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Friday, October 9, 2009

The long awaited...

Here at lostbets.com, we strive for variety. We never want to get stale, we never want to fall into a rut. We also strive to be responsive to requests from fans, accommodating them wherever possible. In view of those two values, we have been remiss in not publishing a clip like today's sooner.

I've gotten dozens of requests from fans of feet to do a foot-related forfeit, and today, we finally have. Candle and Kimberly return with their unique dynamic, a kid's basketball hoop, and a pair of scissors. Enjoy.

If you happen to be a foot fan, I welcome your feedback on this one, either by email or in the comments to this thread. Please let me know what was done right, and what could've been better. (Actually, come to think of it, if you're not especially a fan of feet, I welcome your feedback too.)


Unknown said...

i'm not a foot fan, but i'm sure some people are. I would like to see more larger groups, mixed sexes, and more masturbation forfeits. But that's just me.

Charlie said...

I like larger groups, too, especially if that means there's more than one loser.

BB said...

May I add my $.02 to these comments. First and last, I think you are performing a service par excellence, and offer a couple of remarks as my opinion only, not intended to be criticisms.

For the leg and butt lovers (and I am one) more head-to-toe shots of the loser(s). Most of the views are from the waist up. I speak somewhat of an authority as at last count I am the proud possessor of 33 Lost Bets clips.

I know the topic of loser twirls has come up before but for those of us who love to see the loser (and ALL of the loser), may we see more leg and butts.

Anonymous said...

I have never understood the whole "foot thing", I know some
folks are into it, but I thought
this forfeit was a little lame, for me at least. However, I will alawys pay to see Candle naked.

Red said...

Hi, guys,

Mace and Charlie: Larger groups, mxied sexes, masturbation forfeits. Got it. I'll see what I can do. First I have to fulfill requests for public nudity and more of Derek, but I'll try to get to some larger and/or co-ed games after.

BB: First of all, I want to thank you for the compliments, and also to tell you (and this goes for everybody) you never have to apologize for offering criticism. While I'm grateful for compliments and love to receive them, I really love being told what I'm doing wrong, because then I can (hopefully) correct it. It probably never would have occurred to me that I was giving short shrift to leg-and-butt fans if you hadn't pointed it out, so, thanks. In future shoots I'll make a point of getting some footage for fans like you. Now go buy the other 85 clips ;-)

Anon 5:38 (please sign your posts!), thanks for the feedback. Sorry you didn't much care for this forfeit, but as I've said in the past, if there's anybody who likes all of our clips, we're doing something wrong. Hope you like the next one better, and hope you enjoyed what you saw of Candle.

Charlie said...

Red said: "Mace and Charlie: Larger groups, mxied sexes, masturbation forfeits. Got it. I'll see what I can do. First I have to fulfill requests for public nudity and more of Derek, but I'll try to get to some larger and/or co-ed games after."

Don't forget multiple losers. ;-) All of that might be achievable in one video (though masturbating in public is probably riskier than simply being naked in public).

Anonymous said...

Once again thanks for your good work.

Could you do a game that involves players becomming bondaged as the game progresses. It would be good to see how it effects thier ability to play the game. Failing that I'd settel for a bondage forfeit.

I also think there is something to done with crotchless panties and bras- kind of like public flashing but not.



Anonymous said...

Red, I was one of your many fans who requested this forfeit. You did a pretty good job too! Here's where I think you could do better next time (I hope to see more feet forfeits!); instead of a slow ten count for each foot, how about a set time... like 5 minutes or have the winner dip their feet in chocolate syrup and the loser has to lick them until they're clean. Also, some shots of the loser's feet would be nice as well. And more toe sucking.
- NC