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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Say, you know what would make a great forfeit?

Tomorrow's update will fulfill a couple of fan requests. It'll feature two new girls, including a redhead and a Latina, playing a brand-new game, one which was suggested by a commenter on this blog. And a streaking forfeit, also per request.

Sometimes people ask me how I get girls to do these forfeits. Well, telling them that a forfeit was requested by a fan is a big help. It goes like:

"You want me to do what??"

"Well, a fan said he really wanted to see it."

"Oh. Okay, then."

Works like a charm. Which brings me to my point. Nobody's ever said something like, "You know what would make a great forfeit? If the loser had to go over to the camera and let Red grope and fondle her." Nope, haven't received one single request for that one. If somebody were to request that or a similar forfeit, why, I'd have to do my best to make it happen as part of my philosophy of customer-responsiveness. But nobody has. Yet.

*cough, cough*

Enjoy tomorrow's update. It's nice and short (and therefore nice and cheap) yet pretty good. I like these two, and I like the new game.


Bill said...

mmm...redhead... I can't wait.

Big Ninja Jim said...

You know what would make a great forfeit? If the loser had to go over to the camera and let Red grope and fondle her.

Actually that does sound good. So yeah I'm making that request.

Charlie said...

Actually, a co-ed game where the winners fondled the naked losers could be fun. Bet the girls would be embarrassed whether they won or lost.

Anonymous said...

This forfeit would be best if 1) Red touched ALL the nice bits (yeah, get in the pussy lips) and 2) we got a simultaneous recording of their face and Red's hands, probably with two cameras. That way we can actually see her reaction to the touches.

A third suggestion would take this from a great forfeit to best in Lost Bets history is if the game was between some of the girls that are actually nervous about losing. In short, not Mary, Amber, Ashley, Lily, Paris,...the ones that have always been "hands off." It's always the best when they're pushing their limits.


Red said...

Thanks, Jim and PN... next time I'm in the company of such girls, I'll give it a whirl. Wish me luck. By the way, all of my recent shoots have been done with three cameras, so capturing all the angles shouldn't be a problem.

junior45 said...

Say, you know what would make a great forfeit?

Have the loser submit to a full strip search including "bend over and spread 'em." Of course, the camera would be in there for great close ups.

Want to go almost hardcore? Add in the finger wave(s).

Is that too strong?

junior45 said...

Gee, I thought the strip search idea would get some interest.

This could be taken further, much further.

Before the game have the contestants hide something small on themselves like a paperclip, bobby pin, small key, etc.

If the winner, while doing the strip search, finds the item, then the loser has to submit to a second forfeit. If the winner fails to find the item, then they become the loser and must submit to a strip search or some other forfeit.

Does this get any interest started?

Loki said...

personaly, i like the tickling, and the embarrassment, so to find something that combines the 2 in a whole new way would be fun, i herby conclude, that the looser has to bend over (ass facing the camera) and let the winner tickle her ass hole with a feather, this way, you see both the action and her face between her legs.

also, i have yet to meet a chick who ISNT ticklish there, even if they say they aren't ticklish anywhere.

Anonymous said...

a forfeit i'd like to see is a gender mixed game - say 2 males and 2 females where the first person naked is peed on by the other three ( a golden shower)

Anonymous said...

I think a great forfeit would bee, to vacuum pump the pussy of the looser and after its real big she must spread it wide open.