's who's coming back. Just keep in mind that 1) these episodes won't make it through production for months and 2) these shoots were strictly for the ladies. If you're hoping to see one of these girls take a hard cock, remember that latex isn't all that hard. The veteran is Sassy, back in town and just the girl to introduce three virgins to LostBets.com. The sophomores are Nettle and Leilani, who play with a newbie friend of Nettle. Again, there have been numerous requests for more of these young ladies, and even if it's taken awhile I'm happy to oblige.

Oh, and POVs. POVs, POVs, so many great POVs. POV fans, you'll like these. Yup.

ILAMC promos coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Mind if I ask which of the suggestions got used? Thanks Red! -SP

Anonymous said...

Oh, also, huge fan of Sassy, glad she's back. Do I remember correctly that she knew Keenly? Any chance of a return from her? She had spunk! -SP

Anonymous said...

no Fern? :(


Anonymous said...

Good to see Bella back. She'd be a good choice for any tickling forfeit. She has a LOT of experience in that area.

Richard said...

Will there be any more like episode 466 Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Crystal, Kimmy, Kym, and Scarlett. This may be one of the best on there but hopefully a lot more tickling

Richard said...

Will there be any more like episode 466 Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Crystal, Kimmy, Kym, and Scarlett. This may be one of the best on there but hopefully a lot more tickling

Red said...

@SP: Excellent questions. Here are a few of the suggestions I was able to use:

* JOI for the loser, as she sits on the couch and masturbates as the winners offer helpful tips.

* This wasn't quite what was requested, but a girl having her face sat on and her pussy vibrated while restrained to a bed. The request was for this to involve multiple winners rotating around sitting on the loser's face and tickling her. I wasn't able to do this with multiple winners this time, but the bed restraints/face-sitting combo worked so amazingly well that I'm sure I'll use it again.

* Reading while being vibrated. The game I decided to go with (hereinafter Cliterature) uses two teams of two, each with one Reader and one Viber. Each Readere has a story, and they alternate reading every 30 seconds, while the Vibers vibrate them, trying to distract them and force them to cum. This game didn't work as well as I'd hoped it would, but I have some ideas for how to improve it.

* Naked exerecises for new losers. I wanted to make them do ear-holding sitips, but they couldn't, so I had to settle for girly situps. among other exercises. Jumping jacks were involved, as were also requested.

* I brought the yoga cards back for an(other) encore, as requested by a couple of people.

* Wedgies! I did a couple of games where panties counted as three articles of clothing. The first time they were lost, the loser got a rear wedgie. The second time, she got a front wedgie. The third time, they came off. And lot me tell you: one of the problems I've had with things like, say, spanking forfeits is that the girls tend to be nice people and don't want to hurt others, so they tend to go easy. This did not apply to the wedgies. Every girl who gave a wedgie did so gleefully and thoroughly, pulling the loser's underwear deep into her cracks.

Of course I didn't get to everybody's requests but I did a lot of them and I hope the people who made them are satisfied. But like I said, they'll probably have to wait awhile to find out.

Anonymous said...

p.s. this is the only adult website I subscribe to, keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

hmm my other comment got filtered, anyway check the membership site some kind of database error has it crashed. I apologize if other comment gets through and this is a double post.

Anonymous said...

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Thank you.
2016-08-27 18:28:07

Viredae said...

Ooh, Nettle's back! Can't wait for those episodes to drop, she's one of my new favorites.

AndyHam said...

I'm interested in seeing more of April from 518 and 521.

Mismanager said...

Anonymous AndyHam said...
"I'm interested in seeing more of April from 518 and 521."

It is difficult to see more of her than we have already; I'd be glad to see her again, though;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Richard above.. The strip rock, paper scissors with Crystal, Kimmy, Kym and Scarlett was one of the hottest clips I've ever seen to this day. I loved the bedspread bondage with the foot tickling at the end. I'd love to see another tickling forfeit with a tied up/bondage scenario that creates easy access to the bare feet! If you put up another clip like this one I'll be the first in line!


AndyHam said...

Yes, what Mismanager said. ;)

Anonymous said...

Trinity and Kym I would love to see in a game together. Both girls are bouncy and have avoided tickling so would love to see one of them on the receiving end of a gang tickle

Anonymous said...

Just had an idea for a game, but the game itself is more like a forfeit. You'd need two bars with increasingly bigger dildos installed on them. I'm thinking like 5 or 6 of them.

It would make the most sense to have two naked losers compete. From here on there are different possibilites.

A race: The ladies compete who can reach the ending first. On their way they'd have to sit on each dildo in its entirety, inserting it anally. The loser gets a bigger forfeit.

A trivia quiz or something? : They start sitting at the front of the bar, where there's no dildo, facing the camera. Each wrong answer, or right answer of the opponent forces them one bigger dildo back on which they have to sit. The girl who reaches the biggest one first loses. Some of them may also vibrate making it possible for them to cum, which would also mean that they lose. Activating the vibration of one could also be a losing step itself. It doesn't need to be a trivia contest, but could theoretically be anything which they can do while sitting on a dildo. It's also not that important if the dildos have to be inserted vaginally or anally.

The construction of two of this apparatuses may be quite some work. Maybe it just isn't dildos that get bigger, but maybe a small dildo for the start, than a vibrating one, than a butt plug which has to be taken anally and so on. Increasingly uncomfortable or humiliating places to sit?


Richard said...

I would definetly love to see Kym and Trinity in the same game with the loser getting tickled. Both girls deserve it :)

Anonymous said...

Etienne: really?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:03

Okay, a tad too weird?


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

This week POV episod has two endings, but the one that lasts 18 minutes costs 12,99$ while the one that lasts 22 minutes costs 22,99$, making it the most expensive on the store so far.
Is it a mistake or is it meant to be that expensive?


René said...

Hello Red,

When we will see Tobi again? Preferably with a b/g forfeit. Or a b/g forfeit with Candle.

I would like to see screw your neighbor again. Preferably with the losing girl(s) getting fucked; that way you can REALLY screw your neighbor.

Where have Dakota and Olivia gone off to?

Anonymous said...

hi red! any chance to see an public walk of shame or something other embarrassing gorfets for the naked losers like we see it from jordana and michelle (striptease)?

any chance to get get paris kennedy, candle or hannah perez back or get cali logan or sara liz?