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Friday, January 12, 2018


No, not Director of Central Intelligence, just Roman numerals for... oh, never mind. Today is our third update in a row with Earth and Fire, with Dylan and Sassy continuing with their irrepressible wildness, bringing startled newbie Geneva along for the ride. Geneva, with her 4'11" height, chubby frame, and long straight hair, reminds me a lot of an ex-girlfriend of mine, so I've got a soft spot for her. Things have rapidly escalated for her, and now she's going to have two hot, energetic chicks trying to force her to cum. See how that goes in Episode 601.

Next week, we'll see Episode 602.

If you like Cass, Lydia, and Avi, you'll like this one. If you like seeing blowjobs, you'll like this one. If you like public nudity, you'll like this one. If you like naked blowjobs in public, you'll like this one. If you like seeing Dante get a blowjob from a naked girl in the passenger seat while he drives around the streets of Seattle, you're really in luck. In short, this one might have broad appeal.

In last week's blog post,  dday66 reminded me that I'd mentioned that I had a promo with Cora that I never published, so here it is. It actually features Cora and Aaron:

While we're at it, here's one with just Aaron:

Would you like to see more of Cora? I might (emphasis: might) be able to get her back if there's demand.

And here's a promo I don't know if I ever actually published featuring Aurora.

And another with Catalina.

And Belle.

And Julie.

And RyAnne:

There's a few more, but they'll have to wait until next week. Blogger isn't letting me upload any more videos.


MickHole said...

Hi Red! Any chance of bringing back April from last year? She was a trooper.

dday66 said...

Cheers for posting about Cora, it would be great if she could make a reappearance even if as an emcee! Do you have any more scenes with her as when she first appeared you mentioned a promo of her watching the crew set up and talking about a game of strip spoons, do you have any idea when that will be available to buy? Again keep up the great work

Anonymous said...

YES!!! Dylan is amazing! Bought that clip as soon as I saw it available. Really like Sassy too but I think everyone does haha. Any more coming from Tyler, I'd like to see more of her! Thanks


Scott said...

Hi Red,

Since it looks like you're set through February, I'm just going to give you another reminder of the tickling/facesitting forfeit we've discussed before. As you probably remember, it's for any game involving 3 to 4 girls, with the loser tied on a bed or the floor. The winners take turns, with one riding her mouth while the other(s) tickle her (and optionally edge her). The torment continues until the victim has eaten all of the winners to orgasm.

ghost101 said...

You are right, earth and fire three times in a row? I'm not complaining.

And I join the voice of all of those who wants to see Tyler back. And if the forfeit (or the game) could get her fucked, licked or have her masturbate, even better.

As for a game suggestion, do you know the card-game asshole? If not, google it. And if you bring the girls together for more than one game, this could be your second game with the winner as the president, the loser as the asshole, etc. And you could add some new rules to the game : for example, if you win a hand with aces, you get to pick someone to remove one piece of clothing. If you win with '2', you get to fondle a player of your choice... (I let you decide witch cards and which consequences). As for the loser, it could be the first player to be an asshole for the second time lose the game. Or if you prefer to have a winner, the first player to be president for the second time win.

Anonymous said...

YES!! More Cora!! Would also like to see Catalina and Geneva on POV as well!!

Red said...

Wow, I had no idea Cora was so popular. I'll see if I can get her back. I'd say it's 50-50 or so.

Speaking of popular girls, I've heard you loud and clear. Tyler wlll return in Episode 604. I bumped Chels and Dee. Sorry, Chels fans, but I've heard from more Tyler fans than you,

I've done some other rearranging of the queue to accommodate requests. Whatever I said earlier may be off by a week or two.

@dday66: I'd totally forgotten about that. The fans seem to know more about my content than I do these days, it seems. I found that footage, and it's not bad. It starts with her looking at us setting up and wringing her hands nervously as she contemplates being exposed for the cameras for the first time. I'll get that up on the blog ASAP.

@JB: Thanks very mich for buying 601, I appreciate it. What did you think of it? The good news is that there's plenty more to come of Dylan. As for Tyler, see above.

@Scott, I'm afraid I haven't filmed that one yet. I'll see about it the next time I have a 4-girl shoot. (The last few have all been 3-girl.)

@ghost101: I'm very proud of Earth and Fire, a game I invented. Mogadishu, too. That one's actually clean and I'd like to get it out there, but not under the name Mogadishu where kids Googling for it might find LB.

Also, Jesus Christ. It turns out I have two more episodes with Tyler in them. It turns out that I have two games with Tyler on film and waiting for postproduction. Both involve her getting vibrated and/or licked, once as part of the game and once as part of the forfeit. Just what you asked for, in other words. Could you request that LostBets.com cure cancer, global warming, and male pattern baldness, and achieve world peace too?

(and make a whole lot of paperclips, for those who get the reference)

I've thought about using Asshole. It'd have to be with some excitable, wild players. I think I may know just the girls.

@Rene: Episode 605. It's an older one, but it's never been published. Until now.

@Anon 7:31 (please sign your posts): As a matter of fact, I do have a POV with Catalina. Two, actually. They're both there-on-one POVs with you against her, Georgia, and Aurora. I'll put them near the top ofg the list for when the POVs resume. I can't promise when that will be. But I've got reason to hope won't be long now.

René said...

Who will we be seeing in the new 605?

dday66 said...

Yup I think its cleat that Cora is popular and probably does have a significant fan base! Lets hope you can persuade her to return either as a contestant or as an emcee/presenter ! Come on Red we know you can persuade her!!! Good Luck!!

Scott said...

@Red I understand that a 3-girl shoot is easier to arrange than 4 girls. I think 4 would be better, since it would make the forfeit last longer and be harder on the loser. But if you don't see it happening then go with 3.

One other possible advantage to doing it with 4 girls is that you could use a game that calls for 2-girl teams. Losing team gets a forfeit like having to masturbate or be vibed by the winning team, and the first girl to cum gets tied and ganged by her partner and the two winners.

Or, the losers could do a nudity forfeit like making out in a car in public, then they flip a coin to see who gets tied to the bed to be used by all three.

Point being you could work in another forfeit for other fans as well. :)

Red said...

@dday66: Oh sure, put the pressure on. I'll do what I can.

@Scott: I've actually been trying to put together a 4-girl shoot for awhile. Many of our recent 3-girl shoots were supposed to be 4-girl shoots until one of the players flaked out. I've got a new game for two teams of two. I tried it once and it didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. I think I can fix it and want to try again, but I need to find some reliable players.

Red said...

Sorry, @Rene, I missed your post. The contestants are Kimmy (long time no see) and Aimee, only seen so far in Episode 524. Kevin stands by to have his way with the loser.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red! Any update on Hippo’s 3-d printer and Stef? Looking forward to that game since you teased it! Also, any chance you’ve done the beauty pageant forfeit proposed in the thread where you recently asked for ideas ahead of an upcoming shoot?

I’m terms of people to bring back, what about Heather? I also was always surprised that Bibi/Kodak/Codi/Tori were a one and done!

-Please sign your posts

Anonymous said...

Hi Red- Will we ever see cute men risk and pay the ultimate price? Pleaseeee! tHanks! mUCH LOVE, J

JohnDoe29 said...

Hi Red

Firstly enjoying the content, It gets better and better :)

Are their any more in the pipeline of Lexi videos or any intention of getting her back? I can only seem to find
Strip Screw-Your-Neighbor from ages ago with her in it! Her reactions in that made the episode !!!

Also quick Idea, Ever Heard of Ring of fire or Kings cup (Strip kings on Student Drinking Games site can be easily found for a better explanation)? They drinking games so totally a over 21 but could be easily adapted Hearts for strip, other suits for mini - forfeits / drinks ect. First one naked takes the king and potentially a surprise forfeit that waiting under the glass? Perhaps something all the players have risked prior. Anyway just an idea :)

All the best


Red said...

@PSYP: Hippo's printer is on the fritz. The good news is that I got one of those mega-printers myself. The bad news is that it too is on the fritz. Hopefully I'll get it fixed soon. If I don't have it working by the end of March, I'll put the files up on Thingiverse anyway. Let everyone enjoy Stefanie's body.

You're not the only one who'd love to see Heather back. Believe me, I tried, hard. And while Kodak, Cody, and Bibi were one-and-done, Tori also played a couple of games with Candle, in Episodes 309 and 321.

@J: We definitely need more boys involved. People have been clamoring for it for awhile. This year I'm going to make a concerted effort to make it happen.

@JohnDoe29: First off, thanks for the compliment. If you've followed this blog, you've seen me say many times how profoundly grateful I am to the fans who like my work.

I'm also grateful for any ideas anyone cares to offer. I'm always trying to find new ways to keep the content fresh, and any ideas I can get help. Even if I can't use an idea (and much of the time, I can) they're still very useful.

I wasn't familiar with Student Drinking Games, so thanks! Most drinking games can easy be converted to stripping games, so I'm sure I'll spend plenty of time perusing.

Surprise forfeits aren't a problem, and if they're forfeits that the girls have never done before, so much the better. I really need to do them a lot more often. Thanks for reminding me.

Thanks for writing and please don't hesitate to bring me any ideas you have. You'll get a free copy of the first episode it's in, if I use it.

Red said...

By the way, gents, there will be a bonus update this weekend. I've mentioned it before: Julie had to film herself in her own home masturbating as a forfeit, and boy did she deliver. It's more than 20 minutes long. It may be the best masturbation scene I've seen.

More about it in tomorrow's blog post, but I wanted to drum up some excitement among you who care enough to follow blog comments.

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