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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Gents (and the few ladies who grace us with their presence),

I've been making an effort to stay current on blog comments and emails but over the last few days I've fallen behind on both. The reason is that I'd been planning a two-day shoot for this very weekend, and I had a couple of last-minute cancellations, I've been scrambling to find replacement players.

Fortunately, I managed to get players lined up. But I could use your help choosing games and forfeits for them. The easy one is Saturday, with DylanSassy, and newcomer Geneva, who I think will be making her first appearance ever on video. She looks pretty cute, too, at least in her photos. She sounded pretty nervous about exposing herself to the world. Dylan and Sassy, both extreme extroverts, will probably eat her alive. Let me know if you have any ideas for games and forfeits, but really, with this trio it pretty much writes itself.

But I could really use help with the earlier shoot, on Friday. It's hard to come up with good forfeits for these three. They include Dylan, who will play on both Friday and Saturday because she recruited the other two players They're both also inexperienced and are too nervous to play without her. (Besides, she's Dylan. 'Nuff said.)  So it'll be Dylan with two new girls. Two hot new girls.Two hot Brazilian new girls, with copper skin and thick accents. Two hot Brazilian sisters. Dylan knew the older one, and when her younger sister heard about it, she wanted to play too.

That's pretty awesome. After all who doesn't like hot exotic sisters? But it's not an unmixed blessing. It restricts the available forfeits. The sisters won't do anything sexual to each other, which would be against the law anyway. This ain't New Jersey, after all. (Look it up.) So I need forfeits that can't involve the sisters having sex with each other.

I think that spanking and tickling would be okay with them. I'm checking, but they might really like the opportunity to give their sister a nice hard spanking, or to tickle her bound body to madness. And I think that they'd risk submitting to Dylan, if not each other.  In that case, I'll have the two of them play a game where the loser is bound to the bed and Dylan can ride her face. I'm sure Dylan would enjoy that and really do a good job of showing the loser the price for losing. Maybe she could toy with the loser's pussy while she rode. It might not happen, but I'm sure going to try my best.

But those are only two or three forfeits, and I need more. Ideas? I'll also take any interesting ideas for three-player games. I've come up with a new one called That's What She Said that I'm looking forward to trying.

By the way, keep your ideas simple, please. So many of the suggestions I get involve games and forfeits that are either fantastically complex  or would take hours to complete. It's unfortunate, because these ideas clearly take a lot of thought and time to generate, but most of them just aren't feasible. 

Oh, and Episode 586 is getting published on Friday. Cal, Gemma, and Marcy have been quite popular, and we take things up a notch for their second game. (Actually, it's Gemma's and Marcy's second game. Cal sits this one out.) When newcomers to video come before my camera, I usually follow a progression. The first game involves a non-sexual but revealing forfeit, and the second adds a simple element of sexuality. That's almost always masturbation, but this time I mix it up.  Sure, masturbating in front of the crowd is embarrassing, but both the arousal and the climax can easily be faked. But if somebody else did the masturbation, it'd be much harder for the loser to resist both arousal and climax. So either Gemma or Marcy ends up straddling an armchair, her body quaking uncontrollably as the winner massages her clit with her thumb and plumbs her pussy with her fingers, driving her closer and closer to the breaking point.

Anyway, yeah. So bring on the ideas. I'll use what I can. I've got just over a day to make the whole plan.


Unknown said...

No guys? Brazilian guys are the best, if they have a friend.

Rene said...

The game? Twister is good for 3 players.

Anatomy lesson, naked yoga poses, shaving. Not very original I'm afraid.

I'll give it some thought and get back to you soon.

Anonymous said...

For the game without Dylan as an active participant, Body Shots with Dylan as the target, and spanking/paddling as the forfeit. And of course Dylan gets to join in on the fun, as compensation for putting in her time on the cross.

Better still, make the initial forfeit a spanking competition between Dylan and the winner, and the loser of that contest gets paddled by the remaining two players.


Andrew Breckler said...

For a forfeit one of my favorites from your early days: baby oil. For a game it would have to be a later game, but another of my favorites is: body shots.

Jason Pinaster said...

Possible suggestions:

1. Have the two sisters compete to see who gets Dylan. Either darts with Dylan bound, or a strip game.
2. Variant: Dylan gets one sister. The sisters have to compete to avoid being Dylan's victim.
3. Dylan wants the younger Sister. The other tries to play Dylan to protect her sister. If Dylan loses, the older sister gets to have her way with Dylan

Anonymous said...


In general I like your game selection, although I think perhaps you've been high on luck over skill games recently - maybe that's worth a look?

For forfeits:
-Someone suggested taking pictures with the losers phone and sending them to contacts in the phone, which I liked.
-Especially with the new girls, what if the forfeit was a loser had compromising photos distributed to the internet as in the game a while back with Amber? Perhaps also for the promo the loser isn't allowed to cover up?
-Losers get measurements taken / announce their bra size.
-Beauty contest. Two losers are compared and rated in categories (I think we can both imagine the good ones). I think you need the right mix of people because I don't think anyone wants it to tip into too mean (I thought "announce your weight" was a titch mean), but with a couple attractive losers, it's the right amount of embarrassing for them to pose so they can be compared and scored. You might consider having the losers predict who will win or establish a point spread, and then have a third party score (maybe someone like Dante or the winner) with that loser getting an additional forfeit (you need the bet because you don't want to just hand the forfeit to the lower score, you'd almost prefer higher score to do it!). This would actually work better with four players, where the two winners each wager on a loser against a spread, and then one of the winners gets the added forfeit.
-I think yoga might be a little overdone? It is good, but maybe mix up between that and losers have to pose how winner says with jumping jacks, spread legs, bend over, etc. Anatomy lesson works well too -- narrating adds a level.


Bammy said...

What about a sybian race between the sisters? They don't touch each other and whoever loses gets spanked.

Anonymous said...

wet and messy forfeits are always good, maybe to change it up you could have the loser who receives the wet and messy go outside/run around the house naked and covered with goop, or have then get covered outside, could make it extra embarrassing for the loser and is something i don't think has been done before here. as for games, strip poker and strip twister are always good, i do like the strip trivia games as well not sure if you will have time to set if up for this shoot though.
is there any chance of getting Carmen back for more games with Dylan, she is awesome and makes every clip a definite buy for me
Mark Hill

Anonymous said...

i think you've done blow-job races before, but what about a lady analog? first sister to make dylan cum gets to watch as dylan spanks/tickles/fucks her sister with a strap on? think of it as a modified earth/wind/fire, where the victim stays the same and the assailant rotates. wouldn't have to be oral only, of course.

another legal e/w/f modification would be a three-way masturbation race. obviously a convincing fake would be a problem, but it could still be fun to watch. losers could share an ice bath to cool them down? and the first person to bail on the bath gets spanked by winner and other loser?

for straight punishments that will reach the harder limits of these girls without crossing lines or laws:
- obviously loser solo masturbation, including maybe taped-on vibe torture
- body writing. sisters would be pretty vicious at this, might be worth a revisit.
- insertion humiliation. loser inserts a long dildo and lies down to be the target of a ring game etc. or maybe a spread-leg (or ass) version of the pain gun game. this would be a penalty, not a second game. all the cast/friends/whoever would be invited to take some shots.

this is fun, but i'll need to see some feedback to make sure i'm on the right track before i get too far down a rabbit hole.


Riggins said...

Like Andrew said above, baby oil. Strip memory, two losers, baby oil rubbed on breasts. If Dylan and a sister lose, then maybe they rub it on each other. If the two sisters lose, they probably don't but it will be nice to look at anyway.

René said...

I've given it some thought. The winners take high resuolution pictures of the loser, zooming in on the parts that people are not so proud of: cellulite, birth marks, etc.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see another forced dancing video. Or a submission forfeit like in 456 when Candle tied up Lizzy and Rachel.


Unknown said...

Agree with last comment, submission. Remember I am an armbinder fan.
For the games. I love wheel of torment, but maybe you could change the mini forfeit. Maybe tickling, handcuff games...


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Long time lurker SPOT here, looks like I checked back in at an opportune time. You've got a chance to fulfill a bit of a long-time fantasy here, which actually always required sisters.

A certain number of strokes is determined. Maybe 40? 60? Not sure; but the girls take turns playing with Dylan's lubricated cock for the designated number of strokes, while pointing his dick right at their own nose. The game, is to bring Dylan as close to orgasm as possible on your turn, without making a mess all over yourself. This way when your sister takes over, she'll get covered in cum. Possibly something extra if/to make them hold open their mouth...

Simple premise, sexy concept. The girl who's not in the danger zone, can do anything she wants to help him finish on her sister--except touch his cock. Maybe once he starts to cum then she can step in and ensure her sister gets good and covered. Dylan has to be horny as fuck for this to work right though--it should be the first time he gets to get off in the party.

Just my two cents


ForfeitFan said...

I second LSD's recommendation... Body shots --> paddling contest --> Loser gets paddled by the other two.

One possible variant that I've mentioned before - how about the loser of the paddling contest is put in the stocks or strapped to the cross, then she has to play a game of high/low. She has to work her way through the whole deck and each time she guesses wrong, she gets a swat from each of the other girls.

Anonymous said...

I personally would like to see tickling with the loser tied to a bed or table. This provides opportunities to incorporate other forfeits as well such as vibrating/riding to please multiple people.

-Tom D.

Englishman said...

Forfeits: Spanking is always good. Maybe the loser apologises for everything she has ever done wrong to her sister between swats with a heavy paddle or something. :)

Also, how about bringing back the rope walk? Loser has to walk along a rope at waist height, with a few knots in it.... could be a nice bit of submission!

René said...

Hello Red,

The shoot should be finished by now. Did you use any of our suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Hi -somepersonoverthere

Think You need to look at Dylans picture :)


Anonymous said...

Have girls compete in a race I would call it waitressrace while they are tied up with a dinner tray on their back. On the tray there is a pot.
You should tie up the girls in a frog tie position like this one:

Then the girls must race till a fpoint where the pot is filled with water. Then they must reverse and race from to the starting line where the water is poured in a larger pot. First girl to fill up her pot with water wins. Other girls get cut off one article of clothing.
Then you start the next round. You play until a nude girl loses again.
The nude looser stays tied to the mercy of the winners.


Anonymous said...


my comment without links cause I got deleted several times

Have girls compete in a race while they are tied up.
You can choose a position each girl is tied to. I think the crab tie ist the most sexy way to do this game.

Then the girls must race till a finish line. Then they must reverse and race from the finish line to the starting line. The girl who is the last back at the starting line gets cut off one article of clothing.
Then you start the next round. You play until a nude girl loses again.
The nude looser stays tied to the mercy of the winners.

You can choose between the following positions described on
- Frogtie
- crab tie
- Japanese Reverse Prayer
- Crossbow
- Classic Damsel
- Box Tie
- Hogtie
- Balltie
- Waitress
- Double V
- Box-tie Balltie


Anonymous said...


my comment again cause I got deleted several times

Have girls compete in a race I would call it waitressrace while they are tied up with a dinner tray on their back. On the tray there is a pot.
You should tie up the girls in a doggy style position with her feet spread wide.

Then the girls must race till a fpoint where the pot is filled with water. Then they must reverse and race from to the starting line where the water is poured in a larger pot. First girl to fill up her pot with water wins. Other girls get cut off one article of clothing.
Then you start the next round. You play until a nude girl loses again.
The nude looser stays tied to the mercy of the winners.


Anonymous said...

You could use something like this for the doggy style tied race.


Anonymous said...

does Dylan have anything else online?