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Friday, October 16, 2009

Estonian WHAT??

Episode 119, featuring new girls playing a new game, is now up. Good news for the budget-conscious: it's short and therefore cheap. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Gordon for suggesting this game. I think it worked out well.

Meet the new girls:

(Note: don't worry, this isn't a spoiler.)


Anonymous said...

What're the odds of getting the "behind the hands" footage of those two?


Anonymous said...

In regards to your Thursday post, there should definitely be more boob oriented forfeits, esp if you can get London Andrews and Kimberly Marvel back! If you want to stay off camera maybe stand behind the window curtains and reach out for the groping forfeit.

Another forfeit that was really good but I think you've only done it once was the "who can keep their cooter on the hitachi the longest" contest between Aurianna and Lily in game 53. It was a combination of a forfeit and a game, and it worked great as both.


BB said...

Thank you for bringing back the promos of "I lost my clothes at Lost Bets dot com!" I love those.

Red said...

PN: For awhile at least, the "behind the hands" footage will be reserved for people who buy the videos. Sorry... Blogger won't allow clips with nudity, even on sites that are flagged "adults only". Once my own site is finally up and running maybe I'll have promos with actual nudity.

Gord: You got it, my friend. Orgasm race with the Hitachi, coming up. The schedule for the next few weeks is already set (next up: mixed gender with hardcore forfeit) but I'll try to get it done by the end of November at the latest.

BB: You're welcome! I had you in mind when I filmed these. There's more.

Anonymous said...

I meant for purchase as a cheap video. Much like Kala's introduction.


Anonymous said...

I don't want to be a spoiler, so I'll try to keep this vague. I'll just say the winner of this clip has a great and fun attitude and has one of the hottest bodies I've seen here. I want more of her very badly!


Anonymous said...

Two very good additions to the line
up. I would have liked to have seen
a more revealing forfeit, but a good introduction at a great price. Look forward to alot more from them both. All I ask is don't go too many weeks without a new Candle video. I must admit she has become an addiction, what can I say, I'm a sick man.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the anon post...I have an ID but my cookies got deleted and I'm having a hell of a time logging in. I'll fix it later. Red, you've mentioned that the best way to get a clip published is to remind you of it...below is a note you mentioned on some games you have in the can, but not released yet....any idea when these will see the light of day?

Someone wanted to know what we left from the Lily, Mary, and Amber series, so here it is in a nutshell. There are 3 games left between the 3, one is hi-lo trivia, one is high card, and I'm not sure what the 3rd game was. The forfeits include 2 losers fingering each other for 5 minutes, one that involves one loser, 2 winners, and a pair of strap-ons, and the final forfeit was inspired by a Monty Python song instructing one where to sit. I won't spoil the games, but each girl wins at least one, and each girl loses at least one

Red said...

Howdy, Anon 4:01, and thanks for the comment. Just a word about the whole anonymous posting thing: I don't require that people log in to comment (obviously) but I do ask that you at least sign your posts. Pick a handle and use it. Makes it much easier to refer to you without calling you "Anon 4:01"

You're right that the best way to get a clip published sooner is to remind me of it. Especially when there's older unpublished material, it's likely to escape my notice. Thanks for reminding me of it.

The problem is that a lot of our most faithful longtime fans groan in disappointment when Lily appears -- especially if she loses, which she did very often that day (and no, the games weren't rigged.) She's appeared in more of our videos (24) than any other player, plus she has a very distinctive look which is not to everybody's tastes. The solution is to publish Lily videos as midweek updates. I'll get on that as soon as I can, you should see at least one by the end of November, that sound good?

Anonymous said...

Sounds fine with me. Keep up the good work.


philippe bolton said...

How can I find this episode on your website ? I can't see a link to it.

Red said...

Hi Phillipe,

If you go to our clip store and pull down the dropdown that says "All Clips", you should see it. The name of the clip is "Estonian Roulette with Idelsy and Sienna." Hope this helps.

PaddyReilly123 said...

If I were Sienna playing Strip Memory, I would have hated my belly piercing.