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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Giving the finger

I've been pretty sick lately. Still am, but better than before. Anyway, that's the excuse du joir for falling behind on blog replies. I'll catch up tomorrow if I'm feeling better.

Episode 603 today features Dylan and Carmen, a great pair if ever there was one, but to be honest it wasn't one of my favorites, mostly because while watching it I was constantly reminded that I need to be more willing to interrupting a game or forfeit to give directions when necessary. I should've told them to have the winner lie on her back while the loser squatted over the dildo. But... bygones. It's still a good episode for fans of these two, even if the forfeit was silly rather than sexy.

I've mentioned before that I really dig the One Finger Selfie Challenge. I did a forfeit where the losers had to do it, but it didn't turn out to be much of a punishment. In fact, the winner asked if she could do it too. So since then, I've routinely had girls do the OFSC, and I've been collecting the pictures in an album. You can see it at THIS LINK. Here's a sample with the lovely Amber.

Blog commenter dday66 reminded me that I'd mentioned a candid moment with Cora where she talked about a game of Strip Spoons that she had played, so here it is. It happened before the first game, aka the first time in her life she'd risk getting naked for the camera. She's wringing her hands nervously as she watches the guys get set up. Hope you like it.

I have some bad news for Rene. In addition to good old-fashioned sex, episode 605 also has teh buttsecks, which you're not into. I'm  putting together some shoots for late February, and I will try earnestly to get more men involved.

Here's some more of those forgotten promos I've been talking about. Reminder: I may have published some of these before, but as has been pointed out, my memory for what I've published before is getting hazy. So here's Helena:

Here's Kasady, after losing a game and being decorated.

Here's Kimmy on the cross:

And Scarlett:

And a threefer: Paige, Becky, and Kimber:


Randomguy8511@yahoo.com said...

Dylan and Carmen are so hot!! Please tell me there's a game between them where the forfeit is the loser tickled head to toe! (emphasis on the latter? ;) )

OD 99x said...

Red any chance of posting the lost my clothes video's to your You Porn channel in HD so they can be down loaded?

dday66 said...

Cheers for posting that video of Cora, even though fully clothed and no nudity I thought it was illuminating and perhaps you could do more for the other girls to link up with their first time naked on camera. However as regards Cora I think people will agree she has a natural exhuberance and would be great as a host of any future videos, pehaps you could get her to direct a video of that strip spoons game! Keep up the good work and hope you health is on the way to full recovery

Anonymous said...

hey Red???
happy to hear you are feeling better.
did you get my email yet?


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you were kidding but I believe hija de puta would be "daughter of a wh***."

The Guy Who Paradoxically Did Not Sign This

Anonymous said...

I second the first comment - I've been dying see a tickling forfeit with the victim strapped down for easy access to her feet :)

-Paul M.

dday66 said...

Red, many thanks for posting the Behind the scenes promo of Cora as I really appreciated that. I was just wondering as to how you find or persuade the participants to take part? Do you have any contact with other sites? The only reason I ask is that there is a site called A Measure of Curiosity/Strip game central and theres a model/participant on that site called Talia and she would be a cracking addition to your site if she could take part in some of your forfeits! Again keep up the good work and hope you get better soon.

Bammy said...

Hey Red, Is there any chance of getting Crystal or Scarlett back for a few games? They were amazing in the few games that they did. And we never saw Crystal do a hardcore forfeit either!

damndable said...

Hey red, long time no comment, what are the chances of you doing a messy forfeit at some point where the losers are *really* made a mess of, I'm talking hair, face, heck tie em up if it helps their inability to escape the mess. Anyway still loving all the content just thought I'd drop by with a humble wish from a WAM fan.

therion said...

Hey, red so i just purchased julie video and i'm having a problem with.
i've read other comment and saw that it is a know problem.
any update on how can we receive it.
also, if it a know problem, a warning in the site can be nice until it's fixed.

Anonymous said...

Kinda getting worried about red's health issues, because he's not responsive. This never like him.


mismanager said...

The problem with the video of Julia appears on Mac OS if you use QuickTime but VLC works perfectly. I’ve not tried it on a PC so I suggest you use a different video player.

Anonymous said...

maybe if Johnny or one of Red's friends read this, they can give us a heads up about Red...

and secondly, the issue with the Julie video.


Anonymous said...

Does Bex perform under a stage name or have other content available?


Seahwks88 said...

Dude, I have had the same issue with the Julie video. I hope they fix it soon. I want to watch that video...I bought it because she has long been a favorite of mine. I hope that this issue is resolved. Also, I wish I would have read that there were issues before I bought it.


mismanager said...


Have you tried VLC player? It works for me and others do not.

Seahawks88 said...

Yeah, I tried it. It didn't work... still


Anonymous said...

Hi Bexfan

Try Tobi Braxton


Anonymous said...

Have you ever been able to find Taylor anywhere? From the Taylor, Nicole and Camilla series? Had she done work anywhere else under another name? Love to find more of her and Nicole... Actually tried joining nikkiecho.com but found the site was not really operational. Any help? Thanks! Keep up the great work love the site, Also anymore of the new Steffanie would be greatly appreciated!!


RS said...

I was waiting to see if there was a new Friday post first, but ... the whole month of February has come and gone without word from Red. Updates are still happening, but could have been preprogrammed. If any of Red's friends or business associates read this: is he okay? I know he gets quiet sometimes, but his last comment mentioned being sick. Concerned fans just wanna know if he's okay.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your concerns. He's all right but have been busy lately. The weekly video updates will continue even if it's currently a bit silent.

RS said...

Thank you, @Judge! I know he gets quiet sometimes but just wanted to be sure.

Anonymous said...

@judge: is red aware that many of us purchased the Julie video from last month and it won't play for us?

dday66 said...

Cheers for updating everyone Judge and that Red is all right as a lot of us on here were concerned

Anonymous said...


I've heard it should have been corrected but I'll double check.

Anonymous said...


According to Red the currently uploaded video should be correct. Could you ask clips4sale for a re-download and let me know if there's still a problem?

Anonymous said...

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