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Saturday, January 17, 2009

An overdue answer

In a comment thread to my New Year's post, an anonymous commentator who did not sign his post, which makes baby Jesus cry asked me the following:

Question Red. Have you had any girls that never lost? What do you do? a.) Let them walk out. b.) keep playing till all members loose at least once. c.)let the loosers gang up on the winer and strip them, as has been done. Comments?

It's a good question and it deserves an answer.

Yes, I have had girls that have never lost. I believe the best perfect record I've seen so far is 3-0. (It's not anyone you've seen before.) What do I do? I congratulate the girl, the other players give her a good-natured ribbing about it and vow to get her next time, and she goes home along with everybody else, and her compensation will be every bit as large as the compensation of an opponent who, say, had to finger herself to a (very real) orgasm on camera. This isn't just conjecture. But stay tuned. Something big is coming, and you won't have long to wait.


Red said...

By the way, guys, I just want to run this up the flagpole and see who salutes. I've done a shoot featuring sisters. What would people think of a stripping game pitting mother against daughter?

Anonymous said...

Oh depends how old the mom is. If she is really old then no way! If young and hot it may be possible.

Sorry im thinking about that Video with Stacys mom awhile back.

I think you need more tickle and vibrator forfits those are the best.

Nakedcelt said...
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Nakedcelt said...

Do it Red!

By the way which game is the poster referring to where the losers gang up on the winner?

Anonymous said...

maybe the forfeit in the future games would be a blowjob with final or sex ?

Anonymous said...

So when did (does) Mary lose - I thought she was 5-0. 4-0 vs. Amber, plus the New Years 4-player jester.

And mark me as another fan of tickle forfeits... (darn you Viv)

Anonymous said...

Mary has lost, but just 1 game that I have seen. I think it was Darts and she got spanked by Amber.


Anonymous said...

One solution to the winners who never loose is to invite them back to play against other winners. The other would be to play a one user scripted game (which she would loose).

Maybe the answer is to set up a championship. That could bring a lot of interest to the site. Maybe a reason to start another store.

Now, that brings up the question, when are we going to see those old tapes you have not published yet?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Red---

I am new to this forum, and I apologize if this question belongs somewhere else.

Would it be possible to have Ashton and Mia square off again, with the forfeit being a full open-leg spread, a 100% bendover, and a leg-cock?

As you know, one of these girls (I probably shouldn't write the name of the winner) has never lost completely, has never spread her legs in a V-shaped formation for the camera.

Thanks, Red. Your site is one of the most exciting I've ever come across.


Anonymous said...

Mother - daughter could be hot...or weird! I'm not sure which, but it would be interesting to see at least once to find out.

I'm waiting with bated breath for the "something big".

I know I said this before, but more Sasha and Vivian would be nice - if either or both of these could be invited back for another shoot, I think it would be very popular. Also, I liked Tristan and Stephanie from the older videos - have they moved on now?

Anonymous said...


I could see that working (provided of course, that the mother in question is attractive). The only question is the forfeit...especially considering some of the more explicit forfeits that have been done lately, that could be where it gets weird. Perhaps it could be done, with that being a game with one of the "softer" forfeits, i.e. running down the hall naked or the pie in the face or something.

OR (just had this idea as I was writing this) what about a team game featuring 2 moms vs their daughters, with the two members of the losing team having to make out or rub oil on each other or something like that?

Dunno, just thoughts.

Eric Yang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I agree with the first poster after Red. It depends on the mother's age. I could be hot and it could be awkward. But I concur if she is on the younger side, yeah, it's different and could turn out really cool.

I also most definitely with the same anonymous poster in saying I would love to see more tickle forfeits. Especially between the two most recent; Ashley and Amber! Keep up the great stuff Red.

Anonymous said...

The main problem with tickle tortures is that if they tend to curl up and in so doing you cannot see anything. Use of mild restraint allows us to experince their facial and body expresions.
I prefer visual and erotic penalties.

Anonymous said...


As far as Mother-Daughter, go for it. Anybody who does not want to see the clip can pass on it and those who want can buy it. As longas everybody is an adult there should be no problem. You have already had sisters.