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Friday, September 1, 2017

Keepin' up

Since I've been back, I'm managing to keep up with blog comments and emails. If you were waiting for a reply in the last blog post, it's there. Of course, now I've jinxed it. Speaking of blog comments, I mentioned in the last thread that Episode 600 is fast approaching and I have no real idea what I'm going to do. I got some good suggestions in the last thread, but I could always use more.

Today, Episode 582 featuring Julie and Kyle back with newbies Hope, Sparrow, and Avi in tow. The losers will have to masturbate for the winners. Of course, we've already seen newbie Avi do something much more hardcore. I did two shoots in a row, of which Avi was only supposed to be in the first, but it was at Dante's place and he begged me to bring her back for the second day. I maybe should have waited to publish the episode where she risked being DP'd until after I'd published her risking much tamer forfeits, but I didn't want to.

And hey, a promo:



Red said...

This one's for @Bammy, who asked to see more of Jennie.

I reviewed my list of available episodees and was surprised that I still had three unpublished games with Cora, AngieJo, and Jennie. I put one of them on the schedule as Episode 589. I picked Earth and Fire, so you'd be guaranteed to see her naked (and squirming with fingers in her pussy) no matter what.

But to be brutally honest (and if she ever reads this, I'm very sorry if your feelings are hurt) I think Jennie had a very rough time between 2012 when I shot her with Amber and Patrick and 2015 when I shot her with Cora and AngieJo, and her body reflects that. I think that maybe she gained a lot of weight very quickly and then lost it again just as quickly, leaving her a bit saggy in places. I hope very much that she's been taking care of herself. She told me she's getten into better shape recently and I hope it's true, for the sake of her health.

And, er, for the sake of her suitability as a naked model. In case you thought I was being kindhearted.

RS said...

I may have mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: Kyle would be a good candidate for a bush's last stand challenge. Everything below the neck! ;-)

Anonymous said...

WOW 600 episodes!!!. Very impresive. And if we add Bside+POV+unpublished.... I think I dont know count so much. I am glad because I feel part of that. Congratulations.

Ideas about the episode? I dont have, but I think that the number itself give us an idea. 6 ,male, 0 female 0 female.


Anonymous said...

Well, for episode 600, the first stupid idea to come to my mind is to do The 300 versus The 300, with themed costumes (and perhaps an appropriate game as well). Although you might have to use a bit fewer than 300 players per side to keep things sane.


Anonymous said...

Red i try to Explain here instead of in the previous blogpost.

3 couples play a Quick game Maybe high card just to speed IT up. The girls Maybe start in just panties and bra. There guys Are tied. When a girl loss they strip first item, next loss the second item, when they loss the third time she have no items to loss, then the other girls got a timer and try to get the nude girls Guy off.

Maybe 3th loss is 30 sec
4th loss is 45 sec with the Guy.

The girls must win the games because Every loss set hers Guy in troubble.
The guys must try to hold his load because Every loss set his girl in troubble


Anonymous said...

You had discussed working with Ashton again, any chance of that?

Anonymous said...

Red, it's great to see you back. Hope you're well.

I just have a couple of questions;
1) Will you be giving us some previews of what is coming in the next 2-3 weeks?
2) Do you have any Pizza Guy / Public forfeits in the pipeline?


RS said...

Potential 600 game:

Either six or ten players, half women and half guys. Assign each player a different number (1-6 or 1-10). Each round, roll a six (or ten) sided die to determine the first victim and then again to determine the second. If the same player's number comes up twice, they get to choose who the second player is. One of the players then draws a dare from a hat (or rolls dice to determine from a list). All of the dares are designed for two people to perform together regardless of the genders of the players. If both are still wearing any clothing, their dares come from a set that are very stripping-oriented (one or both are likely to remove an article of clothing, perhaps not of their choice, and there may be other mild dares involved, too). If one is naked and one still has clothing, they draw from a different set of dares that may be more interactive. If both are already naked, they draw from a third set of dares that are very interactive and even sexual.

Anonymous said...

If possible for game number 600 bring back undefeated players in an all-stars challenge. That way we could get to see some skin we have not seen before and see some very proud players have to face forfeits. You speak about corrupting players. While they may not be more corrupted by this game, they would at least have to be humbled by loosing on Lost Bets. I know it would be difficult to round up all the undefeated players. But a nice representation of the winners would be great. Especially if you could rig the game so that all the players wind up in some form of nakedness. If memory serves there are a few players who never gotten completely naked and maybe some who never even lost their tops. Maybe have only one winner so more girls have to show it all. We men always want what we cannot have so this would mark a few contestants we thought we would never see naked off our want to see list.

Old Man

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Would you ever consider using mfc models in a shoot like lauranvickers?

Also a question on Ashley and if she would ever return. Would love her to risk anal seeing she has done stuff to a lot of mens.


Riggins said...

Glad you're back, Red. An idea for the next gangbang forfeit, whether or not it's #600. As the women's clothes come off and they get closer to the end, have the guys start to take their clothes off. Make the women more nervous/excited as they see what's in store for them if they lose. How well can they concentrate on the game if they see the group of guys ready to go? Plus you give a treat to those fans who like seeing more of the guys.

Red said...

On the subject of me being back, I want to give a shout-out to everyone who's stuck with this blog over the years despite my frequent sudden absences. Thanks, y'all.

@RS: The only way there'll be another Bush's Last Day will be if Jeb or George P. or some other Bush is elected President and then leaves office. But it might be possible to get Kyle to risk being shaved, if I can rent an industrial hedge clipper for the job. The only trouble would be ensuring that he lost. I could have him in a game with several losers, which still isn't certain but would improve the odds. Or I could have shaving him be part of the game, not the forfeit. i'll think it over.

Thanks for the idea, which seems vaguely familiar, and also resembles something I've been requested to do for quite a number of years. Perhaps Episode 600 will be the time to finally do it.

@Piti: Yeah, 600. I'm amazed that we've made it this far, but I was also amazed when we hit 500, and 400, and 300, and 200, and 100 before that. I'm glad that you feel like a part of that, because you should. LostBetsd.com is what it is because of a lot of people besides just me, and sure as hell we couldn't have made it this far without you and others like you. And I've started very vagiely thinking about what I'll do for Episode 1000, 6 years from now.

@Napebaf: The idea of a bunch of hot women dueling it out with Greek and Persian armor and weapons is really appealing, but I doubt I could get a venue big enough to hold 600 playere, let alone the players themselves. But keep the ideas coming :-)

@swedishguy: I get it now, and I like it. I may or may not use it for Episode 600, but I'll probably use it at some point.

@Anon 10:08 (please sign your posts): Unfortunately (and to my deep regret) Ashton hasn't been answering my messages. As I always say, never say never but don't hold your breath.

@Thefoxer: I can do both of those.

Episode 583 will feature Carmen and Dylan playing Torange. The loser is bound to the cross and played with, and had a remote control vibrator inserted for the next game.

Episode 584 is one that I'm publishing because of popular demand, but reluctantly. It stars Addie, Ashley, Conor, Kylie, Mouna. Richard, and Selah. I've resisted publishing the games with Kylie because I just didn't like her, but the cast does contain some real all-stars, and maybe thus ine was better than I renenber.

Episode 585 has our amateur fans Cal, Gemma, and Marcy playing their second game. Like I usually do with new players, the first game resulted in exposure and embarrassment, and the secondf is where it starts to get a little sexual. Last time the losers exposed themselves for the camera for this first time. This time, one will be showing the camera their orgasm.

The game from 582 will be back in Episode 586. The loser gets bound to the cross and mercilessly tickled, but... well, no spoilers, but let's just say that the loser lost control.

If you like Avi, she's back in Episode 587 along with the rest of the gang from Episode 580. Boy-girl forfeit for this one.

By request, Episode 588 has Tyler in it. Also Tobi, Dylan, and Sassy. Beer pong is the game, WAM is the shame. Honestly, I should've published these awhile ago.

By request, Episode 589 has Jennie in it, as well as Cora and AngieJo. The forfeit (spanking) is relatively tame, but the forcedw orgasm endured by the loser in a game of Earth and Fire is not.

And by your request, Episode 590 ends with a very lucky (and very happy) pizza delivery dude. Seriously, he was more excited I've seen any of our pizza dudes get.

That's the whole queue for now.

Red said...

@Old Man: Somebody (@RS, maybe? I'm deeply sorry that I don't remember who) sent me a list one of the undefeated players, with the same idea of pitting them against each other. I can dig it up if need be. The problem, though, is that most of the undefeateds just haven't played very many games, and if they didn't play many games I probably met them and shot them for only a few hours, which means chances are good that I'll never see them again. But speaking just for myself, I'd rather rather see some beloved veterans tthan try to track down girls we haven't seen very much of but also haven't seen very often.

@JS: I'd certainly consider having a camgirl as a player. Why not? I haven't tried to recruit tehm because most of them don't show their locations and I really only want to recruit girls who are local or at least nearby.

Ashley is definitely retired and not coming back. Sad.

@Riggins: That reminds me of some Japanese videos I've seen, where the loser of a contest endures bukkake, and the gentlemen who'll be doing the honors are surrounding them during the game, hooting and hollering and masturbating. Talk about making it hard to concentrate! It's a good idea and I like it, even if I don't end up using it for 600. 400 was a pretty good gangbang, but it was also a long time ago. More needed.

Anonymous said...

one of my favorites was the 10 player spinner for a gangbang (Starli was the loser). i appreciated the randomness of it, and knowing that every player knew the odds were in her favor... until it wasnt. lol
and none of them were pro girls, made it better.

would be good to see more along this line for #600, but maybe add some bondage and/or public humiliation/embarassment to the forfeit.

just my 2cents..


Viredae said...

Hey Red, the latest episode is great, can't wait to see more of Hope, Sparrow and Avi, especially Sparrow and Avi, one for her personality and the other for her looks, I'll leave you to decide which is which.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

A couple of thoughts for #600:

1) Some people have brought up that it would be interesting to see an 'alternate reality' of some past games. Bring in 3 sets of two girls each who have competed in past games. Have them compete in the same game (if possible), but rig it so the other girl will win (and don't let them know). Keep the forfeit a mystery if you can --- the forfeit will be the same forfeit that the original loser suffered, but doubled. (E.g. if the original loser got paddled 10 times, the tables will be turned and the new loser will get 20 swats.)
I'm thinking #323 Salem and Fern - this time Fern will walk the crotchrope twice the number of times (preferably with hands tied behind her back so she can't cheat - and maybe also with Salem having some fun with her), #513 ... Tomiko gets to spank Rachel for twice as long as she was spanked, and #529... Adrienne gets to paddle Desiree. As a backup, maybe have one of the games that included a sybian forfeit reprised - this time the loser is tied to the sybian and she's not released until she comes twice (or the winner decides to have mercy on her). Adding nipple clamps to the forfeit(s) would be awesome too!

2) A while back, I mentioned "Lost Bets Olympics". That might be fun with a few tweaks. Here's a link to the blog post that I commented on with the details: http://blog.lostbets.com/2015/07/good-things-come-in-small-packages.html

3) Another thing that might be fun is to have a charity auction. Have two (or more) girls with few limits compete in a game in front of an audience (maybe 10-15 people if possible). The loser will have to raise $600 for the charity of the winner's choice. The catch is that the winner will decide what to auction off and how much to charge. As a warm up for the auction - to get the audience interested - have the loser's hands tied behind her back and have her blindfolded - she has to mingle with the crowd for a while while they are free to grope and fondle her (and maybe pass a paddle around to give her some swats).

Also, a couple of general forfeits I've suggested before:
-- I'd love to see clover nipple clamps used in / as a forfeit - possibly with additional weights added for losing the game by a larger margin.
-- I'd like to see a girl put in the stockade from #374 as a forfeit - she'll play high/low for an entire deck of cards -- each time she guesses wrong, the winner gets to swat her ass 3x with the LB paddle.


mismanager said...


You talk about undefeated players. Georgia does not fall into that category but she must be the only player to finish a game of Earth and Fire with bra and panties intact, even after losing a round. I blame the producer as well as the other players! Poor do.

Red said...

@shredder: The shoots that produced Episode 306 (and also 301, 310, 314, 319, and 324) was one of my favorites. I'd really like to arrange another very large shoot but so far the opportunity hasn't presented itself yet. And I hate to talk about money, but it's an issue. Ever since Google stopped accepting ads from sites like this one, revenue has plummeted, and big shoots are expensive. Unfortunately I have to take that into consideration.

By the wey, please don't read that as a reproach to anyone reading this. The people who read the blogt are most likely to have financially support us, and I'm extremely grateful for that. It's just a pity that many who would love this content don't know about it because the most popular search engine on the planet decided to stop letting us pay them to tell people who've expressed interest in this kind of content about us.

@Viredae: I'm glad you like the newbies, and we have Julie to thank for them. (They're all her friends). I owe that girl so much. And the good news is there's more to come of them.


The "alternate reality" idea sounds great, but I see a couple of serious problems. There's the issue of rigging the games, for example. Not only do I really dislike doing that, but a lot of the games just can't really be rigged. And of the riggable ones, even fewer can be rigged without the players knowing. On those rare occasions when I'm forced to rig a game for one reason or another, what I usually do is have the players play the game normally and with as much competitive spirit as they can muster, because whoever wins gets a cash bonus. Then, if the "wrong" player wins, we rewind time and play it again, this time with the outcome fixed.

I really like this method of predetermining an outcome because it works for any game and it motivates the players to try to win, but obviously it can't be done without the players knowing about it. In fact, it's hard to see how you can guarantee any outcome without the players knowing about it. For example, if we stack a deck of cards, a player might spontaneously decide to shuffde, or play out of order, both of which happen frequently. Plus, there are ethical questions about forcing a girl to lose without her knowledge. (Or a boy, for that matter.) So I think we'd have to throw out the "and don't let them know" part. But we could still not tell them about the forfeits.

Red said...

The bigger problem, though, is getting the players back. A lot of them don't do this kind of thing anymore. I've lost contact with several. And many of them (like Tomiko and Rachel and Adrienne and Desiree) played with us on one of the trips last week's blog post was about. It can be really tough or even impossible to get past players together again.

And once I have them together, then what? When we do a shoot, we shoot several games with the same player in one day. Do I shoot alternate versions of every game they played the last time they were together? If so, that means a whole day of rigging games, and I hate doing it even once. Or do I do just one alternate version per set of players? If so, that'd take forever and be even more difficult to arrange. And I don't really like doing multiple shoots with the exact same players. I prefer to mix things up. Variety, y'know.

All of this was a really, really wordy way to say "nah, I don't think do." The long period of silence has hurt my average words per week, so I neede to be wordy to restore it.

LostBets Olympics: I'm actually very much considering something like this. Maybe not with all your details, but something like this.

Charity Auction: I think that just about every charity would politely decline the donation. Being associated with sites like ours tends to depress donations from other sources.

Clover clamps: I actually had to look these up. They sound cool, but the Wikipedia page also makes them sound very painful. I'm planning a shoot for later this month and I'll see if the girls would be up for it. They just might be.

Stockade: Y'know, I'm not sure we still have that stockade. I'll have to look for it.

Red said...

@mismanager: You're right, of course, and I'm sorry. I blame two things: first, my reluctance to break in and interrupt a game, especially a game like Earth and Fire, and second, the seeming inability of these girls to take direction. That wasn't the only time they disregarded explicit instructions. The outcome of Episode 546 was supposed to be very different, too.

Anonymous said...

I understand the difficulties of my initial request. And this one may be difficult as well, but hopefully less so. Of the players that keep in touch with you and have had tight limits in the past, maybe the big 600 episode would tempt them to do something historic and loosen their limits. Maybe even a little. If some have never masturbated on camera but would be willing to risk it for the special occasion. Or never risked boy / girl before but would for this special occasion. I know some players (Julie the best example) have gotten bolder as time goes on.

Another suggestion would be for the girls with tighter limits to play with a male audience. The males in the audience would be the ones to strip the clothing off the players and be able to grope the girl he takes the clothes off of. I am fairly sure you have enough customers in your area who would be willing to participate. It would only take three or four or as many males as players. You could even make it coed and have ladies take the clothing off males if it were determined you must have males in the game. (If the girls will not allow groping at least having a stranger undress her should make for an interesting response.)

Old Man

Anonymous said...

I agree with Shredder, the group ones were great...but Red, I think some gangbang forfeit would be just as good with smaller groups...you don't need a TON of people. My favorite runs were the ones with Sassy, where the loser risked a gangbang. But there were only four women there, that was just fine. And then the next run with Sassy where the forfeits were different degrees of hardcore were great too, where she finally lost. I think the best part is semi-amateurs (I know some of them are pro models) in group settings, but the groups can still be a bit small.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Red said...

@Old Man: I definitely like the idea of having an audience to watch the games and add to the embarrassment of the girls, but haven't done it since YBYA. Maybe for 600 I'll put forth extra effort to make it happen. As for talking girls into expanding their limits, the only one I know really for sure was open to it was Indigo, and she wasn't very popular. Kendall, maybe. And most of my players these days don't really have many limits to begin with, at least not with other girls. I think girls in general have gotten more free with what they'll do on camera over the years, which is both a good and a bad thing.

@GWKS: Most of the players we shoot locally are either total amateurs or at most semi-professional models. (And even of the latter group, many of them only took that path after appearing at LostBets.com naked for the first time.) We did a gangbang (and a pretty good one, I thought) for Episode 400 but haven't done one since and need to bring that back. Even if we don't do it for Episode 600, I'll try to do it soonl.

Anonymous said...

I liked Indigo!

Guy Who Knows Stuff