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Thursday, January 20, 2011


I neglected to make a blog post last week to say that episode 199 was out. It's not a bad episode by any means, but it's a little bit... ordinary, I guess. I've been focused on episode 200, which definitely is not ordinary, and didn't give 199 the push it deserved. It does feature a forfeit we haven't seen in awhile, and a new girl who I think is very promising.

Episode 200 clocks in at 90 minutes, broken down as 65 minutes of game, about 15 minutes for the first part of the forfeit, and 10 minutes for the second. I tried to trim it up, but really, there's a lot of gold here and I was reluctant to cut any of it. I think it's a worthy 200th episode.

In the weeks to come, episode 201 features Chrissy and Kym returning, to play a game where the loser is going to get hogtied and vibrated. Episode 202 is the final episode with this crowd:

The loser of their game of spin-the-bottle gets to engage in intimate relations with the bottle. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

ok neat! wallet is out, ready to beat the download rush!!! -ImpatientFan009

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

it would be great if you could make the forfeit memory idea like you said:
The memory with forfeit cards is the game. Each item depicted on the forfeit cards is worth a certain number of points. Once all the pairs are found, whoever has the most points is the winner, and the winner gets to use all of the toys she has captured on the loser.

Links how to make the game cards are here:




Greetings Ravenfan.

Anonymous said...


Wow. Congratulations on your 200th episode. May there be many more great episodes to come.

Here is my first "awesome suggestion". Strip Picnic Games. You would need at least six girls and a secluded field.

The girls would compete in teams of two and would play such traditional picnic games as a water balloon relay race, a water balloon toss, an egg-spoon relay race, and a three-legged race.

After each event, every girl on the second place team has to remove an item of clothing and each girl on the last place team has to remove two items. Just to make it even more interesting, which item would be the winner's choice. Shoes and socks wouldn't count, so each girl would be dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, bra, and panties.

The games continue until two teams have been stripped naked. This would result in between three and seven events, most likely four or five. Everone has to play every event, even if they are already naked.

By the way, this would be a good time to have another sorority initiation storyline. You could make everybody matching Rho Epsilon Delta t-shirts.

The winner can put on their clothes and watch. The two naked losing teams have to do a wheelbarrow race, across the field and back, switch and do it again.

As before, the winners can quit. The losing team has to do a naked potato sack race to see which one of them is the grand loser.

Everyone goes home happy, except the grand loser who still has not been allowed to put clothes on. Do they need gas for the van? The loser has to pump it. Does everyone want drinks and snacks? Make the loser take everyone's order and go into the convienence store and buy them all. Did she get something wrong? Punish her and make her go back. Can't you get anything right? She said "Caffeine free".

You may have to compromise on a thong and band-aids for the proceeding scenes. If so, don't just give them out. Be sure and make the girl earn them somehow.

If you are doing a sorority initiation storyline, you could show all the winning girls being sworn in, while showing shots of the naked loser scrubbing the floors, serving as a footstool, cleaning the bathroom, and scurrying to fetch drinks and follow orders.

Naturally, I see it as a DVD.

I've got more suggestions, as well. Don't worry, I promise my next one will be something practical. After all, you will need something to keep you busy, while you are working out how you can possibly pull this one off.


Charlie said...

What time do clips usually go live? I often check periodically during the day on Fridays, don't see it, head out for my Friday night, and then find it Saturday morning. So I never quite know what the right time is to check.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I time ago there was suggested a pussy waxing as forfeit. I would like to see this forfeit. But I have a alternative hair removal technique, which is not very painfull and softer to the skin.
It's called suggaring with Halawa it was made by arabian girls a long time in history.
you can find some vids at youtube about it and you will also fin a lot of stuff in the internet about it.

Please try the pussy suggaring as forfeit. Thank you.

Greetings Panther.

Red said...

@EF: Thanks! I hope you like it.

@Ravenfan: Believe me, I want to do it. Thanks for the leads on places to get cards printed.

@Dex: I've already vowed that this is the year, 2011 is the year I finally do some freakin' outdoor games. And yours sounds awesome. I hadn't even considered those classic games, and they have great pootential. Especially the potato-sack race with two naked girls. Yowza.

@Charlie: New clips are published at 7:20 PM Eastern time. At least, they're supposed to... sometimes the server is a little slow.

@Panther: Actually, waxing already made it into an episode... number 170. And yeah, it hurt like hell. This sugaring thing seems interesting, but I'll have to keep looking into it.