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Friday, January 21, 2011

Another milestone

First things first: Episode 200 is up. Go buy it.

When I started lostbets.com, I never would have dreamed it'd make it this far. I'm pretty sure I said similar things on other milestones, so maybe I shouln't still be amazed at the way this thing keeps going, but I still am. There are times I'll be taking a shower or something and suddenly think, "Holy shit!" Someday I may get used to the idea of being a pornographer, but I hope I never do.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who've helped make the unbelievable a reality, with special thanks to everyone who's contributed ideas and feedback. Here's to another 200, and beyond.


Anonymous said...

"Too large to be sold here"... I always go for your HD stuff cause it brings you a lot closer to the living room realism. Any chance we can get a stab at buying the HD version somehow? -mike

Anonymous said...

(Sorry to speak in three different persons in my previous post- I/you/we all = generic we.) -mike

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 200! Can you start a separate blog post for us to post favorite moments, clips, and girls of the past 200. I've bought a lot but I'm sure there are some great ones I missed. Here's to 200 more!


Anonymous said...

glad we got to see a lot more of sassy in this video does she play any more games
- jersey

realnot said...

Is there any way we can get a guarantee that if we buy the SD version now, and the HD version becomes available somehow later, we'll be able to get that for free or at a reduced price? I don't want to buy this in SD and then have to buy an HD version later if it's published somehow.

Red said...

Um, WTF? This is the third time I've tried to post this reply. The first two, it seemed to go through just fine, but then disappeared. Hope this one works.

@mike: No need to apologize for your grammar, I got what you meant :) And the answer to your question is yes, but only for a limited time, and only for folks who care enough to read not only the blog but the comments threads as well. If you've purchased Episode 200 from the clip store on or before the end of January 2011 and want the HD version, forward your C4S purchase receipt to 200hd@lostbets.com. You'll get a link in the mail.

@Krycek: Great idea. I'll do it, but man, does this really drive home the fact that a blog is the shittiest form of community site. I've got to get something better, and soon.

@Jersey: I'm happy to report that yes, Sassy did play some other games. I'd have to count, but I believe there are about 5 more or so to come.

"Sassy King" is of course a stage name. Since she hadn't expected to be on camera, she hadn't thought of what she wanted to go by. The rest of the group offered several shouted suggestions, but eventually someone (Amber, I think) suggested that she use the standard porn name formula (childhood pet + street where you grew up), and thus was born Sassy King.

Speaking of stage names, one of the things that happens when you've got a bunch of players who are getting into the game and who aren't really accustomed to being on film is that sometimes real names slip out. It happened a couple of times in 200. Don't tell anyone, although I don't think any of 'em would really mind. Except Thor. If word got back to him that someone used his real name in an adult film, he'd be pissed.

@realnot: See response to mike.

Dave said...

I'm surprised that your suprised Red. You listen to your clients, you cater for a specific gap in the market, and you make sure you always have top quality stock. It doesn't matter what bussiness your in, if you do things right, things will work out. Thanks heaps for making what we want to see.


Anonymous said...

Fun fact: Things like that "pornstar name" formula are social engineering attempts.

Check out the security questions and answers for a few of your favorite sites, then look through a few of the name games.


BB said...


Thanks for the "I lost my clothes ..." teaser - I really miss seeing those.

BB said...

... and almost forgot: "Congratulations on No. 200 - getting better and better with each one!"

Mark said...

it wasok but I would have like to see the girls get off for reel

Red said...

IMPORTANT ADDENDUM TO FREE 200HD OFFER: Before forwarding your C4S receipt, please feel free to scrub any personally-identifying information (such as your name) from it first. I got no need to know, and I respect your privacy.

Also, while I usually request that people not post spoilers during the first week of a clip's release, I'm going to break my own rule by spoiling the genders of the losers in this comment. If you don't wanna know that, don't read before you watch.

@Dave: Well, thanks for the thanks... and that's one of the things that gets me, that I get to make these insanely fun videos and people thank me for them. It's not so much that I'm surprised that lostbets.com is doing well, it's more that I never thought I'd be in anything like this position and sometimes I still can't believe it's true.

@PN: Ooh, good point. Okay, from now on, your porn name is no longer your childhood pet followed by the street you grew up on. From now on, it'll be... uh... your mother's maiden name followed by the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. Cohen 5570*, reporting for duty.

* not my real info

Fun fact: Episode 200 isn't really the 200th episode but the 202nd.

@BB: You're welcome, and I'm going to make a conscious effort to do more of them. Any variants you might like to see, let me know.

@Mark: Of the two female losers, I'm convinced that one of them really did get off. Before the game, she remarked that if she lost, she'd be quick. She said she often just rubs one out so she cam sleep or relax. Or to relieve the monotony of a long drive. Judging from her flushed face and stiff nipples, I believe her.

As for the other female loser... yeah. You know, on the whole it's pretty great being a man. We don't have to menstruate, bear children, or worry about whether or not our ass looks big in these jeans. But there are times when the ladies have the upper hand, and masturbation forfeits are one of them. See, it's really hard, er, difficult to make yourself come in the face of, er, in the presence of 6 wisecracking bitches cracking wise. An unscrupulous female player can fake it. But just because she can get away with it doesn't make it any less unscrupulous. Shame on the second female loser for her obvious fakery.

But on the same note, kudos to the male loser for grimly sticking it out and paying his debt... even if it ended up being more than he bargained for.

Anonymous said...

congratats on the milestone, i sent you a email about two of the girls on your site and where i could find them. could you respond when you get the time. thanks

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the person who had alot of blue marker ink on their private area didn't have to be rushed to the emergency room, for a chafing accident or something!
"Excuse me, could you explain to me again how that ended up being so blue?"


Anonymous said...


I want to second BB on how nice it was to see the return of the "I lost all my clothes on..." promo.

You don't always have to come up with a new variant each time. Watching a new girl do it is in itself a variant and will always be fun.

But since you asked, how about a frontal shot of a naked woman laid over someone's lap saying the line. She would be covering her breasts with her hands and it would be shot low enough that you can't see her ass, just the poised paddle or hand.

Heck, give her a swat and see if she can manage to keep covering herself. If so, that would make a great promo.


Charlie said...

It might have been the inked scrawls on the loser's face, but the loser who took the longest to masturbate sure looked to be blushing the entire time. :-)

Anonymous said...

Is there, perchance, any extra footage from when they had to shower?


Anonymous said...

Hey Red, its been a stone's age since we last saw Julie. Any chance she'll make an appearance in the future?


JW said...


any movement on my group sex suggestion back a few weeks ago? Couples, where the guys compete and the winning guy gets to take clothes off the other guy's girl, and the first naked girl gets gangbanged by the winning guy and 'spectators'?

RS said...

Hey Red,

Along the same vein of the co-ed games, a long time ago (probably about six months ago), I posted a question asking if there was any chance of getting Troy to play a game. You replied that you were trying to get in touch with someone else (Julie, I think) and would ask her if he'd be interested. Any luck? He could be one of the additions for a large, outdoor "picnic" game suggested by someone else.

Also, if you do end up filming some outdoor "picnic" games, I think it would be fun to require that players don't get to get re-dressed; losers start the next game naked and non-losers will be partially undressed. (Maybe the winner can out one item of clothing back on...)

Anonymous said...

Is Mary going to be in future games


Anonymous said...

Episode 200 was a total bust. If I wanted to see a guy jerking off I would have rented gay clip. Not worth the money

Red said...

@Dex: Oh, I know that I don't need to always come up with a new variant on the "lost all my clothes" theme, but a little variety now and then doesn't hurt, either. I've done a few where instead of "I lost all my clothes..." it was "We lost all our clothes..." or "She lost all her clothes..." I like your idea and will give it a try.

@Charlie: Well, that person definitely would rather have been in the audience than performing, that much is certain :)

@Gordon: No, I'm afraid not. We were out of tape/memory on the cameras, and they ducked into the shower to clean off while we were fixing that. (You got to hear about the film situation courtesy of Johnny, who had had a few to drink and thus forgotten that the cameraman is not supposed to be part of the scene.)

@faithofheart: I just emailed Julie a few days ago asking if she'd like to come back. (I miss her too) but she hasn't responded yet. I hope she's okay.

@JW: Not yet, I'm afraid. I'm keeping it in mind, but it's a bit of a tall order and it's hard to find players who'll take the risk. And a lot of the girls who are, well... they're not exactly lostbets material, y'know? I'm going to keep trying, though. I'd love to use that forfeit.

@RS: Troy came with Julie. If I can't get her back, I probably can't get him either. Keep your fingers crossed, let's hope.

As for the picnic games, rather than have the losers play the next game naked, I was thinking more along the lines of having a whole bunch of events be part of a single game, where the loser of each event has to take off one piece of clothing and then we move on to the next. So as the game progresses, the players are wearing less and less, and exposing more and more. (Naked potato-sack race sounds awesome.)

@NS: Yes!! 200 wasn't the only episode we shot that day, and Mary is in several more.

@Anon 5:13 (please sign your posts): I'm sorry you were disappointed. In the future, if it really matters to you who lost, please highlight the spoiler in the clip description to find out. By the way, you don't have to be gay to find the idea of a guy losing a game and being forced to jerk off in front of a crowd of gleeful, giggling girls sexy.

For the second time in its history, Lost Bets Productions is the #1 store on Clips4Sale. Thank you all for this.

RS said...

Oh, gotcha, you're thinking the picnic games would be a single episode? I hadn't realized that -- thought maybe each game would be a separate episode, in which case you'd want at least one person to get naked.

Mindworm said...

I have to agree with @Anon 5:13, but as I actually did highlight the spoiler noticing that a guy was among the losers, I decided not to buy the clip. Looking at the enormous amount of porn out on the net, and noticing that the majority of this porn is hardcore, I guess the poster and I are in minority for not enjoying this, but I really can't understand why many straight men enjoys watching a cock being blown off, for instance!

Anyway, most of your girl-girl games are really great. I really love your genre of porn, where things are unscripted, and it has surprised me that there are so few sites offering similar material. I have searched all over the net, and could not find anything like what you're making, and that surprises me, as there's no doubt that many people would like such videos. The only site that comes close is UltimateSurrender, but those videos are a bit repetitive.

A few videos ago, one girl had to lick the other girl's ass, and I found this video very hot! Do you have any plans featuring more girl-girl videos with anal sex? Maybe you could have the loser masturbate her asshole with a toy, and maybe she even could do this while having her pussy licked or toyed by another girl?

Red said...

@Mindworm: There's a very wide genre called "femdom", enjoyed by millions of heterosexual males worldwide, involving women inflicting humiliation on men. The genre as a whole isn't really my personal cup of tea, but there's definitely some overlap with LB, including times when a man loses to women and has to do something private for their amusement (and videotaping, and publication to a grateful public). That's how a straight guy can find #200 hot... that, plus the many many naked girls.

More ass play, got it. I've got a shoot coming up on the 25th, featuring an interesting mix of players, and I think they just might go for it.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of seeing Ariel again? I'd like to see more of her than we got to (which wouldn't be hard).

Anonymous said...

Mindworm and Anon 5:13, you're right in that the finale is essentially a cfnm type event. However, when Amy strips on her own during the forfeit and essentially gives a lap dance to get him hard again, it is pretty damn hawt...

Anonymous said...

Above post by Krycek