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Friday, January 28, 2011

Up and coming

Historically, I've picked which clip to publish each week a few days before the deadline, and written the clip description the day of. What can I say? I'm lazy and a big fan of putting things off if I can. But in a break with tradition, I've actually started to get a bit ahead, so I can tell you what to expect over the next few weeks.

Today, we see the return of Chrissy and Kym, playing a game with a bit more sexy forfeit than last time. I love 'em both, and apparently so do you guys, and I'm going to try my best to bring them back for more games.

Next week, episode 202 will be the conclusion of the series featuring Tiana, Amani, Alicia, Serena, and Jessie for a fun and lighthearted game of spin-the-bottle.

I'm happy to say that episode 203, pitting ultra-veteran Ashley versus newbie Rainy, fits into a Clips4Sale category that I've never used before. First person to guess which in the comments to this post (one guess per person, please) gets a free copy.

Episode 204, with Kandie, Sassy, and Amber, features a new game. I liked the way it turned out and will use it again, but I gotta say that this episode very nearly killed me. One of the players said something that made me laugh so hysterically that I literally couldn't breathe.

205 has Je C and Maya coming back, with the loser having to do the nearly-naked bar walk. This tends to attract a lot of attention, and in this case it attracted the attention of Asia M., who was fascinated by what she saw and asked what was going on. When the loser told her that she'd lost a bet, Asia asked if she could play in the next game. She did. But you'll have to wait 'til 207 to see what happened.

Between those two, Episode 206 will introduce new girls Mo and Lola, with one of the most successful and photogenic pussy-pumpings we've had to date. Thanks, Armin.

And speaking of props suggested by fans, I've bitten the bullet and spent a couple of thousand dollars at the Kink Industries Fucking Machines store. Just got the notification today that my order has shipped. Can't wait to get it. Can't wait to use it. Ashley's coming to town in February, and I'm really looking forward to her being on either end of a fucking machine forfeit.


Unknown said...

Probably a long shot, but for 203- Exhibitionist?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Whoops, that one's been used, i may have misunderstood where the clips4sale categories are...so i'd like to change my guess to strap-on


Red said...

Nope, nope, and nope. BTW, 201 published slightly late 'buz of a screwup, but it's up now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is that guy you were talking with over email from California who had the zillion toy/sex machine ideas haha, glad to see you took me up on my suggestion to get a fucking machine :)

I wouldn't complain if I got a free copy of that episode by the way ;P haha

About the guess for the episode though, while it's not something i'm into, i'm going to guess peeing.

Anonymous said...

How about being made to squirt?


Anonymous said...



Red said...

@Anon 6:04 (please sign your posts): Of course! Lately I've been trying to give a free copy to people who suggest an idea I end up using. I've got your email address; once The Machine arrives and is used, first one's on the house.

And nope, it's not peeing.

@Gordon: Nope, not squirting. I wish. Someday...

@jawz: Nope, not enema. Interesting idea, though.

However, I just realized that I made a mistake earlier. PN guessed strap-on, and while that's not the category I put the clip in, it certainly could have been. So I'm gonna credit PN with a win, but there's still the actual category I put the clip in. If anyone guesses it, you win a copy too.

Anonymous said...

I'll guess double penetration, even though that's not really my cup of tea.


Big Ed said...

Well seeing as a strap-on was involved but wasn’t the category then it would suggest it was only a part of the bigger forfeit.

I was going to say something being dominated by toys but you’ve used the Toys, Dildo Fucking and Domination categories already.

But if the guys were in the audience and the strap-on wasn’t the only thing doing the fucking then whilst threesomes and double penetration has been used before you’ve yet to use Gangbangs and so I’m gonna guess Gangbangs as the category used.

Big Ed

NexMiles said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, what the hell, another game idea:
Lets honor our friends at the TSA. 3 players, poss 2 girls, 1 guy. A quick stripping game to ID the initial loser in the usual fashion. This person is designated the "interviewer" and the remaining 2 are the "job applicants", the interviewer assumes the position, legs well spread, hands clasped on top the head. The 2 applicants then give the interviewer a good body searching, 1st one applicant, then the other. When both are done, the interviewer announces which one got the job. The interviewer and the newly "hired" agent then finish stripping the remaining player and give him/her a good simultaneous going over like the interviewer got. Whaddya think? Takes some of the sting out of losing but still allows some humiliation as each loser is stroked, poked, prodded, fingered, maybe even licked and nibbled...

Tony A, So Fla

Anonymous said...

I was going to say "Double Penetration", but Matt beat me to it, given that "Strap-on" could have been used (unless you're bluffing), I'll go with either "Lesbian Domination" or "Double Vaginal" (ouch!) though I hope for the loser's sake it wasn't the latter.
Loved the Julie/Sammy/Mika series - will they be coming back soon (please!) and any chance of persuading Julie to stay shaved?

Anonymous said...

My guess is Penis Plug


realnot said...

Mainly because I want it to be true, I'm going to guess Tease and Denial.

Anonymous said...

i'm still waiting for the loser having to submit to a bondage screwing.

Ca Fan

Englishman said...

Hey Red, I was the person who originally suggested using electric shock games, aaages and aaages ago... and you've done loads of them now. Do I get a freebie? :-)

Red said...

@Matt, @Big Ed, @NexMiles, @Phaz, @realnot: Nope, nope, nope, nope, and nope. But this impromptu contest was a good move... it's giving me all sorts of ideas for things to do in the future.

@Tony A: Interesting! And it'd give me an excuse to use up all these latex gloves and all this lube I've got lying around. What criteria should the interviewer use for deciding which of the interviewees is the winner? I'm concerned that a savvy interviewer could tell the interviewees that she'll pick whichever of them goes easiest on her, which would discourage enthusiastic groping on their part.

@Anon 2:45 (please sign your posts): Nope on the guess. There's at least one more game from Julie/Sammy/Mika, and I'm currently talking to Julie about getting her back. At this point, it's probably not so much a matter of convincing her to stay shaved as it'd be convincing her to shave. It's been awhile since that shoot, and I suspect she's grown it back by now.

@CA Fan: It's not bondage screwing this time, but a game with a bondage screwing forfeit has been filmed and awaits postproduction. Stay tuned.

@Englishman: Drop me an email, we'll talk.

Englishman said...

Red - emailed the support address, hope that's the right one

Anonymous said...

I'll guess Odd Insertions. Krycek

Red Baron said...

Hey Red,
You haven't responded to my emails in a couple of weeks. Is everything alright?

Peanuth O'Toole said...

Thanks for all those great vids so far!

Here's some suggestions for small and fun forfeits I'd really like to see:

- belly dancing
- boob jiggling
- dancing to music

And during the game there could be the forfeit of a 'sneak preview: a superfast complete strip, twirl and superfast redress. Then the game continues as normal, but we've gotten a teasing taste of what's to come.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Latex and lube, you're the man!
OK, "interviewer" could pussy out and ruin the fun for the rest of us. So, maybe, have an audience, and let them decide which applicant gets the job.

Tony A, So Fla

Nexmiles said...

Sorry if I post this twice Internet issue:

Here is a fun multicontest start off with 4-5 girls and have them compete like normal with 2 guys watching. They play till 2 girls are naked those two girls then pair up with a guy and try to make the guys cum as fast as then can using any method they can think of. The girl who makes her guy cum last has to fuck both guys.

Red said...

@Englishman: No, 'fraid not. I'm red@lostbets.com.

@Krycek: Nope. But 202 is in that category.

@Bryant: Sorry. Believe me, yours wasn't the only email I've lost in the cracks. To anyone who's sent an email and is awaiting a reply, pinging me again is a good way to get my attention.

@Peanuth: Those are some good ideas. I'm not so sure about belly dancing... I mean, I don't know much about it, but it's something that you need training and practice to do well, isn't it? But boob jiggling is always a good idea, and I finally got some royalty-free music (see episode 187) so I can finally do things like dancing without worrying about copyright. The sneak-peek quick-strip sounds like an awesome mini-forfeit, if I can find girls shy enough to pull it off.

@Tony A: I wouldn't put it quite that way, which makes it sound like the interviewer is being a spoilsport. I just count on people acting in their rational self-interest. Think about it: if somebody were going to have the choice of punishing you, or punishing somebody else, and you didn't want to be punished, wouldn't you be disinclined to treat that person harshly? If you had to invade that person's nethers, wouldn't you make it gentle and tentative?

Like I said, it has great potential, and I think I know how to make it work. Not gonna give you any spoilers, though... you'll just have to wait :)

@Nexmiles: Fantastic idea, but with one small flaw: Of the two guys, one's gonna have an orgasm as his girl wins the race. Then if you want the two guys to fuck the loser, well, there might be a bit of a waiting period before that's possible. I think I can come up with a way to make it work, though.

If nobody guesses the mystery category by the time 202 is published, I'll post a hint, and do a reset so people who've already guessed can guess again.

Nexmiles said...

Hmm true I was thinking of it in the sense of the guy who already came would be fucking her harder because it would take abit more to make him cum again.

Peanuth O'Toole said...

@Red: if royalties is the issue stopping you from dancing forfeits, I'd be happy to create some custom-made, royalty-free music for you

Anonymous said...

Although you didn't list any guys, I'm going to take a wild stab and go with bukkake.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of dancing. It's surprisingly difficult to find good nude dancing anywhere. It seems like it should be easy, but mostly you just have stripping or wiggling to music. Either that, or it gets so artsy that it is not erotic at all.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered a "dating game" type episode? One guy, three girls. The guy gets to have his way with his final choice. I don't know how to make it into a stripping game, but it could still be fun.


Red said...

@Peanuth: Send me an email -- red@lostbets.com -- and we'll talk.

@mball: Nope, not pegging... that'll have to wait a bit.

@JJ: Nope... but man, I wish. It's hard to find girls who'd be willing to submit to that, but that doesn't mean I'll stop trying.

@Hugh: Yeah, it is tough to find good nude dancing, but some of my girls could pull it off, I think.

Doing a knockoff on the Dating Game is something that hadn't occurred to me. I'll think about how to make it work.

New clip published in about 40 minutes, along with a hint to the challenge.

Anonymous said...


Peanuth O'Toole said...

@red: sent you an email, hope to hear from you soon

Unknown said...
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