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Friday, February 10, 2012

No business like snow business

New game, new players, new forfeit in the excellent Episode 263, published today. Hope you like it as much as I do.

By the way, several of the players do read the blog and the comments, and do want your feedback. I want to share a Facebook exchange I had with new girl Fern:

I have to ask
did the fan base like me?

I had to tell her that I hadn't published any of her games yet but she should keep an eye on the blog after February 10. So let Fern know what you think.


Red said...

There's one other thing I have to say. Around the new year, I was relocating to a new home, and bitching on this blog about the pain in the ass of moving. Well, this shoot takes place at my new house. My awesome new house, which I would not have if it weren't for you guys. I was able to cobble together a down payment thanks to the proceeds from LostBets.com.

So thank you. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this possible. Now if y'all would keep on buying these videos for the next thirty years, I'd appreciate it :)

Anonymous said...

Re: Fern.
She's cute, and she's willing to get naked so we can see her. Of course the fan base is going to like her.


Anonymous said...

Fern and her smile reminds me of some of cute girls i went to high school with.


RS said...

Loved it. Love your new house. Love naked snow forfeits, especially when also barefoot. Love games that include male opponents. Loved it.

This whole group was fantastic. I love fresh, clean-cut innocent players who look like college friends who got a little carried away at a house party.

Kyle was a great addition. Hope he comes back. Loved how he made the other girls, especially Lumen, seem extra embarrassed by his presence. Actually, I think Kyle would be a great addition to a game where public hair was the final article of clothing. Not a knock on him, I think he looks great, but I bet guys with lots of hair would be super embarrassed about being shaved on camera -- and seeing players shy and embarrassed is a big part of the appeal for this site.

If you ever get a DareRing-style game together (maybe for Episode #300?), Kyle and Julie's friend Troy would be fantastic additions.

Anonymous said...

i cant wait to see more of Fern, and those cute breasts and nipples that i could not take my eyes off of.

tell her not to get anymore tattoos. additional ink will not improve what is already there.

the only beef i have with this vid: not enough camera time on the forfeit. (that, and Lumen cheated a little) maybe next time space the losers out a bit, instead of all in the snow at once?
but hey, laying naked in the snow is pretty gutsy, props for that.

CA Fan.

Anonymous said...

Great game, great girls. Loved it. The embarrassment was evident. The only thing with that though is that I think it caused Fern and Lumen to be very quiet (maybe they just naturally are). Would have loved to hear some more banter. Julie and Kyle were talkative though. Not a knock, just saying.


Anonymous said...

I loved Fern. She is really cute and definitely one of my fav. girls so far (together with Lumen). Great Vid!

What a pity that we did not get to see much of her during the forfeit!
I have to say that this part was not shot too well, since one could not see that much of either of them, save Kyle.

Love to see more of Lumen and Fern in the future!


Anonymous said...

Fun game and a great choice of players, pairing Kyle and Julie with the newbies.

Fern made a stunnig debut. Great stripping with the stockings and all those litte buttons and the little shy smiles. Also kudos on how she really tried to give her best on the forfeit (unlike Lumen, LOL).

Despite that, Lumen is one of my fav's, so cute and great boobs.

I agree, i could do with a little more teasing,taunting,banter ect.
Or just saying how it feels to strip or to win or lose.
I felt like only once out in the snow , we got to see some sponteaneous reactions.
Which is a pity, because these girls are so cute.
Too bad, but hopefully there's much more to come and they'll get a little more at ease before the cam.

I also wonder wether door jam cuffs (or the stockade) are off limits for these girls and/or
being stripped by the winner in front a small audience.
Or maybe a "living playmate forfeit" where the loser poses so every one can check her out and comment on (maybe even rate)
her T&A.

Anyway looking forward to more vid's with Lumen, Fern and friends. I am curious to see how much embarrasment they're willing to risk .


Anonymous said...

Fern has some of the nicest boobies I've seen, amateur style. And since I hate fake boobies, that's a complement. I agree, this looks like a college party with some future republicans that went a little too far. Red films an A+ this week. -D.O.M.

Anonymous said...

OMG Red tell me there's more Fern with some hard core on the horizon. I am bursting -DOM

Anonymous said...

last night I dreamt I was in a lostbets-game! it was weird because we were to guys and one girl and in the end everybody was nude, but I'm pretty sure the girl lost;
it was a board game with small forfeits on instruction-cards you got on some spaces like "remove 1 piece of clothing" and a final bigger forfeit for the ultimate loser, but I don't remember what it was..


Englishman said...

looking forward to this one!

BTW, do your players have any interest in spanking forfeits that go any further than just a paddling? A cane maybe? (Used quite lightly...)

Anonymous said...

fern is an immediate favorite.

Red said...

@Patches: Yes, that's how I felt too. I told Fern that I was sure people would like her. But a little reassurance can't hurt.

@Mark: Not surprising, considering that one of the pieces of identification she presented me with was her high school ID. One of the reasons I wanted to make sure that her state ID was truly legit.

@RS: Thanks for all the kudos! As for Kyle, I know he had a great time that day and probably wouldn't be at all averse to coming back. Dunno if he'd risk his body hair, but I can definitely ask. I haven't been in touch with Troy in quite awhile, but I can try to do that too.

@CA Fan: Damn straight about Fern's breasts and nipples. "Hershey's Kisses nipples" we called them while editing, and the next episode with them (#266) has some great views of them. Sorry they didn't spend more time out in the snow. But "next time?" This shoot was the result of some pretty unlikely circumstances all happening at once. The next time might not be for awhile, I'm afraid.

@E-Male: Yeah, that's the one slight downside of provoking real embarrassment. Some girls respond by getting really quiet. They still blush, though, so that's good. And often, they loosen up a bit as the day goes on.

@z: Yeah, I know that the filming of the forfeit could have been better. The players were moving quickly, and the cameramen were slogging through snow. They did their best.

@AV: I haven't asked about that specifically, but I bet doorjamb ticking would be okay with them. So would the "living playmate" thing. As for how far they'd be willing to go, I think Fern may be a bit more adventurous than Lumen. We'll see how it goes.

@DirtyOldMan: I've been encouraging Fern that to read this blog post and see what people are saying about her. I hope she did and saw your compliment. I don't have any footage of her in a game with a hardcore forfeit, but the year is still young.

@p.u.: Wow, cool. I'm not sure what it means when LostBets.com starts invading people's dreams, but it's probable good.

@Englishman: I don't know if it'd be quite right to say any of the players have "interest" in being caned (or flogged, or whipped, etc.) but some of them may be willing, at least.

@Anon 6:19 (please sign your posts): And I'm not a bit surprised :)