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Sunday, January 18, 2009

She's baaaaaack!!!!!

That's right, as promised this weekend's update features the return of Ashley squaring off against Amber in a simple game of Rock-Paper Scissors. For the loser it's over the knee for 20 swats (10 to each cheek). It's good to have Ashley back, and from what I hear, this series heats up after this game to some pretty hot levels.

Speaking of some pretty hot levels, keep an eye on the blog over the next few days. If the creek don't rise, and the computers don't crash, some really hot stuff is coming soon, including not one, not two, not 3, but 4 new players along with an old favorite, and hopefully more new talent to come.

I can't say anymore lest I get a visit from the secret service.


Anonymous said...

I just want you to know red that i think the ashley series is probably the hottest you have ever had. I was one of the first fans when you first put the site up. Looking forward to the upcomeing material.


Anonymous said...

I love ashley but i no thaty both these girls would do a better forfit will maybe next time

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mark, I hope you got these girls to do some more "extreme" forfeits, shall we call them, since I know that they both are willing to do a lot more than they have previously done in your clips Red. This was definitely a time to push the envelope with the forfeits. I can understand starting off with a tamer one for thus who do not like the more explicit forfeits but I am hoping to see more of both of these hot ladies in the near future.


Crosis said...

Well guys, I can guarantee that they did play for some more risque forfeits. I won't tell you all of what they played for, but before the day ended, one of the two girls had to use a magic bullet vibrator on herself. Beyond that, you'll just have to wait and see...

Red said...

Rider: Which one is "the ashley series?" She's starred in many different videos with many different opponents. But I'm glad you like her... she was my most popular (and favorite) model before she moved away and I was glad to have the opportunity to shoot her again.

Mark and gb: Yes, this forfeit was fairly tame. So were others on that day. Don't worry, I've got some pretty raunchy stuff on tape, and I doubt you'll be disappointed with it, but I'm always gonna mix in some softer stuff. As for specifics during Ashley and Amber's shoot... well, as Crosis noted, there's some vibrator play coming up. There also was one which I thought was a great forfeit poorly executed... the winner was given a set time period during which to dominate the loser. Problem was, the winner didn't really have a dominating personality and the loser didn't really have a submissive one. That's probably a spoiler.

Anyway, I never know how these things are going to turn out until I'm actually working with the footage... some of my hottest clips were ones that I didn't think worked very well while shooting them. So we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Any tickle forfits coming up?

Perhaps handcuffing the hands to the bed would be easier?