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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hail to the Chief

He's the chief and he needs hailing... (+10 points for the reference).

Way back in the summer, I had this half baked idea to have a game played in honor of Bush's Last Day. Now I have a lot of half baked ideas, but this one had some legs, and the idea grew and grew. Now that the big day is upon us, Lost bets Productions is proud to present the debut of "You Bet Your Bush".

Lily has again agreed to risk her ample crop of pubic hair in a grand game against two newcomers, Jane and Kat. They'll square off in 3 rounds of different games (Blackjack, Hi-Lo Trivia, and Jester). The clothes start coming off, and in the end, one naked loser gets shaved.

In addition to Kat and Jane, this video also marks the debut of our lovely Hostess Amberly (she didn't have a bush to risk), and our Blackjack dealer Johnny. Amberly and Johnny will indeed be seen in an upcoming game, and hopefully all of the new players will come back to play some more games with us.

I would also like to give a big Thank You to Red for pulling this one off. This was by far one of my more grandiose ideas, and pulling it off in time for the constitutionally mandated deadline took a lot of work.

Sorry it's so late guys but here's the promo... hope you like


Anonymous said...

My Fellow Americans, Jack Lemmon & James Garner. He is the chief so everybody hail like crazy. What do I get with my 10 points? :)

Anonymous said...

Not that my business matters in the big picture, but this will be the last clip over $5 that i buy with a "you'll just have to see who wins" spoiler.

Anonymous said...

I actually haven't bought this clip. There's no way I'm spending that much with the possibility of Lily losing again. Nothing against her except that I've already seen her lose so many times.


kotor said...

The price is out of my league anyway but I agree about not buying clips without spoilers. I think it's accomplishing the opposite of the intended result.

Red said...

Thank you guys for the feedback... and judging from sales, I think you may be right. Kotor, I sincerely regret my pricing; it's forced on me by my current provider of billing/hosting/fulfillment.

Red said...

By the way, Anon 1:39 (please sign your posts!) I don't care about "the big picture", I care about satisfying customers. If a customer is so unhappy about something that he's planning to boycott my work, I want to know about it. So thank you for telling me.

Crosis said...

oPBuckets: with your 10 points, you can force anyone with less points to remove an article of clothing. But be warned, if someone has more points than you, you could end up starkers really quickly ;)

As for the price, as Red said, there is little that we can do about it right now. Clips4Sale imposes pricing guidelines based on the length of the clip (rather than the file size). We did want this to be a bit more involved than say a simple game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, and maybe we went a bit overboard. Although keep in mind that more than half of the video is taken up by the forfeit (it takes a bit longer to shave a bush than it takes to shave a face).

Finally, I will accept responsibility for the lack of the spoiler. I guess I wasn't thinking form a customer's point of view that some people would want to know what they are buying before pulling out their credit cards. For that I apologize. Right now, it would be difficult to change the description on the site, and I don't want to discuss spoilers here (at least not until the next clip gets published), so if you really want to know the outcome, please shoot me an e-mail (crosis@lostbets.com) and I'll let you know who loses the game (which btw, is something I will do for any game that doesn't include a spoiler).

For those that can spend the money on this clip, I think you will be quite pleased. There was a great atmosphere during the shoot as all four girls were definitely into the games. I hope you enjoy...

Anonymous said...

Are you any nearer a membership site?

Cap'n :0/

TheSilentOne said...

Not too keen on the betting bush forfeit, but only because my preference is generally long game/short forfeit so might give this a miss for now at least and catch up on some of the clips I've missed.

Despite this, can I just say how impressed I am by the obvious amount of effort gone into this clip - five people, forfeit which many girls wouldn't accept, three games, midweek update... I can see a lot of people liking this clip a lot so I don't think Red/Crosis should be dispirited by the surprisingly negative feedback so far.

Anonymous said...

As you say the shaving takes up a good part of the clip. For those who like the games aspect more than the full forfeit you could try and edit down the actually shaving part. This way the entire game gets shown and then only glimpses of the actual shaving but you would get to see the loser both with and without her "bush". I know this is extra work for you guys but if it is not selling well then maybe a few changes could help.


Dave35 said...

Hi there again I know that some people wont like this idea but its just a thought why not cut the game into 3 parts each at a lesser price ?

Bring on some more POV please red.


Crosis said...

gb: believe it or not the shaving part of the game was (pardon the pun) trimmed down a bit. The actual shave clocked in at almost an hour. It's a testament to Red's ever increasing skill as an editor that it isn't that noticeable.

Dave35: We are considering releasing just the game portion and just the shaving portion as seperate clips. In some ways, it goes against our principle to split our clips up, but we might make an exception for this one.

That being said, if we do release them separately, the price per minute will most likely be slightly higher than the full clip price. Let us know if any of you would be interested in seeing either half of this video released separately.

Red said...

Dave: I want to do more POV, believe me. But in order to publish more POV, I need to shoot more POV. And so far the only POV games I've shot have been with Lily. And while I love her to death, even I'm getting a little sick of her by now, and want to start spacing out her videos. But stay tuned, it's be coming and it'll be worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

What is the membership site situation, please?

Cap'n. :0/

TheSilentOne said...

I would prefer a version of the clip with an "extremely curtailed shaving" part rather than splitting the clip into two. As another poster said, the main shots to show the forfeit are the "before" and "after" shots.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiousity and before I buy the clip - does the loser shave or get shaved? To me there is a big difference. Getting shaved would be more humiliating.

Crosis said...

Anon: The loser does indeed get shaved by one of the other players.

Anonymous said...

Based on everyone else's reactions, i've gotta guess the video didn't green-out at the end for other people. That is such a big bummer, $35 wasted. [sigh]

Crosis said...

Anon (the last one), it sounds to me like your download did not complete. According to the Clips4Sale FAQ, you have 48 hours to download the clip, I would suggest trying again. I would also highly recommend that all of you sign your posts. You don't have to sign up for anything to do this. You can choose a name to post under, or you could add a nickname or initials to the bottom of your anonymous post.

Now that's out of the way, the new clip is up at the store (I'll have a promo and post for it eventually). That means we can now discuss spoilers to the Bush's Last Day game. Yes, if you haven't purchased it yet, Lily does indeed lose the game, and she gets completely shaved by Jane. I know that some of you have seen more than enough of Lily losing our games, but trust me when I say, she desperately did not want to lose this one. This wasn't a "forced orgasm" (a concept I'm still trying to figure out... I mean, I've never found having a girl get me off to be all that bad...), or even showing off for the pizza guy. This was losing something big. While yes, it will grow back, it is a forfeit that lasted well beyond the time the cameras stopped rolling. For those that did purchase the game, I hoped you enjoyed it. I had more fun watching this video than I've had in quite a while.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to see new loosers.

For those players that have not lost and have not been placed on the clips for sale site, please keep working.

I will spend my money on players who loose who have not been previosly posted on Lost Bets.

I may buy a clip if it has a previous loose with a substancially more grafic forfeit.


Anonymous said...


I am not so sure Lily was that against losing. She did bet her bush twice. I think she has gotten addicted to the attention and thrives on it. I think the same can be said for Amber as well. But then just is just my opinion, it may be right or wrong. I hope you have games of the other contestants and your MC.


Anonymous said...

What i've liked most about this site, and the reason i've bought many clips, is the "embarassment" factor. It's not out of a mean desire to see girls compromised, it's the thrill they're also getting. It's more like nostalgia back to the "truth or dare" days, you played to be embarassed, but that didn't make the feeling bad.

That being said, the repeats are starting to diminish that perception. Once you've had a forced orgasm on camera published on the web, what is there that can make your face genuinely turn red? Additionally, one duo of players (that i've noticed) has been on a major pornographic site, and she didn't seem to mind the orgasm on camera there, and it was the same girl administering it!

I'd hate to tell you how to do your job, but i think a great series of clips would be a guy and a girl that have never done nudity before; like what you'd expect of people about to model for an art class. Red would preview them off-camera, but they don't get to see each others' goodies prior to the game. I'm not sure about what the forfeit would be, but maybe winner gets to thoroughly explore the loser. I know there's a lot that needs to happen for a shoot like that (the "chickening out" factor), but i'm expressing an idea that i think would get a lot of business.

To end this marathon post, i'd just like to say that the next time Derek exposes any skin, she should not be permitted to roll up in a ball. I didn't pay all that money for the chance to see her shins.


Brent said...

Have to agree about Derek rollin up in a ball. May not want to show it, but that is part of the game.


Anonymous said...

There are sites on the internet where models can post their bios and the type of work that they are interested in doing. These sites help models and photographers get in contact with each other and set up shoots. I in no way want this to sound like I'm out to spoil anyone's fantasy or such, but I'm pretty sure that Red uses these sites for finding models too - and let's face it, it's a good way for him to find good looking models. If he just put an ad in a paper or something he might end up with photoshoots that would be like - well, did you ever go on spring break when you were in college, and you watched a wet t-shirt contest where the really drunk guys in the back of the bar are shouting "keep it on, keep it on"? I did! (I wasn't one of the guys shouting that though, that's pretty rude regardless!)
I've come across bios for most of the ladies that Red has worked with. It's safe to assume that they've all had previous modeling experience. I don't want that to sound like that's a shocking thing, I just think that's a nice honest perspective on the models. I think it's cool when I come across work that one of "Red's girls" has done on a different site, especially if something different than Lost Bets material.


Anonymous said...

Bought both of the bet your bush videos, both are incredible. In response to some criticism over the length of the shaving part, though I am interested in the game aspect the second half was awesome at that length. Keep making vids like this and you can have my 30 dollars any day.