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Friday, July 31, 2009

I get involved

Episode 105 is up. Return of Kala. Return of Elizabeth. Paddling. Short 'n' sweet. A lot of our videos have been longer than average lately (and therefore more expensive than average) so I tried to get a few of the quick, 7-10 minute games that we used to have a lot more of.

Okay, so I've gotta tell this story. (I've been eager to tell it ever since it happened.) As we were preparing for this game, it turned out that one of the girls had experience using a paddle before while the other had not, and no, I'm not going to tell you which was which. Anyway, the novice solicited some tips from the veteran (the secret, it turns out, is to start light and escalate, and rub after hard ones), then hefted the paddle, took a few experimental swings, then looked around for someone to test her newfound knowledge on.

I gestured for Prudella to step in and serve as the guinea pig. She's well-suited to the task (Prudie got back) but she was having none of it... I'd already demonstrated the paddle on her skintight jeans for the earlier group and she was still pissed about it. So the girl said, "C'mon, Red, get over here" and dragged me to the bed and made me bend over it. And then she got in her practice swings, me mumbling "thank you mistress may I have another?" after each. I think Prudie caught the tail (har) end on tape, the bitch. Must remember to find the footage and burn it.

Good times. And as it turned out, the novice did win and got to put her practice swings to good use, although honestly, I thought she was still a wee bit too kind in the spanking, which is common for novice spankers. Still definitely worth seeing.

BTW, this is the first clip from our first shoot with three high-definition cameras. I want to thank all the fans for buying me the latest addition... she's a beauty and I'll put her to good use. Enjoy the clip.


Anonymous said...

Very nice clip Red, I am loving all the new material. Not to sound ungrateful of all the new material but was there any clips left of Addie Stacey Lily and Mary? And if so any chance they will be posted this month? Thanks again for all your hard work!


Red said...

Tank, requesting stuff you like is not ingratitude. We're always happy to listen to requests. And as for this one... you got it, another Addie/Stacey/Mary/Lily this month, coming up.

Mark said...

I just love those two good job

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, Please much much much much much more of Isobel!!!! What a girl.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, I saw a drinking game that could be used for a stripping game. You play Russian Roulette with dice. Player one starts with six dice in their hand - they roll all six at once and if at least one of the dice comes up sixes then they're safe. Player one then takes out one dice and hands the remaining five to player two. Player two rolls all five dice and if one comes up sixes then they're safe. They take one dice out and hand the remaining four dice to player one (or three if there are more playing). And so on. If you don't roll sixes then you lose.


Lotfw said...

You may have seen it posted around but a German company is selling a dissolving bikini (3 minutes in water apparently does the job).
Maybe put to good use in a somewhat public forfeit???
Hot tub at a hotel or just a run through a sprinkler...ideally the loser wont know about it :)

Red said...

Mark: glad you do, and the good news is there's plenty more where this come from, including one of the girls giving a detailed anatomy lesson.

Anon 6:19: I'll do what I can to get Isobel back... she's not local, though, so it might be awhile. But I'll try. Also, please sign your posts, thanks!

Gordon: That game sounds like it has real promise. I'll give it a try next time I get the chance.

Lotfw: I did see about those (in the context of some busybody declaring it an outrage against women that such a product even exists) and will see what I can do. (I have my own ideas for making clothing that disintegrates when wet, which I'm hoping to put into practice before the summer's out.)