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Thursday, July 15, 2021


 Okay, I asked people not to post in the last thread because I was going to make a new post later today, but for crying out loud, it's 2:45 in the morning. I'm going to bed. This is a placeholder, so anyone who has something to say as a place to comment.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Firstly, huge thanks for posting the outtakes/promos so far. If I may request the ones of Stefanie - she is an all-time fave. I love how embarrassed she seemed when she got posed by SarahBeth, even after all she went through in her first outing with Tobi.

Secondly, here are my views on "the ones that got away". This is by no means a criticism of your work, I completely understand the value of fair games and genuine reactions. There is far too much contrived/rigged/plain stupid content out there. It's just a shame some things never came to pass. No episodes quoted but some spoiler-y stuff which I hope is okay. I'd love to hear your views on them and others that come to your mind:
Julie - she risked hardcore (twice), she lost (once) and she didn't get fucked, which was such a shame. The consolation is that Sparrow did get fucked real good. Also her blowjob forfeit was a bit of a disappointment.
Isis - she risked both masturbation and getting bondage-fucked, but the only forfeit she did was open the door naked to the pizza guy :(
Jasmine - she very narrowly avoided getting gangbanged (!!) - we got a half-assed masturbation (although I get she wasn't the centre of attention) and a few yoga poses.
Addie - she just won so many episodes. We saw some good stuff, but she avoided a whole lot more punishment.

Thirdly, here is my take on some other sites/stores with similar (but imho inferior) content - I have no affiliation, I just think others here might also be interested in them.
Tickle Challenge - they have a strip challenge where the woman has to hold a bar above their head whilst being tickled for 10 minutes to win some money. Every time they let go the bar they lose an item of clothing (or forfeit). It's pretty formulaic, but worth a look. Also a spin-off orgasm challenge store which has similarities to earth and fire. Paige has done work for them.
MostWAM / CustomWAM / UMD.net various stripping games where the loser gets messy. Not as much nudity/enf as I like, but some good content.
CFNM Gametime - some games involving stripping of the female contestant (somewhat contrary to the name but hey noone is complaining). Some cute very amateurish girls. Also CFNM Restraint where a female contestant is trying to get a guy off in under ten minutes to win a cash prize. You might recognise Helena.
The Ballbust Show - Features lostbets players Addie and Simon (Psymon), plus Ashley, Paige, Daisy Rae and a few others who also did lostbets. It's pretty niche but there's a certain game element to alot of their clips, and some hot ladies.

Sorry for the excessively long comment!


Anonymous said...

Hi Red —

On the catalog, are the order of the games consistent with the order they were really played in? If so, that’s kind of interesting to look at. Just as an example, it’s interesting that Stefanie took the first game (and kind of taunted), and then basically lost out. But it would also mean her 3D scan was her first on camera nudity, which also would be interesting.

Also, I was probably unclear, but I was wondering if you had footage of the first time stefanie saw the printed out model you made from the scan — wondering what her reaction was, and I think you had a video of her holding it at some point. But also just any behind the scenes footage of her would be awesome. Especially around the sarabeth posing, since that did seem like she was less than thrilled about the posing. That one wasn’t fixed, was it?

The other thing i just thought of is I feel like there were a handful of public nudity type forfeits where the forfeit had to be cutoff for one reason or another — Kala or Ashley with a pizza guy, stefanie POV, raven at party — that in wondering if might be ok to put out there now.

Did you ever have an opinion on the games content at Nude-In-Public? Was always curious why they stopped, and also I feel like a game is missing numerically.


Anonymous said...

I too picked up my ENF interest from H.O.T.S., and I too remember the frustration of that final scene. (A frustration matched on your site by the scene of Raven being handcuffed and walked into a party -- with the footage cutting off there!!! :) ). (That was not intended as a criticism; I remember you said you didn't have a choice about that, and what you did give us was still fantastic!)

What I liked about the Idelsy promos you just posted were that they were outtakes -- not just straight promos. I'm probably not interested in purchasing a set of straight promos (though I'd certainly watch them if posted for free), but if you had footage that was more behind-the-scenes like that post, that could be of interest.

Its hard to say which girls I'm interested in the backstory for -- since I don't exactly know which the amateurs are. Was Lily an amateur? What about Zahara -- any interesting story there? And what happened to Bex/Tobi. Didn't her experience with you start her on a carrier in porn? Did it go anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Sorry - forgot to sign the last post. And don't seem to be able to edit it.


dday66 said...

Red once again many thanks about the disclosure about Cora's first contact with you, did Cora say what her limits were in the email correspondance or did that take place when she arrived? Also with each girl that approached LB was there a questionaire that they had to fill in saying what they were looking for, what their do's and dont's were and how far were they prepared to go? Im sorry if this is digging too deep but I'm just curious as to what happens between first contact and their first appearance on film. Did you also film the girls arriving for the shoot as that footage would have been great as we would have got to see the models arriving fully clothed knowing that they may end up naked for the first time on film and I think thats why you and LB still have so many fans!

Anonymous said...

Hi Red. Did Nancy do anymore shoots with Dylan and Carmen or was it just the three that are on the site?

Qaz said...

Red, I haven't posted much but have been a fan of LostBets for over a decade now. Needless to say, I've loved your work.

My question: What are the origins of Tyler, Keenly, Heather, and Angela?


Anonymous said...

Great work over the years. Definitely hoping you can surface that Fern footage you teased in the last post.

Belle was on Desperate Amateurs a while back and told the story of how she got into porn: getting put in off the bench when she was an assistant at a shoot and a performer didn't show up. Which made me wonder, was that shoot a Lost Bets shoot?


Qaz said...

Second question from me: what gave you the courage to leave your full time, traditional career to work on LostBets?