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Friday, September 8, 2017

Land of Lovers

Dylan is back along with her Latin friend Carmen, and hoo boy. I generally tell the players before a shoot to try to get into the games, to be competitive and try their hardest to win, and geez, did these two take that suggestion to heart. Few players get into the spirit as much Dylan and Carmen, few do as much trash-talking and taunting, few are more pissed off to lose. Also, few players are as high-energy as these firecrackers. See for yourself today in Episode 538. This is a prequel of sorts to Episode 567, so if you've seen that one, sorry, you've been spoiled.

In the last blog thread I was asked about the upcoming schedule. I responded with a list of the next several episodes. But some of you might not read the comments but would sill like to know what's coming up, so here's what we've got to look forward to.

I didn't really want to publish Episode 584 but I'm doing it because of popular demand. It stars Addie, Ashley, Conor, Kylie, Mouna. Richard, and Selah, which is admittedly an all-star cast, full of favorites we haven't seen in awhile and will probably never see again. My memory of this game, though, is that it wasn't very good. But my memory about these things has been wrong before, so we'll see.

LostBets.com fans Cal, Gemma, and Marcy are back in Episode 585 for their second game, With new players, I usually have them first play a game resulting in exposure and embarrassment for the losers, and then start to ramp things up sexually with the second game, That's what I did with these three. Last time the losers were exposed to the world on camera for the first time, and also took a paddling. This time, the loser has to show everyone their O-face as they cum for all to see.

The gang from Episode 582 (Kyle, HopeSparrow, Julie, and Avi) proved to be very popular, and they'll be back in Episode 586 The loser gets bound to the cross and mercilessly tickled by the other four. Being tickled by four people at once while bound and unable to move can be a lot to take, and the loser lost control.

Avi is back again in Episode 587 with Lydia and Cass, If you've been waiting for a boy-girl forfeit, here you go. Dante and Thomas  are standing by to have their way with the losers.

Commenter @Monkey on the blog has been quite insistent that he see more Tyler, so that's what we'll get in Episode 588. Dylan is involved too, as are Sassy and Tobi. Beer pong is the game, wet and messy is the shame. Honestly, I should've published this one awhile ago.

Commenter @Bammy wanted more of Jennie, so she'll be in Episode 589 with AngieJo and Cora. @Bammy felt that Jennie didn't lose often enough, so this game is Earth and Fire. Even if Jennie does lose, she'll still be naked and fingered. And if she does lose, she'll be forced to endure an unwilling and involuntary orgasm, which can be even more humiliating than the forfeit.

And by the request of commenter @Thefoxer, Episode 590 has a pizza forfeit, with Lydia, Cass, and Avi competing to see who'll have to bare all to the pizza delivery driver. I've mentioned before that every one of our pizza guys has been the genuine article, a real pizza guy delivering a real pizza. So is this one, but I don't know if any other driver has been so excited, so happy to see what he saw when they opened the door. This was a pizza guy who knew how lucky hew was.

That's the whole queue for now. As you can see, I like filling requests. If  you've got a favorite player and we've shot her recently, there's a decent chance we've got more of her. Ask away.


Dan said...

Glad to know that gracious Tyler is coming back!

Anonymous said...

Did you say somewhere that this is shot at Dante's pad? Let him know he always seems to have really cool places to live...if I'm correct that the loft you used a few times was also his. So are these his friends that he recruited or something?

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Oh, I should clarify...not the one published today, but the ones with Julie and gang, and then the hardcore ones with the three girls.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

hey Red, since you seem to be in the mood to satisfy requests.... hehehe... go ahead and publish anything you have left with Lumen. i'm sure they would be appreciated. :)


Anonymous said...

oh, and... just a critique: i purchased the last one you published with Jennie, where she ended up bound and vibe. it was a good one, but... no more allowing the girls to keep their knee high and above socks on!! she aint naked if 1/3 of her body length is still covered. fair enough? thanks.


Anonymous said...

Is Julie going to risk oral again? I enjoyed her game with Vince, but would love to see her play with someone less camera shy ( no offense to Vince, it's probably really difficult)


Rene said...

Hi Red,

Glad to see the Blog is being updated again.

Any chance of seeing Addie, Mouna or Grace again?

I've noticed that the b/g off late often have anal and dp. I'm not into that. What we haven't seen in a long time is 2 or more losing girls getting fucked by 1 guy each. How about twister, with 2 losing girls being at the merci of 2 guys?

Red said...

@Dan: I hope you like Episode 588. And I'm going to try to get her back.

@GWKS: Yup, the stylish locations you reference were both Dante's. A man of wealth and taste, that one. Of the recent shoots, Lydia, Cass, and Thomas were Dante's friends, while Kyle, Sparrow, Hope, and Avi were Julie's. Avi appearance on both days because Dante was so entranced by her that he begged me to have her come back the next day so he could have a chance to nail her. He even offered to pay her modeling fee, so how could I refuse? I did warn him that I wouldn't rig any games for him and he'd only get to hit that if the games worked out that way.

@Shredder: Damn it, I can't. I promised Lumen I wouldn't publish the footage. Maybe that was a stupid promise to make, but I made it, and I keep my word. I skated a little close to the line (or crossed it) when I published a few clips of the forbidden footage in Episode 500. I'm sorry. Believe me, I want to publish it. Not only would it probably sell very well, Lumen's body is a work of art and I wish I could share it. But I can't do it.

As for Jennie's knee-highs, you're not the first to have that complaint, and I've heard it. It hasn't happened since. But I can't promise that it won't ever happen again. As you know, I aim for variety, and stripping a girl down to socks and nothing else is variety. You're just not going to like every episode, I'm afraid. But if there's an episode in the future where a loser keeps her socks, I'll include a warning in the description.

@RJ: You will see what you wish to see in Episode 591. As long as you're okay with her risking full-on hardcore instead of just oral.

@Rene: There's very little chance of getting any of them back for additional shoots, but as always: never say never. As for seeing them in existing but unpublished footage, I don't have any of Grace, but Addie and Mouna will be in Episode 584. This Friday, in fact.

And if you want to see two losing girls at the mercy of two guys, your wish will be granted on October 6 in Episode 587. Goddamn I love it when somebody requests the exact thing I've already got queued up and ready to go.

Anonymous said...

I have more thoughts around My suggestion. Maybe Its better with four couples so the losing girl been more ganged. I have Also thought about wish player i mostley prefer to see. So dear Santa (Red) here comes My dream list

Girls competivity:
1) Sassy
2) Helena
3) Olivia
4) Carmen

Girls IF you Go for goodlooking:
1) Jasmine
2) Tyler
3) Olivia
4) Addie

1) Eric
2) Dante
3) Brad
4) Trace


René said...

Hello Red,

Are you saying we will see Julie risking all-out hardcore, as in b/g?

Is Addie no longer available for this kind of work? A pity, I liked her. Good looking body without any tattoos and a naughty look.

Are the no more promos of upcoming scenes? Or at least of 587. A short preview would be nice as we still have to wait for almost a month for it.

René said...

By the way, any chance of seeing Stefani or Helena back for some b/g action?

Anonymous said...

Will we be seeing a tickling forfeit in the near future? My favorite video to date is still the rock-paper-scissors when Crystal was tied to the bed, vibed and tickled including on her barefeet.


Anonymous said...

With all this talk about original players, whatever happened to Kala?


Anonymous said...

Just simple wish, please Red, get back to the good old stripgames, nest games are those, the girls understand and are not skill or luck based (darts, pool, basketball) but decision based (memory - the best game yet, four in row, even some easy strip poker or any of them).
When girls can understand the rules and and thei decisions somehow does matter, the strip game is slower and more sexy.

Red said...

@Swedishguy: Regarding your player requiests, if I haven't worked with them for awhiule there's a good chance I've lost touch, or they're back East. I'm working on Sassy and Tyler. Carmen would probably come back but might not without Dylan, not that that'de be a bad thing. Helena, see below. Other than that, the players are either definitely retired or live far away. As always, never say never but keep your hopes down.

@Rene: Yes, in Episode 591 Julie will risk real, boy-girl hardcore. That is what I am saying. As for Addie, she's a low probability to return (I met her while visiting Crosis in Georgia) but I'd love to get her back and will try. As for the promos, their absence is related to the recent busy workload on both Johnny and myself. The promos take time to make, and we literally haven't had that time. Once things settle down the promos will return.

It'd be great to get Stefani back, and that should be possible. Helena, well, she lives in the Midwest and it's unlikely I'll travel there anytime soon. (I grew up there. It sucks.) But the last time she played here (with Selina, Aisha, and Starli) she was on a trip to my general area and I snagged her when I could. She might be back here someday, and I'll snag her again.

@Paul: Ticking forfeit coming in Episode 586. But it doesn't involve being tied down to a bed, and honestly, I liked that one too. I'll definitely use it again.

@Lever: Kala (Ashley's real sister) got married, and her husband didn't want her to do any more nude modeling. It's a story I've heard before.

@Anon 11:16 (please sign your posts): It's true that in my constant quest to find new games for the girls to play, I've lost touch with some of the old classics. Memory's always a good one. I'll bring some of them back, and thanks for the reminder.

Juparelajo said...

Hi Red- Love the site so much... Question- WIll we be getting more males humiliated and forced into forfeits? Of course pegging would be ideal, wonder if you could high the stakes for tje guys. Specialy hot ones I would love to see in a vulnerable situation are TRACE and ADRIAN, but open to other hunky guys ;) Thanks Red, Love, Mary

ghost101 said...

I have an idea for the 600th episode.

It's a battleship game with some twist. You have two teams of 5 and each player represent a ship with the according number of clothes. So when a ship is hit, the associated player lose an article of clothing. When the ship sank, the associated played get naked.

To add some fun into it... the other team should not hear what number is called (ex: J4) so they are waiting in fear for consequences. When a player is hit, she/he knows by having something thrown at her (ex: a water balloon or a huge spank)...

Also, to add even more fun... each time a ship is sunk, the naked player must play a new quick game to avoid humiliating consequences. She would have to pick a consequence in a jar of consequences or something like that and have to play a game (for example : rock-paper-scissor). If she wins, she does not have to do the consequence, but if she loses, at the end of the game, if her team lose, she has to do the consequence.

Anonymous said...

Maybe for the big 600 you could just try and get some of the key players who seem relatively easy to get but have been around awhile...like Julie, Sassy, etc. See if they'd risk a good old fashioned gangbang, I know Sassy did once before at least. Or something like that. But having the old school players compete would be pretty cool.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Idea for a game:

I call it Tomato cheeks.

The task in the game is to carry as much tomatos to a plate by clinching the tomatos between the butt cheeks in a fixed time.

Put girls in the following clothing:
- Bra
- stockings
- Bare Butt Panties or crotchless thongs(is needed so the girls butts are free for tomato carrying)
an example here:


So each girl wears 4 articles of clothing.
Then you cuff the girls arms behind their back.
Then you have a beam overstuffed with Styrofoam.
In the styrofoam you have small immersions.
You put cocktail tomatos in the immersions.
For each girl you put a flat plate on the floor.
Then the girls must carry as much tomatos to the plate within a minute.
They carry the tomatos by clenching them between their butt cheeks(This is the reason why they must wear G-Strings).
Then they must walk through the room to drop the tomato on their plate.
It will be difficult to let the tomato drop on the flat plate without bowling it out of the plate. Therefore the girl must slowly get down before dropping the tomato on the plate.
At the end of the time (for example 1 minute) the girl with the least tomatos on her plate looses on article of clothing.
Tomatos landing beside the plate are counted as minus.
If no girl managed to have a positve score each girl looses one article of clothing.

You can see a video where something similar was done. Just search by google for the video by typing:
Isobel The Tomato Game Wasteland Video

Tomato Gamer

Anonymous said...

An idea for memory game: some cards (or pairs of cards) contains mini-forfit, not part of clothing. The forfit cards may be in same colors as clothes cards, so the girl, which color ups - doing the forfit or another color - the girl, which openb the card - doing the forfit


Kevin said...

Maybe you could ask Lumen if she would change her mind, or maybe we can get a petition, or maybe there is a statute of limitations for the deal? I wish, she was one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

As long as we're throwing names out..... I'd love to see Jelly make a return!

mismanager said...

And I'd add Fern and Anastasia to the list.

RS said...

Although I think I've made my opinions well known, I agree with Juparelajo about getting guys to risk extreme embarrassment. Public nudity, physical and sexual "abuse," shaving, etc. and I'd agree with his pick of Adrian and Swedishguy's or Eric as the two I'd most like to see risk it.

Anonymous said...

Also add Heather haha


Juparelajo said...

Love the idea of Eric being back too and putting more at risk as well. Good idea RS :) What do you say Red? Up te stakes for the boys? Thanks ;)

Rene said...

Hi Red,

Do you know if Stefani is in for b/g?

Yeah, get Addie and Helena back for a goid b/g.

I love a screw your neighbour game in a large group with several losers for a b/g (no anal) forfeit.

René said...

Could you release a promo of 591? Even if only picture?

Red said...

@Juparebajo: Thanks for the compliment. It's always great to hear from people who like our work. s wfor more male players, we've had some recently in Episodes 576 and 582, and will again today in Episode 584. None of these have pegging forfeits, unfortunately. It's tough to find guys who are even willing to put their asses on the line. I think a lot of men consider getting fucked in the ass "gay", even if the one doing the fucking is a woman, which I don't really get. Sex between people of opposite genders is hetero by definition, right? But whatever.

Not that I'd ever do such a thing myself, of course. I'm no fag!

(I sincerely hope that my gay friends and fans know that I'm kidding.)

Anyway, we've done pegging forfeits twice before, in Episodes 273 and 467. But it's been a long time, and I'll see if I can make it happen again.

@ghost101: I like the idea, but it probably won't happen in Episode 600. It's tricky to arrange a 10-girl shoot like that.

@GWKS: I definitely want to get some veteran favorites for 600, but you mention Sassy and Julie, both of whom have actually been back pretty recently. I want to connect with girls we haven't seen in a really long time.

@Tomato Gamer: That's a cool looking game! I'll have to make sure I've got girls with nice fleshy asses to play it, though.

@OSTZ: You're not the first to suggest that, believe me. Next time I make a deck of clothing cards, I'll include some of those. (That should probably be soon. The current one has served me well for the last 9 years but should probably be retired eventually.)

@Kevin: Sigh. Yes, she was one of my favorites too. You and me and everybody else. I haven't been in contact with her for years, but I honestly don't see why she'd release me from my promise. What's in it for her? Money, perhaps. Maybe she'd take a bribe. I'm trying to reconnect with her right now. We'll see what she says.

@Joe: Hmm, maybe. The only thing is that I don't like repeating the same forfeits with the same players, and her limits are restrictive enough that she's done pretty much everything she'd be willing to do. (Unless I can use the old Red magic to persuade her to go farther. Hmm.) If I can't, what would you like to see her risk?

@mismanager: They're from the same group of friends (Lumen and Salem, too.) I contacted Fern awhile ago and she seemed interested in coming back, but then didn't respond to my reply. I'll try again. As for Anastasia, she's another girl with very, very tight limits. What should I have her risk?

@RS: Right after I made a post saying, basically, that a whole class of players will probably be back, people started asking for players from that class. Adrienne is one of them, damn it, as are the pthers who played in that particular room. Eric isn't one of those, he's one of Dante's friends, but I've tried and failed repeatedly to contact him.

And yeah, there needs to be more male humiliation. (And it's not gay to be turned on by that, either.) I'd like to do a couples game, where the male winner fucks the famale loser, whule the male loser is strapped into the Greyjoy cross and milked by the femake wunner, forced to spurt while watching his woman taken by another. Or some forced bi, although it'd probably be even harder to get guys to risk that than pegging.

@Jeff: Yeah, I wish, and so do a lot of others. Tried, ain't gonna happen.

@Rene: I don't know if she'd be up for it, but I think maybe. I'm in the process of trying to contact her. I'll see what I can do for 591.