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Saturday, January 31, 2009

New clip posted

I'll just copy the description:

Someday, billions of years from now, when entropy has increased to a maximum and the universe is a thin cloud of iron-56 near absolute zero, this clip will STILL. BE. HOT.

It's the grand finale of the series. In the last installment, Aurianna had to shave her bush (Lily got her comeuppance on Bush's Last Day thought). In this very special game of 21, the game doesn't end when you're naked... you can still bet your pussy. And if you lose, the winner gets to play with it as long as she wants.

Prior to this, Lily had not had much experience with other girls. In fact, her only other experience with other girls was for this site. And while Mary and Amber, I love 'em both, but the fact is, they're heterosexual. They just don't have much experience in playing with other girls.

Aurianna, on the other hand, is an accomplished lesbian, and she couldn't wait to have Lily's pussy for her plaything. Lily, on the other hand, was still excited from the othercome of her game of Jester with Aurianna and Danielle, and she didn't much mind the thought. Nevertheless she played a fair game and played to win. Did she?

She did not. Aurianna jumped on her pussy with the massager. Pretty soon Lily is reduced to hapless moaning and thrusting her hips, as Aurianna spreads her lips so the camera can get a good look at how wet she's getting. Then Aurianna strips off her last remaining piece of clothing and positions her pussy above Lily's face. By the time Aurianna's done with her, Lily is her little slut, horny as hell.

When this episode was done, Lily and Aurianna went off to Aurianna's room to fuck each other's brains out. Again, this is hot stuff. It doesn't feature much in the way of embarrassment (by this time, neither of these girls has much to hide)

This is the HIGH DEFINITION version, presented in glorious 1280x720 resolution. If your computer can handle it, it's worth it... if you want to see every detail, that is. If not, the standard version's a-coming. Just like the loser of this game.

Promo to come.


Anonymous said...

Gotta say I am not keen on the recent clips.

For me, they are getting too hardcore.

Explicit full frontal nudity is fine by me, but this shaving business & lesbian stuff I find a real turn off.

Cap'n. :0(

Anonymous said...

the shaving I agree is a turn off. The lesbian I say keep it coming,

Red said...

Cap'n, there are some milder forfeits coming up. Sorry the last few clips haven't been to your liking.

Red said...

But there are also some pretty hard ones... harder than any I've done before. For those of you who like the more explicit, hardcore forfeits. Lost Bets gotcha covered.

Variety! It's the spice of life.

Anonymous said...

hey, I don't want to seem like a greedy guy but I was one of those guys that bought the Loser Shaves clip before it went on sale and it was said that there would be a free clip for those that did buy it for full price. just wondering. and if not, no biggie, still going to buy the clips of course. big fan


Red said...

E-Male, thanks for the vote of confidence. There will be a freebie for you loyal early adopters, but I haven't quite figured out exactly how to work it. I haven't forgotten you.

Anonymous said...

I hate to have to say anything critical, but please, Red, I beg you, could we give Lily a break?

I don't want to be mean, and certainly appreciate Lily's contribution to your site, but I firmly agree with your sentiment; variety is the spice of life. Granted, Lily was never my favorite (which is NOT to call her my least favorite, just not top tier), but I think I'm past the saturation point (and suspect I'm not alone). As much as I enjoy your work generally, I simply don't think I can enjoy videos featuring Lily as much as new girls, or even some of the older girls.

Then again, I still think your best series might have been the Mia-Ashton-Ashley games (notwithstanding your technical improvements and stronger forfeits). So what do I know?

Red said...

Troosevelt, don't ever apologize for being critical. Accolades are great and all, but critical comments are how I learn what works and what doesn't.

(Although it's a mite depressing to hear you describe Ashley-Mia-Ashton as my best work... that was, I think, something like my fourth or fifth shoot ever. What you're saying is that it's all been downhill since about May 2007. Ah well.)

(And you will get an answer to your email, sometime during this decade.)

Now, as for Lily. As I said in an earlier blog comment: yes, I'm aware that she's extremely overexposed, no pun intended. There are a few reasons why she's appeared so often... one of which is that she knows a lot of girls who are adventurous and willing to play. A lot of times, the girls you see her with are girls she's recruited. And she's adventurous herself. She was the one who talked Elizabeth and Julie (and me, for that matter) into playing in the hot tub at the Hampton Inn. She's been a boon to this site and I'm lucky to have found her.

That being said: yes, she's been overexposed. A lot. She won't be going away just yet -- I still have some great footage from the games she played with Addie, Mary, and Stacy, plus one fairly awesome game that took place after Bush's Last Day featuring four girls and a guy. But I'm going to try to reduce the frequency of updates featuring Lily to one in three. Fair compromise?

Anonymous said...


The compromise is more than fair. And to be clear, I can understand that as the calls for more hardcore forfeits increased last year, there was a clear reason to have back frequently the more adventurous girls.

That said, with a once a week publishing schedule, it's easier to overload on a girl -- we don't get to see the backlog. If three games out of 4 or 5 published in a month feature the same girl, it can be tough.

And to be clear on the Mia-Ashton-Ashley series, I definitely see a lot of improvement technically since then. Editing, camera work, and new ideas have definitely paid off. Maybe it was only the novelty, but I think there was a rapport in those games we haven't really seen since. That, and I think I just liked those three more than a lot of other girls who appeared here, so I'm pretty biased.

Anyway, just my 2-cents.

Anonymous said...

Just to put my 2 cents in, I prefer the more hardcore forfeits. I don't generally buy the more tame clips.

Anyway, variety is indeed the spice of life, so I'm good with a mix of them. Just wanted to put my vote in for more hardcore stuff.

Anonymous said...

I liked this clip. I thought the winner having control was a great idea. However I would have like to see her take some more time and tease her with her fingers to give us an even better show. Also I do agree with what has been said about mixing up the players for posts. While I relized several of these are shot in one day if you mix up the players it stops some players from going stale and I think Lily is.

Anonymous said...

This clip should be good, I may buy it once i see the promo.

Any good tickle forfits coming up?