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Friday, September 15, 2017

I owe you guys an apology

A really, really big apology.

Background: in 2013 I did a shoot featuring some of our most popular and requested players: Ashley, Addie, and Mouna. They also featured Selah less popular but still charming, and newcomer Kylie. They were also co-ed affairs, with Conor and Richard. But I never published the episodes, because I recall them as being bad. I don't like publishing material I think is bad.  Despite this, though, people have been clamoring to see them for years despite my protests that they were not good. And they did turn out to be the last material I'll ever get with some of these girls.

So I relented and started publishing them, and you know what, they weren't that bad. Not nearly as bad as I thought they'd be. That happens a lot when I think a shoot went poorly. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now. So, without further ado, I present "not that bad" Episode 584,

And I took a peek at the other two games from the set, and they looked like they might actually be good. I've put them on the schedule as Episodes 592 and 595. So to everyone who's been waiting to see more of these top-notch girls, I apologize for making you wait so long. (I also apologize that I didn't realize that they were worth publishing until the queue was fairly long and so these two are so far out.) Ah well. Anticipation makes it sweeter, am I right?

(Seriously, sorry. At least Episode 584 lets you see a lot of their bodies, which will hopefully tide you over until November.)


Kevin said...

I still do not see the video posted

Bammy said...

It's now been posted.

I'm probably not gonna buy this one though (after reading about the forfeit), But don't worry I'm just waiting for the other games in November. I hear they are a bit more interesting and hopefully the results are better! (in terms of who loses)

OD 99x said...

A totally unrelated question. I was looking through my list of games, yeah I have a spread sheet to track what I've bought and what I want to buy and yes that's weird, and there doesn't appear to be an episode 531 or 568. Did you just skip these numbers by mistake or is there a bigger story?

Andrew Breckler said...

I have an idea for 600, play a game that you started the site with, like strip four in a row. Then have the loser act as naked host/hostess for a dinner party celebrating 600. It does not even have to be more then your crew and the other player/players.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I posted a few months an idea for a spanking forfeit, could you tell me what you think of it?
In case of a 4 player game: they play until they have two losers, then the winners play a quick RPS to decide their victims. Each winner take her loser over her knee and start spanking until one of the losers say "mercy".
The "weak spanker" has to take 20 strokes with the paddle (10 from the brave spankee, 10 from the big spanker)
The "soft spankee" has to endure another punishment: public exposure of the red bottom, vibrator or anal plug to be kept during the next game, being tied up for a body shot game but this time from the back with the red bottom serving as a target etc.
In case of a 2 player game: same idea but the winner has a set amount a time (5 minutes?) to get the loser to say "mercy". If she succeeds, then the loser has to suffer the punishment. If she fails, she takes the vibrator or the anal plug (or any other forfeit).
Download is complete. Time to watch 584!
Congratulations on the great work.

Anonymous said...

I've just watched it and liked it. There is a great dynamic between the players and the game is fun. However, I have two remarks:
- the tickling forfeit looks a bit down (especially if you compare it with the one Lizzy suffered in episode 422!). In my opinion, the problem with hogtie tickling is that you don't have access to the armpits so you need to focus on the feets. One suggestion to make it more effective: you could oil the loser's feets and then tickle them with hairbrushes or massage gloves, you should get much more reaction!
- the spankings during the game,way too soft when it was a girl taking it. I don't know if they had other shoots that day and did not want their butts to be red. If that was the case, you should have cancelled the spanking forfeit and replaced it with something else. It just doesn't work in my opinion, especially with Addie who can receive or give pain like no one else (Simon knows!!).
Finally, here is a suggestion to avoid clothed mini forfeits: you start the game with everyone naked and replace "safe" with "exit ticket". When a player has 3 exit tickets, she can get dressed and just participate in the forfeits. Last player naked is the loser. Not really a stripping game but it would avoid clothed yoga poses! You could also replace the 'strip' cases with other forfeits:
-1 minute with a vibrator
-2 strokes with the paddle
-nipple clamps (until it is her turn again)
-crab walk
-ice on the boobs

Anonymous said...

Glad to see a tickling forfeit, I'll have to check this one out! To add on to the above, perhaps a forfeit involving being tied to a bed or table will allow more access to the victim and perhaps multiple forfeits in addition to the tickling such as vibrating. But I personally love the foot tickling as well and always look for it in any clip :)


René said...

Hi Red,

Can you tell us a bit about 592 and 595? The forfeit is not b/g I bet(?)

Red said...

@Kevin: Crap. It actually was published on time but I accidentally sorted it as 548 rather than 584. My bad.

@Bammy: You sure as hell don't have to apologize for not buying a clip. I've said all along that I'd much rather have somebody not buy a clip than buy it and be disappointed. That's why the clip descriptions often explicitly say what I didn't like about an episode. And as for disappointing results, that's one of the reasons I didn't care for this series. But I think the outcome of 592 will be much more to everyone's liking.

@OD 99x: Thanks for pointing that out! Episode 531 (Strip Screw Your Neighbor with Anneliese, Cierra, Desiree and Kasady ft Jay) had been on the clip store but was auto-disabled by Clips4Sale because its system thought the file was corrupted. C4S kindly avoided cluttering my inbox by NOT TELLING ME ABOUT IT or anything. It should be back up now. On the other hand, Episode 568 (Strip Pirate Penguins with Gracie and Roxy) is and was available. I'm not sure what the problem is there.

By the way, it's awesome that you've bought so many clips that you need a spreadsheet to keep track of them all. You've been around long enough to have heard me say this many times, but I'm endlessly grateful to you and the others who've made it possible for this site to continue for so long.

@Andrew Breckler: Interesting idea. Having the loser be a naked hostess would be cool. (Or a naked cleaning lady, which is another idea we've discussed.) None of the crew would want to be in front of the camera, but that's a minor hurdle.

@Froggy: I love the idea of a paddling until the loser cries for mercy. It cna sometimes be a challege to get a girl to give a proper spanking to a loser (since most of them are nice people) and having an incentive for a girl to smack as hard as she can would work well.

Thanks very much for the compliments but thanks even more for the criticism. This is something else I've said before but it bears repeating: while I love being told how awesome I am (who wouldn't?), criticism is much more helpful. I'm always trying to improve, and knowing what people don't like is the best way to do that. Please, everyone, if there's something I could be doing better, tell me about it!

I agree about both the tickling and the spankings. Like I said before, the players tend to be too nice when spanking girls. (Richard, on the other hand, got it pretty good and you could tell when he lost his underwear.) And for the tickling, hogties were really the wrong choice for that one. The suggestions for how to improve the tickling are very helpful.

As for having the girls start Wheel of Torment naked, I was also thinking of replacing the mini-forfeits with strip-or-forfeit, so if the player isn't naked they have to take off a piece of clothing rather than doing the forfeit. (The wheel is broken anyway, so I'll have to buy another before I use the game again.)

@Tyler: Unfortunately, like I said, I don't think the tickling worked that well this time. If you bought the clip anyway, I hope you're not too disappointed. Episode 586 might be more to your liking.

And this builds on what I was telling @Froggy above. Tickling is cute and funny and even sexy but it doesn't especially turn me on. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm always shooting for variety and I've published plenty of forfeits that weren't my favorite fetishes. But whenever I shoot a forfeit that isn't really my "thing", I worry about making it appeal to those who are into that. If it's not erotic to me, how can I really know what makes it erotic to others? So comments like yours about what makes tickling sexy to you are extremely helpful. So thanks.

Red said...

@Rene: Sure. 592 is a game of Screw Your Neighbor to two losers. The losers have to do a Sybian race, with them each sitting on a Sybian and trying to make the other cum while resisting being forced to orgasm themselves. The loser of that race has to open her pussy with a speculum and show it what looks like right after it cums.

The two losers from 592 don't actually play in 595 but have a special role. They'll be topless, with their tits covered in whipped cream. The players try to lick their chests clean, and whoever finishes last gets double-teamed by the guys. So yes, there is B/G.

René said...

Seems good Red. Can't wait.

So actually it's better to lose in 592, because in 595 the stakes are higher. Were the players aware of this before playing 592?

Red said...

Rene: Well, just please keep in mind that while I should've published these sooner, I did avoid them for a reason. I won't know until we have the finished product, but keep your expectations low.

No, the players did not know the plan for 595 before playing 592, but I wonder whether losing 592 would be optimal anyway. Even if you don't have to risk the double teaming, you still have to sit on the powerful Sybian and clench your teeth, trying to avoid losing control in front of everyone. And if that control slips, you'll have a humiliating forced orgasm while everyone cheers you on, and then you'll have to give them the most explicit view of your privates possible, your pussy still swollen and slick from the orgasm. It might be better to take the risk of the latter than the certainty of the former, especially if you've got confidence in your tit-licking ability.

René said...

As you asked for it.

What I do like: b/g forfeit (so, please more of it). What I don't like: anal and more guys on 1 girl. What I do like: more girls losing a b/g forfeit with 1 guy each. We hardly see that. About b/g action: more position in a scene; sometimes there is just 1 or 2.

What I do like and haven't seen in a long time: twister, memory. Both with 3 girls at least.

What I don't like: fake breasts (except maybe on Grace, a boob job well done), fat girls, girls with tattoos all over. What I do like: natural girls, nicely shaped with little or no tattoos or piercings. Girl next door.

What I do like: promos of upcoming shoots. Maybe even a buildup: first a picture, a week later promo video. Where have the introduction scenes of new girls gone to?

What I would like to see: emotion of the losers, before and after the forfeit. Certainly when doing b/g on camera for the first time. Let us see ifthey are nervous, anxious or not at all.

A radical idea: a multi angle scene, where the viewer can switch camera any time he likes. Should be possible technically, but I've never seen it.

Less radical: a live broadcast of a shoot.

Hope this feedback helps.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Couple ideas! One for a forfeit and one for 600.

-Have you ever done a cum swallowing or bukkake forfeit? I think that'd be great.

-For 600, I had a couple kinda crazy ideas:
1) what about a big "pee-holding" challenge? Over the course of several games, everyone has to finish a tall drink (water or otherwise), and the loser has to drink 2. For the last game of the day, you play something athletic, like pod-stomp, where the losers have to keep drinking until someone pees their pants and is then the loser. The final forfeit after that game would have to be determined by the limits of the competitors but there are a bunch that would work, I think!

2) Rent a dungeon and a pro dominatrix who can dish out some hard bondage and strict/painful forfeits! I'd love to see some of our players trying to win a card game while a scary latex lady with a whip waited fiendishly in the wings...

Thanks for seeking all the feedback! Especially when it comes to tickling, which I also love. I'll say this about how it's produced when it really works for me: it's when the bondage is tight and strict, and when the models really squeal and struggle. Tickle Abuse is a good example, and so is Zen Tickling.

Thanks again. You're awesome.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

The promo posted in this post is for episode 582. Could you post the promo for 584? Thanks!


OD 99x said...

Red Mystery solved you have 568 listed as 578 on the site so if you search for 568 you can't find it. its in the right spot just has the wrong number in the text. Only someone OCD about their porn would spot it.

RS said...

I like the Strip or Torment games. The suggestion of stripping (if it's not a strip someone else spot) if you have clothes, doing a penalty if you're naked is a good one. You can set a rule like after doing three penalties, you're out on the fourth and will have to do the Big Forfeit. You could have one as Strip or Out instead of Strip or Forfeit, but it might take too long for people to land on it.

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff Red. Agree with all the comments about having more male contestants to make this more interesting and feel more real, mixed. Love having them risk pegging or humiliation. Also, read your idea of having them tied... what if it was reversed and the girlfriend was tied to see her man used/pegged for the first time? Thanks for the awesome content, as alwways. Love, T

Nutz said...

I'd love to see April return, hopefully for more b/g footage. Love a redhead.

Bob said...

Hey Red, I know I've asked for it before but I'll ask again, any ball busting in the mix? Especially ballbusting POV's?


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

As always I will reiterate my love of the mini forfeits. Realized how fun the games with the wheel are along with my wish for mini forfeits in memory with the cards. Along with the ones you have done pie in the face and wedgies are some more options. I realized I love they games where some players get to choose others to strip so keep those coming. Finally, i know its logistically challenging but getting old favorites together is always awesome, thinking zayda, tobi, ashley, piper, kym, Jluie and others who play so many games would be a great way to celebrate a land mark.

As a big fan of the wet and messy, I love the pie game episode. One sad part is the lack of power of that you game. I love the randomness mess. You could always have a player who chooses not to participate or a guy spin a wheel (maybe a twister wheel) while they all face the other direction and pie or mess the loser showing them they need to strip. This is a way to do the same game but not worry about the toy not having much power.

Finally thank you for your responses to comments you certainly make it fun to give feedback and hear about whats upcoming.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of spreadsheets, I've been keeping my own for Lostbets girls in terms of win/loss records. I saw earlier a discussion about bringing back undefeated players for episode 600. I know that you have difficulty bringing certain people back Red but I thought I could provide you with some stats on the best winning players (based on at least 10 games played, because as you mentioned Red some girls have a great percentage due to the lack of games played?.

Best Winning Percentage (more than 10 games played)
1.Erica 10W/1L - 90.91%
2.Star 10W/2L - 83.33%
3.Addie 18W/6L - 75.00%
4.Zayda 17W/6L - 73.91%
5.Dakota 10W/4L - 71.43%
6.Ana Molly 7W/3L - 70.00%
7.Catherine 11W/5L - 68.75%
8.Tobi 21W/13L - 61.76%
9.Bailey 6W/4L - 60.00%
10.Zahara 6W/4L - 60.00%
11.Belle 10W/7L - 58.82%
12.Ashley 34W/24L - 58.62%
13.Kym 7W/5L - 58.33%
14.Ashton 15W/11L - 57.69%
15.Elizabeth 9W/7L - 56.25%

Of course you could go by amount of games played or won etc., but I feel that winning percentage is a good indicator based on amount of games played as well.

- The Pin

Anonymous said...

This clip is underrated. I'd pay 20 bucks to just see Mouna walk around topless for 20 minutes. And the view on Addie during the spankings is fantastic. Sure it was a bit subdued at times but it seemed like nervous energy which is genuine. Great variety of girls. The wheel worked well. I'd add one that is a wild card in which the other players choose.

Again, well done