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Friday, February 3, 2012

I am going to hell.

At least, if any of the numerous world religions that believes that corrupting young, sweet, innocent girls is a damnable sin has it right. And I'll probably get there sooner rather than later, courtesy of a mob of angry fathers with pitchforks and torches. But at least I'll have a great time until I get there.

All of this soul-searching was prompted by the shoot I'm putting together for next week. And I don't really think that I'm offending Heaven by this... after all, who but a loving and benevolent deity could have delivered so many adorable fresh-faced barely-legal schoolgirl amateurs into my clutches?

Unrelated to the above, Episode 262 is published. Fans of Candle and Isobel will be happy. Fans of squirting forced orgasms will be happier.

Not at all unrelated to the above, Episode 263 will publish next Friday. Adorable fresh-faced barely-legal Lumen returns and brings her adorable fresh-faced barely-legal friend Fern. They're joined by equally-adorable though more comfortably-legal Julie, who brought her not-too-adorable friend Kyle. I neglected to tell Lumen and Fern that there'd be a dude in the games. Fern blushes surprisingly well under her tanned, Latina complexion. They play a new game that has them moving (and bouncing), and the losers are going to get very, very cold as they make snow angels outside wearing absolutely nothing.

Episode 264 brings back Brianna and Angel for their fourth (and last, for now) game. They play Strip Barracuda, which hasn't been used much yet. It's inspired by the old game show Card Sharks. The loser of this one dons the bright yellow slingshot swimsuit and has to go on our most extensive swimsuit walk to date. Her ordeal takes her outside, across a street crowded with vehicles and pedestrians to feed a parking meter, then back for a walk around the hotel, ending in the exercise room and swimming pool area. It's fun watching the barely-clad loser trying to keep everything in place as she rides the elliptical trainer.

Episode 265 features Whitney and Alexis vs. AJ and Tony in another boys-vs-girls team game. They play Croc 'n' Balls, until one gender is totally naked. Last time, the losers got paddled. This time, the penalty will be a little more hardcore, as the losers have to get on their knees and go down on the victors. A couple of pussies are going to get licked, or a couple of dicks are going to get sucked. Either way, the stakes are high.


Anonymous said...

an idea: when filming barey legal players, maybe you could include a shot of their driver's license (wuth their actually name and adress covered with black tape or something).

its adds credibility and should increase sales.


Red said...

@Mark, that's a good idea, but I definitely would not feel comfortable doing that without clearing it with the girls first. I can ask. In the meantime, if you're willing to take me at my word, Lumen was born during August, 1993. Fern was born during November, 1993. And they're trying to talk their friend into it, born during January, 1994.

I almost put the full dates in there, but that might also be personal information I ought to make sure the girls don't mind me releasing before I release it. All three dates are late in their month,s though.

Anonymous said...

And the movie with Candle, Graham, Kitty, and Isobel is GREAT!!!!!

One of the best in the last months!

OK, big fan of Isobel, but still clear enough in my mind to judge the movie honestly.... ;-)

Great work Red!


Anonymous said...


Any chance Bibi comes back for some more games? She got through all of them without losing much at all. Any new videos with her or Kodak are greatly appreciated.

Another LBFan

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for boys vs girls. It would be great to have battle of the sex more often. Maybe one where losers have to give mutual oral stimulation while the winners get to watch and enjoy.

Red said...

@LBF: I'm glad you're happy with it. You asked to see more Isobel, and it took a few years but I'm proud to have delivered. There are still two more games to come in this four-girl series... what will they get up to next?

@Another LBFan: There is one more game featuring the Bibi, Kodak, Tori, and Cody. While the girls are as cute as ever, I felt that this one didn't quite live up to the high standards of the other three, so when it makes its appearance it'll be as a B-Side. But I'll make every effort to get every one of them back in the future.

@Anon 12:00 (please sign your posts): That's a freaky coincidence, I was just talking about that exact same idea on Friday. (I have witnesses.) I might be able to pull it off.

@Mark: That too is on the menu, although bukkake will be very tough. Either the fine porn producers of Japan have way higher budgets than I do and are willing to pay to have a lot of men screened for the sort of diseases that can be passed through bukkake, or they just don't care. I do care, and I won't do bukkake until I have a group of men I'm damn sure won't pass anything nasty to the poor, cum-soaked loser. I do have one or two ideas where I might find enough clean man-cannons to give a girl a nice glossy sheen, and you can be sure I'll do my best.

Gino said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

hi Red,
i'm been waiting for another forfeit similar to one the one in #197. it remains my favorite clip.

any chance of seeing something like that in the future?

CA Fan

Cb said...

#265 sounds good... It's always a good genre.

You could make the bukkake more interesting by allowing the winner to choose where and when the man-cannons strike...

Saying all that some true darering style games, with their wider possibilities and more than one "forefeit" per game would be good...

Anonymous said...

It's not really clear what Maia was feeling from the Pump. Since it hides more than it shows, I was disappointed in this latest video.

puzzlermc2 said...

I have really enjoyed the videos I bought from you - thanks for all your work. Perhaps I can offer a few comments:

In most of them, the order of stripping is the same. Even when the opponent is the one who chooses what's to come off, they usually follow the same order. Perhaps they hope that they will be treated with the same consideration if they lose. I would prefer a random order of losses, giving the possibility of glimpsing some flesh which might not otherwise be seen. Accidentally seeing a girl in her underwear is somehow more exciting than seeing her in a bikini on the beach. In the same way, it's better to have the opponent do the undressing because she won't be as careful in what she may accidentally reveal. Similarly, a blouse with buttons to be undone is more tantalising than a sweater, and a skirt better than jeans. Perhaps it would add some excitement to leave some clothes on, while still allowing a view of the essentials. What do you think?

I thought that some of the videos would be a good base for a video strip poker game. I dug out an old program that I had written for strip poker and tried it with some of the girls I had downloaded. I think it works pretty well. If you are interested in offering the game for those members who prefer to feel that they have some control over the action, I can send you a copy using Kandie's solo game as an example. Please let me know if you want to pursue this option.

Anonymous said...

The upcoming episode with the loser struggling to keep her breasts in the slingshot swimsuit while on an elliptical trainer in a public exercise room sounds AWESOME! I bought the last two "slingshot" vids and I'll definitely be buying it! -Victor

Anonymous said...

When it comes to bukkake, I think in general they don't care in Japan and such. In America I heard of some producer who was casting for one, and what they did was make the guy pay for his own test, and they didn't even get paid for the shoot Essentially, they paid to be in the video. But you know what nasty bastards dudes are, they still had tons of guys willing to do it on those terms.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Guy Who Knows Stuff: bukkake is big in japan. i'm sure the studios have a lot of dudes on the payroll/rolodex, like our porn producers do, who recieve regular testing and such in order to retain their certfication.

maybe Red could contact some of dante's buddies, or have dante provide a few.

for this enterprise, i dont expect a 20-30 man cum dump. but 3 or 5. maybe 6? would be cool.

Japanese (i grew up in a majority jap neighborhood) are clean freaks. i'm sure they care about diseases, maybe more so than the rest of us.
even in some japanese grocery stores the staff wear breathing masks(similar to what a doctor wears during sugery) so as not to contaminate the produce.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,
today's B-Side was awesome! Always hoped to see more of Mariah or Sienna and TADA, good job!
Greetings from germany,
you rock,

Red said...

@CA Fan: I can't deny that I've been neglecting the hardcore lately. The focus on the young sweet innocents has its charms, but most of them won't do hardcore, at least not yet. There will be more hardcore, including more creampies, but I haven't filmed it yet.

@Cb: Let the winner choose "where" and "when"? I thought that the answers were "everywhere" and "for a really long time", at least according to the bukkake videos I've… heard of.

Several people have requested a dare-ring style game. It's in the idea-bin, that's all I have to say about that for now.

@puzzlemc2: Thanks very much for the comments (and compliments). As far as stripping order goes, you're right that I've not been doing enough variety lately. Time to break out the clothing cards and do some more random-order stripping.

Also, I emailed you about your strip poker game. It sounds interesting and I'd like to see it. Can you send me a copy?

@Victor: Well, while I do think the upcoming slingshot walk is the best yet, I don't want to oversell the elliptical machine. She wasn't on it very long. But I hope you like the game anyway.

@Mark and @GuyWhoKnowsStuff, those are some good ideas for recruiting guys for bukkake. Especially going through Dante.. I bet he knows quite a few suitable folks.

@Hank: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I'm pretty sure that's the last I have with Mariah (and Sienna) but they may be back.

KW said...

Hey Red, this is anon 12:00. Sorry about not signing the post. I believe you, can't wait to see what you got in store for us. Mark, I like your idea about 'screwing the loser's babe' too.

Randomguy85 said...

Hey Red,
If you want to make my day and the day of the tickling community... I'd/we'd love to see you bring back Lumen and Salem and have the forfeit be tickling! Just throwing it out there.