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Friday, August 25, 2017

I really dig those styles they strip off

Today in Episode 581, something a little different. I always like recruiting amateurs, "real" people rather than professional models, and Cal and Marcy are about as real as it gets. They're fans of this site who asked if they could play and I said sure. They brought their friend Gemma along for the ride, too, and they make a fun set of three. You can see their giddy excitement at being exposed for the cameras.

I was recently asked about Trinity and whether she'd be coming back, and I've also gotten inquiries about several other players. The unfortunate answer is that she's not likely to be back anytime soon, and the same is true of many other popular players. See, we do most of our filming locally in the Seattle area, but for many years we took an annual trip back East for a whirlwind week of shooting players there, mostly pro or semi-pro models but a few amateurs too. There's a certain room with a yellow couch where we usually stayed and shot. A lot of you will recognize it.

Those trips were very productive but also very stressful and very expensive. So we don't do them anymore, but that means that many of the players we shot there won't be returning unless they make the trip out here. Some of them actually do. See for example the recent POV with Cyndi. So it's not entirely hopeless, but don't hold your breath. Sorry. I wish I had better news.


Bammy said...

It's good to see some mature ladies on lostbets again! Are Gemma and Marcy going to do riskier forfeits in later episodes?

Rene said...

Hello Red,

When can we expect the next b/g forfeit?

Red said...

@Bammy: You betcha. We'll see them again in Episode 586, and there's another one that's not on the schedule yet.

@Rene: Episode 588, coming October 13, will have what you desire.

Andrew Breckler said...

What do you have planned for episode 600?

Red said...

@Andrew: Nothing yet. Aargh. I've been having trouble coming up with something. Any ideas?

Monkey said...

Hi Red

What about Tyler?

Did you review the 2 games?

I am sure that they are good.

Please, you will publish them



Monkey said...

Hi Red again

You asked for any ideas for episode 600. I have one to develop.

4 girls in teams of 2. "Team A" and "Team B".

They play the first game inside the team. Rock, paper, scissors for example. Now we have a nude girls in both teams.

Ok, now we can start the true war. It is time to get the old dusty stuff out.

Only the winners can participate in the games.The losers are naked and waitting their luck.
The games will be those first forgotten games: Four in a Row, Surgery, Jester, Noname.... a soft games. Different games, all in one. Just a game of each. Not all the time playing the same thing.

For example, the fist game,Four in a Row.
"Team A" player wins. Then, "Team B" should take off a piece of clothes. While the other member for "Team B" should be suffer a forfeit. For the forfeit we can use a updated roulette for ocassion.

Second game ,Jester. The same, the losser is going to strip and the other menber to the team has a forfeit.

So until we have a loser Team, then all the team have a hard forfeit.

You did something similar (Damiana, another girl I would like see again) . You have a games to remenber the begining of the site and a evolition in 10 years.



Anonymous said...

Any chance of seeing a forfeit like what Brad suffered in game 450. I would especially like seeing a boy/girl couple sharing such a humiliation.


Bammy said...

I can understand your struggles with an idea for Episode 600, Red. You want something memorable and worthy of the milestone. I think I may have some ideas:

Idea #1: A good old fashioned gangbang. I know you did that for Episode 400 but it's entertaining so why not? Just get 4 players (preferably fan favourites like Tobi and Helena). Have them play something like pod stomp or trivia until you have 2 losers. But this time both the losers will get gangbanged not just one.

Idea #2 Another game of Wheel of Torment where the wheel becomes the 'wheel of forfeits' when 2 players lose.

Maybe the forfeits could include:

-Sybian ride
-Dildo DP
-Give all the winners oral
-Take 2 strap-ons
-Bondage (tied to cross and molested)
-Forced Orgasm

Oh, and I'd love to see Jennie in Episode 600. She doesn't lose enough in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Clips4sale store appears to be 404.

Anonymous said...

For me the epic episode 600 would be, 3 pairs with one girl and one Guy. IF the possibility with real life couples IT would be totaly epic.

The girls play and the guys Are tied. When a girl Lose all there clothes IT been like a earth and Fine game. The girls trying get the Guy of. When a Guy blow the couple Lose.

Two winning Guy banging loser girl. Two winning girls humiliate losing guy


René said...

Are there no more previews?

Episode 600: large group game with b/g forfeit. Preferably with all time favourites.

Red said...

@Monkey: Like I said, Tyler will be back in Episode 588. I don't know when she'll appear next but it'll depend on the fan reception for 588. And believe me, the presence of Tyler (or anyone) doesn't guarantee a good episode. I've seen plenty of bad ones with great players.

As for your idea for Episode 600, I actually did something very similar (even using the same games) for Episode 549, Barerack's Last Day. I'm not very pround of that one, though, because I'm not a huge fan of the girl who lost. While I'm sure there are plenty of people who are totally into girls like her, she's not my type and I daresay not most other people's type either.

@K: I'd love to. That forfeit was a great deal of fun and also very popular. The difficulty is getting an opportunity. In the case of Episode 450, we knew the people in the other hotel room and knew they'd think it was hilarious for us to bring a naked person being ridden like a horse into their room. In most normal circulstances we don't know who's in the other room and don't know if they'd be cool or if they'd call the police. But I'd really, really like to do it again, and maybe someday I'll get the chance.

@Bammy: Thanks for the ideas. Also, coincidentally (or thanks to fate) I just heard from Jennie a few days ago asking if she could come back. We'll see what happens.

@Anon 5:40 (please sign your posts): C4S has been having problens today. It wouldn't even let me log into the administrator console to publish today's video. Fortunately, the problem went away, and it seems so has the problem with the clip store. Let me know if it's still not working. (And thanks for buying a clip, or at least trying to.)

@Swedishguy: I'm not sure I follow. Okay, so three couples with the guys tied up. The girls play until one is naked and then what? It becomes like Earth and Fire, but who is trying to make whom cum?

@Rene: There haven't been previews in awhile since both Johnny and I have been swamped with non-work stuff. That's also why the queue of ready-to-publish episodes has run dry and that lately episodes have been finished just a few days before publication. But as it happens, there's a preview for today's Episode 582, which I'll be posting as soon as I'm done writing this reply.