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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Worth the wait


This week's update took a little more editing than usual, but it's uploading to C4S right now and should be published within the hour. It's a good one.

UPDATE: Apparently Comcast has decided that I've uploaded enough for the day and is throttling me. I'd like to throttle them. Anyway, upload is estimated to take another half hour, but I don't trust the estimator very well, so figure by no later than 0200 UTC on Monday... that's 6 PM Pacific for us Yanks, max.

Want a teaser? It involves shaving.

UPDATE 2: It's up at last! Enjoy!

UPDATE 3: And it's on sale for a limited time! (If you're one of the early adopters who bought before the sale, drop me an email with your order number and I'll toss you a freebie clip. And thanks for being a customer!)


Anonymous said...

What a shame! :0(

I like natural growths.

Trimmed if it is excessive! ;0)

Cap'n. :0(

Anonymous said...

that's what I get for being impulsive and buying early. can't wait for that free clip. :)


Anonymous said...

I did by the clip erly but i do not have the order number.I love women that do not shave ther bush but lily need to shave her under arms

Anonymous said...

You are not the only one, after I get the clip downloaded and watched it the e-mail gets deleted. Teach me to wait a little before cleaning my inbox.


Crosis said...

I'm all for natural growth, but just like trees, if it's left to grow too wild, disaster can strike. With as much bush as Lily has, one little spark could cause a bush fire that could consume the entire Pacific Northwest.

I suppose I should chime in on this one as I've been one of the ones pushing Lily to risk her bush (although, despite what she says in the video, I have not been begging and pleading). Personally, I don't like the clean shaven look. As Bill Maher said, "When I go down on a girl, I want to make sure I'm not going to get arrested."

How much hair is too much is hard to say. I personally feel that nothing kills the romantic mood like a pubic hair in the back of the throat. If I have to use both hands and several hair clips to keep the bush out of my mouth, it's too much (and I think this is starting to order on too much information).

That being said, for someone like Lily being shaved is a forfeit with some sexual gravitas. It's one thing for a girl to lose and have to do something embarrassing like streak, get spanked, or receive a forced orgasm. The loss of pubic hair is something that will last for quite a while after the camera stops rolling.

Enjoy... I'll try to get a teaser up in a day or two, once I find the time...

Anonymous said...

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