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Friday, October 23, 2009

Episode 120 is published

And if you think this one's good, wait 'til you see 121.


Anonymous said...

Constructive criticism:
If it wasn't for the spoiler(clip catagory: blowjobs) I would have bought this clip.
But keep up the good job in renewing your work. Try different things and see how it turns out.

Go (partially)interactive! Wouldn't it be fun if a game would feature both endings, played at random??
Or that the viewer can choose between two different forfeits?
Of course I appreciate the technical difficulties, but I think sooner or(rather)later this will be the future of strip games, because instead of only ones, you can watch the clip atleast twice!!

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be another Charlie and Cyndi game released anytime soon?

Red said...

Thanks for the feedback, Anon 12:48 (although please sign your posts!) I debated with myself about what category to put this in... I didn't want to spoil the ending but I do want people who are searching for blowjob vids to be able to find it. (I had the same problem with Mary and Amber's Mogadishu game, in category FORCED ORGASM.) But I figured that most of the people who were interested in this clip would look at the spoiler... a lot of people simply do not want to see a game where the boy loses. I'm sorry I gave you too much information.

As for interactivity: we will have interactive games at some point. I've been saying that for two years but it's still true. Clips4Sale does not make it really possible to offer interactive games... it will only host video files. I'm working on the problem.

There's another issue with interactivity: unlike the vast majority of our games, interactive games are staged. You film it once with one player winning, then you film it again with the other player winning. I can do that and have done it but I don't _like_ to do it... I'd much rather set the players in front of the game, tell them the rules, tell them to each do their best to beat the pants off the other, and let 'em go.

(BTW, as for "you can watch the clip at least twice"... I hope that most people watch our clips more than once :)

Anon 1:33 (please sign your posts!), it depends on what the meaning of "soon" is. The problem is that I have only one other game featuring those two. I like them both a lot and their debut was very popular... I kind of want to save this one for at least a little while. At least a month, but I'll publish it before the end of the year, okay? And I'll do my best to get those girls back.

lostbetfan said...


Raven is the top. For sure in this film. More of her pleasepleaseplease

Red said...

Thanks, LBF! And there's more of them to come. Public nudity, anyone?

Anonymous said...

You can't tease next week like that and not give us what the clip will be for next week!


Ozgreg said...


Keep up the good work, I have left a PM for you over @ OCC!!

Red said...

BJ: next week's clip will feature a very popular girl talked into pressing her limits way beyond where she'd gone before. That's all you get for now, maybe I'll drop a few more hints later :)

Oz: Thanks! But I don't seem to have any PMs at OCC, are you sure you sent it to the right person?

ozgreg said...


Hmmm I sent the PM to the crosis userid @ OCC that posts the LBP the posts.. Drop me a PM if you want @ OCC my username is the same as this post..

Red said...

Well, I'll post this publicly in case others have the same misconception: Crosis is Crosis and I am me. My username at OCC is Red. But the best way to reach me privately is by email to my name at lostbets.com.

Anonymous said...

Does Raven play any games with someone other than Alan? Some variety with her opponents would be great


TheSilentOne said...

Do Raven and Alan know each other outside the site? Clip sounds very good - next week must be incredible if it beats it!

Red said...

Pareto: As of now, Raven has only played against Alan. (Alan has appeared with other players.) I certainly could pair Raven up with some other players, though. In fact, that sounds like a really good idea. Let me see about making that happen.

TSO: Yes, Raven and Alan are acquainted... beyond that is private. And I don't know if I'd say that 121 "beats" 120, I think they're both strongly appealing but in different ways. People who like more hardcore forfeits will like 120. People who like to see a girl blushing as red as a beet will like 121. Some people will like both. I do :-)

ozgreg said...

"People who like to see a girl blushing as red as a beet will like 121. Some people will like both. I do :-)"

and you are not the only one Red :-)

Anonymous said...

I must say, I'm curious to know what Raven would have done if she won. Did she tell you?

Anonymous said...

I hope it's Julie!! Is there going to be a teaser Red?


Red said...

Anon 3:33 (sign your posts!): Yes, actually she did. Her plan was to plant her ass on Alan's face and milk him mercilessly. Frankly, I'm not sure which outcome would have made for better cinema, but there it is.

Ped: Good news, Julie is one of the two players in 121. A teaser? That might be a good idea...

Crosis said...

Hey Y'all!! Sorry I've been in the dark for a while, but myself, Mrs. Crosis and all the little Crosi, just did a bit of relocating and my office was in cardboard box for a while.

As for Raven and Alan's latest adventure... For starters, there have only been so many times in my life where I've been less than 5 feet away from a blowjob and not been on the receiving end, but never before with a camera in my hand (much less an HD video camera). Secondly, I 'm with Red, while raven does give one hell of a hummer, I really would have liked to have seen Raven win this one (would have made for great cinema). Finally, if I had been the winner of that game (or the loser for that matter), it probably would have been the shortest forfeit in LostBets history.

Finally, did someone say Julie? 8-P~

steve said...

raven is awesome. does she do anything outside of this site? anything with more of her is good

Anonymous said...

I think that most men, if they ever were to get a bj from Raven, would have to mutter "Margaret Thatcher naked" under their breath alot to make the experience not look like they were in the 100 yard dash!

As for a possible game 121 teaser, a while back we saw a little something involving Julie playing pool with Zayda and Franco. But Red has hinted that it's gonna be a two player game. Obviously we're all very very confused and we need a teaser promo to help us figure this all out (hint hint).


Anonymous said...

Raven is so ridiculously smoking hot in 120. I would love to see her do an "answer the door naked for the pizza guy" forfeit or some other type of public nudity forfeit.


Red said...

Steve: Ask me in email, red@lostbets.com.

Gordon: Nope, it's not the pool game vs. Franco and Zayda, you have that right. This is a two-player game (I'll even tell you it was the first ever game of what's now called Noname) featuring Julie vs. a certain hottie she's played both with and against. And the loser got... well, I won't spoil it just yet, but here's a taste. I swear this is 100% true: Julie would only agree to put this forfeit on the line if I didn't film it. I was not allowed to be in the room. Nope, I was sitting in a loft while the game was being played and the forfeit was being performed, with Prudella recording the action alone. I could hear everything, but see nothing. Sigh.

I was kinda ticked. But at least it got her to made the bet. And whether she won or lost, I knew it was going to make a great video.

Red said...

Mike, you posted while I was writing my last reply. Raven, public nudity, let's see what I can do.

Mark said...

i have bought alot of your clips and I was looking over them and ther is one girl I would to see more of and I would just hope she would loose and tat is Kat I hope you do have one

thanks Mark

Lisa said...

Hi Red,

I try to stay away from your site , but I keep getting drawn back to it.

Here is an idea that I keep fantasizing about. Find your two hottest girls (Raven seems to be a fan favorite). Have them dress up to make them look like professional women. Each woman should maintain an attitude of superioroty over the other.

The two women play head to head in a more sophisticated game. As usual each loss cost the loser one piece of clothing.

Once the first woman is naked the game continues. She then is risking forfeits.

First forfeit could be spread legs wide open. The length of her forfeit depends on how many clothing items her opponent still has on. Example: naked woman loses a round while her opponent has three items on still. Naked woman has to spread her legs for 30 seconds (10 seconds x 3 articles).

Play continues. The naked woman is then risking something else (shave her pussy, masturbate, streak outside, ride an elevator naked etc...) have fans come up with some ideas.

As the game continues, the forfeits get harder and harder. The game is over when one woman chickens out. The woman who chickens out then has to pay a forfeit such as lying in a bathtub with ice cubes for one minute.

No one can chicked out until three forfeits are paid.

A fun forfeit to add would be to place an object outside the room where the naked forfeit loser must risk public nudity, and go retrieve the object.

Another fun forfeit idea is to have a naked forfeit loser roll a dice. Then she gets locked outside for the number of minutes showing on the dice. Do this where she could be seen by others. This will force her to hide somewhere.

Keep em coming.


Red said...

Those are some damn fine ideas, Lisa. I'll see what I can do about putting them into practice. Might be a little tough to find players, though... I mean, where am I going to find girls who are excited by this who also happen to own businesswear? I'll do what I can.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Crosis, i would have loved to see Raven win this one! Would of been somethin way different, and i definately would of enjoyed seeing it (dont get me wrong, i loved the BJ).

Hopefully if those 2 play again in the future, she will plan on doing the same thing to Alan if she wins.

By the way, this is my first post on here... so let me just say, i love your site and the work you do for us!


Mark said...

hi I was looking at a lot of my lost bet clips that i had got and I was wondring if you have any moe of kat

Anonymous said...

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