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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Any questions?

Lumen has been in two shoots, and has played a total of 9 games. Fern has been in one, and has played a total of 5 games. Even though the majority of these games haven't even been edited yet (much less published), I can already tell that it's not going to be nearly enough.

So I'm having them both back tomorrow for another round. I'd like to hear your ideas for what I should have them do, definitely, but more importantly I'm going to do something I really should have done with these girls the first time I had the opportunity, and that's to interview them. I've got some questions to ask in mind, but I figured I'd ask you guys if there's anything specific you'd like to know from these two 18-year-old cuties.

Any ideas? Sorry about the incredibly short notice.


Anonymous said...

For Forfeits, Reposting this from the Dec. 16 Blog Post.

Hey Red, just a suggestion for a forfeit(s).

1) How about a naked crab walk? film it well and there's real good opportunity for some between the legs shots imo. might work for those who don't like doing hardcore.
1a) how about a naked crab walk race? have two (or more?) losers race doing a crab walk and whoever loses gets another forfeit. If you're cramped for space, do one at a time and whoever does it the slowest loses and another forfeit for her.

As far as questions, I have nothing you probably weren't going to ask anyway. So I'll leave that to you or the other posters.


Anonymous said...

how about their first sexual experience?

how many times they have been seen by others naked?

whats the freakiest thing they ever done?


Anonymous said...

The idea that i had way back teams. both teams play one game then the losing team plays rock paper, siccors with their legs wide open. The loser of each rd gets a spanking or paddling. The game ends when one player calls it quits then she gets honey pour on her butt or has to give head or something. the punishment can not be painful for she just went thought pain. MJ

Anonymous said...

Forfeits? I like self pleasureing. If there are males involved, handjobs or oral sex. The idea of the crab walk sounds interesting.

Questions? What is the wildest naked thing they've ever done? Can you show us that now?

Anonymous said...

Hey red how have a game were two guys play. I love those game the winner of the game should get something sexaul from a girl. The loser has to watch. The girl should get an prize if she can aroued the loser. The loser should get a extra punishment if he gets a hard on. I think Juile or Ashley would be great for this game. RJO

Anonymous said...

tickling all over the body and maybe make it sexual such as eating out would be nice.

Anonymous said...

WoW I love the idea with the guys. I thinking maybe if the guy gets a boner he should get a shave. Maybe the girl can shave him. The best part is that Red would not have to pay the guys for playing. Maybe I do not not what I ' am talking about maybe Red does pay them who knows. Hey Red do you ever pay the guys for playing? anyway count me in I also want to see the girl punishment the guys taht way.

Mike J

dac99 said...

Interview question: What's your favorite game? (Board game, card game, sport, etc.) Then if possible, play that game in the video.

Anonymous said...

You know I saw like the Men game idea. Just thinking about julie teasing the losing guy make me hot i would but it so fast

Anonymous said...

Forced orgamisms get my vote. The winner should be able to spread the losers lips apart and finger her to orgasm.
I'm partial to Jester or a card/dice game - where chance and luck decide the outcome.
Lost of bantering between the girls is a real turnon.
SB Boy

JustAnyOtherRandomGuy said...

Question: What do you think lead up to you being on LostBets? Have you ever had to do any dare that can be characterized as erotic? Have you ever lost a bet in private were the forfeit was erotic? If so, do tell. (And make sure to ask if it got them wet if they have.)

Question: Have you ever had any bicurious incidents with any of your gal-pals?

Anonymous said...

I think more hardcore with these two -with guys possibly? As for a question - how far would they go betting at the moment?

Anonymous said...

I would really like to see some more guys playing, young twinky skinny ones, 20 year olds that you can tell are geeks. I love watching the guys get off, preferably facial style. I love awkward kisses between girls that are obviously not bisexual. I love watching rimming as a punishment.

I would love to see a 1 minute pregame show in your clips, just some fast edited anecdotes before the game starts, showing them in the kitchen having a wine, nervous looking, applying some make up, whatever. I like listening to banter. I like a little foreplay. Lets me see how the girls are, lets me extend it in my head. And then a 1 minute post game - I love watching the girls hop into the shower, just for a minute. Those are the accoutrements that I lavish in your clips, Red. -D.O.M.

JustAnyOtherRandomGuy said...

I second D.O.M. on the intro/outro suggestion, that would really give the games depth. Also, it might be possible to try and play the girls up against eachother before the game, and to get cocky players to up the ante among themselves. Its also possible that they'll agree to more risky dares if they're edged on by the opposite player. I think it'd be worth a try.

Another question: Have you ever tried public sex, if so, how public and have you ever been caught?

Yet another question: Have you ever been caught having sex/masturbate/watching porn(which is a legit question since 1/3 of porn searches are done by women)? If so, by who, and how embarassed were you?

Anonymous said...

I know these girls prefer to keep it soft core and its been a while since you've had a pizza guy come by. A nice streaking event could also work. Also my all time favorite softcore forfeit is from a game released on 5/1/09.


Anonymous said...

Wow, lots of responses.

have they seen Borat? LOL
or:do they know what a sybian is?
And i always find it sexy to hear what they like most and don;t like about their body.
Also, is there any forfeit they would like to see the other girl do?

As for forfeits:

I posted it before , but i really would like to see a game where the loser is stripped to her underwear during the game.
After this, she is cuffed first and then stripped by the winner of her top and undies before a small audience. I just love the idea that they don;t know beforehand who is goin to see them nude and once handcuffed,
they can't prevent being stripped. If one guy could get them so embarrassed, i'd love to see what happens with
three or four people checking the loser out and no way to cover up.

Or, , first have the girls play a fast game to determine the loser.
The loser is now the "prize" for a game (fi pool) between two or more guys.
Winning guy gets to strip her, maybe feel her up or whatever the girls are willing to risk.
(Again, a cuffed loser would be great).

I also like sudden death style game where a certain card or dice roll can result in an immediate and complete strip and
forfeit (maybe crabwalk or something).

Another old idea: play strip basket ball. After loser is determined , place the naked loser under the basket (maybe hands-up touching the ring).
Winner makes 5 more shots, where each score is an additional forfeit for the loser (maybe draw cards with forfiets or something)

Finally, shaking their boobies hard and long (standing or on all fours) would be really really nice to see. This could be either a contest or as a forfiet.

Anyway, really glad to see more games coming up.
Lumen remains a little mystery (which is also quite sexy).
Fern looks shy but i have feeling she is naughtier then she appears.

And I'd just love to know their reactions as they read the crazy stuff here LOL.


Anonymous said...

This idea about the guys playing a game is one that I would like to see. I did not say anything before because I thought I was the only one. I hope Red will try you idea rj now that is a maket for the product. Eazy

Anonymous said...

Im liking justanyotherrandomguy idea of letting the girls up the ante themselves! Could be very interesting!

ForfeitFan said...

I'd really like to see a game like the rosk paper scissors spanking one described by 2/14 4:55PM

Or any game for that matter where there is a punishment for each loss and the first girl to quit loses. Spanking would work well. Clothespins would be fun too.

Anonymous said...

Red...how did the questioning go...will u give us feedback on what was asked/answered

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite shots is when you give a player an hd cam and let them get up and personal. not just naughty bits, also smiling faces and tussled hair and teeth. and sexy girl feet and wiggling toes while their bits are getting munched. i feel like i am in the room on that dirty sofa when you give a player a cam. D.O.M.

Anonymous said...

I really loved the "anatomy lesson" forfeits. Would be great to see these two in one of those games.

I really like the idea of several forfeits in one game, with a really embarrassing final one for the girl who quits first.

On another note: How about posting some "girl packages", something like: all shots with Lumen and Fern, maybe with some extra footage. Definitely something I would buy.

Great work, Red. Keep going! :)


Red said...

Holy hell, that's a lot of responses. Don't have time to respond to them all right now but here are some highlights:

1. The shoot didn't happen as planned yesterday 'cuz the ladies overslept. (18-year-old girls have a lot of great characteristics, but reliability isn't necessarily one of them.) But we rescheduled for today, and they're supposed to be here in less than an hour. Let's hope they make it.

2. This shoot is going to feature just these two girls. So a lot of the ideas for games and forfeits are good, but can't really be used in this shoot. Will try to use them in future.

Wish me luck. Will let you know how it goes.

RRFrope said...


What about the armbinder game I suggests few weeks ago? I think these girls would be perfect for that.

By the way, the game that AV suggests would be wonderful. Nice idea


RRFrope said...

Ohhh you won me for 3 minutes!!!
Good luck Red


Anonymous said...

the one problem with girls is you cant prove they are aroused

a game where two straightish guys face each other naked

while two girls try as hard as they can to arouse them by playing together

if the girls cannot get them hard in 60 seconds, each boy has a girl as he wishes

otherwise the first boy to get hard has to give oral to the other guy for five minutes.

if he cannot get the other guy hard, he gets done by a girl with a strap on

if he gets the other guy hard, they both get spanked red by the girls or shaved

if he gets the other guy off, the two girls pleasure him to completion as reward for his adequate humilation

sincerely biguy

Randomguy8511 said...

I still stand by my previous request: a tickling forfeit.

Anonymous said...

ask them if when we are goona see their first girl girl experience. :D signed BOZO

Anonymous said...

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